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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


After the Ukraine trip, Najib is emulating the MH370 magic disappearance. For the past 14.5 days he  is somewhere but no where to be heard. Let it be, much, much longer for the more he is around the worse the country becomes.

Suffice to say that he and FLOM are taking deep rests, frolicking, wallowing, hammocking, and whatever else.

Mahathir has never been blunt for him to resign. Najib is a nut who doesn't know between a panda and a gila monster (privatisation vs nationalisation).

Rumour has it that he is in Thailand somewhere in the Golden Triangle amongst the Lahu tribe picking poppies. That has to be ruled out because he is supposed not to have anything to do with opium, not a whiff of it.

The senor and FLOM senorita can't be in Del Rio, Mexico because it is not bull-fighting season. Anyway they are averse to bulls after the Lembu Condo affair. It is rumoured that Shahrizat's bull(shit)-husband was trained  at Del Rio.

On the streets of Al-Hamra, Beirut. Nay.

He can't possibly be at the Shalimar Gardens of Moghal fame in Kashmir, things are not safe there nowadays.

For all you know they could be Obama's guests doing the hula in Hawaii! Tonggek FLOM would love to wiggle her buttocks strapped with straw skirt.

Don't tell me he has gone bonkers with just a cawat tilling the mudland somewhere in the Indian subcontinent! Ask Samyvellu.

It's ok if you keep us guessing Jib. It's becoming part of our way of life under your clueless misgovernance.

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