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Friday, August 29, 2014


"Wow, wow, give a dog a bone" goes a lyric of a famous song. Was it by the Beatles?

Muhyidin is looking for the "WOW" in UMNO. He himself don't have the WOW whatmore those in UMNO even you entice them with a RM10,000 carrot. He is just like Najib. Money, money. Shallow and childish thought!

I recalled that the first article I wrote to NST was "Don't sell our tail end" meant for Muhyidin for unregulated selling of landed properties to sinkies when he was MB of Johore!

A restaurant along Jln Pudu has the WOW factor!

Al Jib, fingering the icon. Who are you going to fool? Only the fools.
Icon (Gk eikon) 1: a usual pictoral representation: Image; 2: a conventional religous image typically painted on a small wooden panel and used in the devotion of Eastern Christians; 3: an object of uncritical devotion.

Tun Razak never claim himself iconic. Najib must have put him up there so that he can legitimately claim to be one.

This humble man caricatured here not only an accomplished author but a successful private GP and above all the PM for 22 meaningful years. Yet, he never claim himself to be iconic, the rakyat don't label him an icon.

Najib, tak tebal muka ke masuk dalam bakul angkat sendiri? Patutlah University of Nottingham tak luluskan dia! 

This man, an actor, a singer, a romantist par excellence won't call himself an icon. His renditions and movies are much alive today as if P. Ramlee is alive. Najib tak sedar diri ke?
P. Ramlee and Saloma.

There are thousands and thousands of people who have done great to the world never claim themselves to be iconic. But recognition and awards given were/are from the public. 
David Attenborough.

Just yesterday Najib was talking about Islamic compliance during Majlis Perdana Ulama at Putrajaya. Is it Islamic to call your ownself an icon? Najib pura2 ke? 

Muhy, the WOW that you are looking is to put Al Jib the pseudo-icon to pasture before 11.11.14! Gimmee the 10,000.

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