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Monday, June 23, 2014


Owls are night animals. They see us we do not see them. That make them somewhat scary. They are killers of the night. They prowl for preys with special night vision apparatus. 

They can zoom in into snakes, rats, cicadas as shown in the pictures below. Thus, owls are useful to man because they act as vanguards against certain pests in agriculture  - cobra snakes in oil palms, rats in padi fields, large insects that feed on plants.

Zooming into a cobra.

Sharp claws and beak grasping the prey.

Rats are big nuisance in paid fields because they gnaw the rice stalks when about harvest season. As an integrated pest control measure owl shelters placed on high posts are located in padi fields. 

An owl with an intimidation look in its eyes on flight with a small rat between its beaks.

An owl with a satisfied look with a green cicada firmly abutting rear end out in its bite.

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