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Saturday, August 16, 2014


It seems that Najib's 14-day hiatus has been answered.

It is no bitching that everyone deserves a holiday commensurate with the terms of employment, position, work responsibilities, time and money available, preferences - types, places, company, duration, and whatnot. It is akin to saying that everyone needs love.

As PM there are many things that come with the job. If you don't care about such things don't take the job. He must at all times show exemplary character  and carry himself well. The billion RM question is this the appropriate mode of holiday for a PM? The next billion RM question to ask: Why not go after GST? The multi-billion RM question: Does he deserve to be PM?

PM & FLOS On Summer Holiday With Chinese Bizmen in Cannes, Back On 15th
Syed Akbar Ali at OutSyed The Box - 1 day ago
I heard earlier that quite a few Chinese bizmen were with the PM but was not sure. Here is the Asia Sentinel and thanks to the reader who sent me this info.

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