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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We got a taste of end of summer life in downtown Toronto, Canada where we were on holiday for a couple of weeks. We did quite a bit of window shopping. During the previous visit we went to Niagara Falls about an hour's drive from Toronto.
One late afternoon our son brought us to an arts exhibition close by where he lives. At the entrance to the park, a Latino band of Colombians were jamming their favourite songs. Although I do not know Spanish, I have always like Latino music, so I bought a couple of their CDs.

Selling trinkets on a small trolley pulled by bicycle. Part of the park greenery in the background.

Several drink and fast food stalls to cater for visitors.

We bought one the handmade pink bowls as a table decor for our son's apartment which he newly moved in. The beautiful lady admiring the glasswork is my better half.

Some of the paintings and artworks for sale by local artists.

Uncle Sam got to be there overlaid by Marilyn Monroe or someone like her!

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