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Friday, August 8, 2014


TS Omar Abdul Rahman is responsible for spear-heading science, technology, and innovation (STI) especially during Dr. Mahathir times. Pic of Prof as I call him (below) that I took at a kenduri in PJ recently. 

Later he mailed me  his book 'Science, Technology and Innovation Policy' published in 2013. Middle of this year I thanked him along with my recent book 'Bibliography of Japanese Contributions towards Agriculture, Science, and Socio-Economic Development in Malaysia and the ASEAN Region' published by UPM. 

His biodata speaks for itself.

Foreword by Dr. Mahathir  in Prof Omar's book. 

Basic pairing of elements (science and research, technology and development, innovation and commercialisation) and parallelism between STI and RDC (Research, Development and Commercialization) systems.

Four functional groups of technologies that contribute towards socio-economic development:
1. To meet basic needs;
2. To enhance quality of life;
3. For wealth creation; and
4. For good governance.

Foundation requirements for research and development (R & D).

Human capital is the core prerequisite to set the wheels in synchronised motion for all human endeavour in this competitive world. This calls for a wholesome development of manpower involved for any scale of exercise, however big or small. It is desired that individuals possess intellectual capacity, work and social skills, entrepreneurship, psychological maturity, and spiritual tenacity.

The holistic development of human capital must begin at home to be further strengthened and broadened during the stages of educational, formal or informal, and finally at the workplace.

For the STI policy to succeed, the stakeholders should seek and develop smart partnerships  in a myriad of possibilities such as being strategic, innovative, collaborative, competitive, seeking best solutions, win-win situations and outcomes. 

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