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Thursday, June 5, 2014


A much earlier posting (Dec 2013) was on Aiman wanting to find a job in Malaysia as Instrument Engineer. We all know how terrible is life there. To help him, I contacted a number of companies that advertised for vacancies in the newspapers but to no avail.

For some months later on I could contact him over the phone but now the lines are dead. Things are getting from bad to worse. Previously, in my e-mails to him, I mentioned that he is welcome to Malaysia. The Syrian Embassy in KL confirmed that they could come here anytime VOA.

Residential area within Latakia town where Aiman and family live during peaceful times.

Aiman (3rd left) with family and relatives in his house where I spent 2 days.

His mother-in-law and other relatives live in Qassabin, a village not far to the south of Lattakia. Their house phone line is dead too.

The house in Qassabin village, Jablah where I spent many days during my 3 visits there. An elderly lady, Mrs Nejmo sitting (barely visible) sitting in the porch. Her husband died blind of cataract several years ago.

We are ready to bring Aiman and family here. Wonder how is the flight connection from KLIA to Damascus to Latakia now after Bashar has been re-elected?

Latakia and Jablah towns along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

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