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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Datuk Harun Idris is likened a star who fell from grace. He was a powerful UMNO member. His name was on the lips of the Malays. This was especially during the May 13th 1969 riot when he became the rallying call of Malays around Kg. Baru, Gombak, KL and in fact the whole country for solidarity against marauding (DAP) Chinese calling for Malay blood. Blood for blood, head for head was the response. The Odeon Cinema Theatre  incident was macabre where Malay a number of cinema goers were flushed out and killed.

Harun (left) with Gazhali Shafie.

The Muhammad Ali vs Joe Bugner 1975 boxing event in KL was a financial fiasco for Harun. He arranged for the fight but lost millions and finally could not settle the Bank Rakyat' loan. That marked the end of his career and plunged  him to ignominy. He was jailed. Even then he was able to win enough votes to be an UMNO Vice-President. There were of course many who want him down and out due to jealousy and threat to their ambitions.

Muhammad Ali and fans, Kuala Lumpur.

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