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Sunday, August 31, 2014


Lest we forget the sacrifices by the Armed Forces, citizens, statesmen, and even foreigners to fight for and maintain our independence.
VAT 69 Demolition Team disarming a "pressure type" booby trap.

They sought no fame or glory, nor heroes' praise.
They sought to earn their daily bread, and to live in peace, harming no man.
Which was denied to them by man's inhumanity to man, in blind subservience to an alien creed.
Of them let it be said in respect and humility, and let us not forget, that they knew the ever present danger but were steadfast ....... and were men.

Onn Jaafar, spearheading UMNO.

Notable contributions by many leading to progress and development of independent Malaysia. Ungku Omar, 16th Director of IMR (Institute of Medical Research), 1965-1969.

There are only four good men of the six.

Tunku Abdul Rahman has the bravest vision to enlarge our rice bowl.
$228 million Kuala Muda Irrigation (MADA) project in Kedah under construction in the early 70's.


Merdeka tests for national harmony.

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