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Monday, August 11, 2014


Once upon a time, the land of the pharaoh was dancing the time away. It was good times.

 The fez unworn. Music and belly dancing times. Cultural finesse of the sensuous kind?

Gowns worn, let's dance the slow folk of western music.

Umm Kalthom rendering folk songs. Keeping traditions alive along with the transition.

Relax, chat and drink Arabian coffee in roadside cafes. Paris in Egypt. Ah, what good times!

School children  indoctrinated to western culture, skirts for girls. The lady in the middle, left, bare shoulder, strapless?

In the reign of King Farouk, the 'British monarchy' in Egypt. Egypt westernised and under their tutelage.

Come 1952, Farouk, for the excesses and being a puppet was fittingly overthrown by Mohammed Naguib and Gamal Nasser.

American cars used to crowd the streets of Cairo .

Now, the Firaun is back backed by their former slaves and Semitic blood-brother, the Jews. But Joseph was in-charge of the granary and hence ruled Egypt at one time.

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