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Monday, June 9, 2014


Might must show proof and strike fear. It comes with responsibilities and commitments - advanced technologies to overkill if and when necessary. And might is always associated with arrogance.

The information here is outdated. Nevertheless, it shows how far ahead these countries in weaponry and sophisticated technologies. They have many more new ones in their secret arsenals.

From an age old concept, to control the seas means to be the master of the world. What more with control of the skies too? 

The second unclear powered aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy, the 95,000 ton USS Nemitz, joined the Atlantic Fleet in 1975. The world's largest warship was programmed to operate for at least 15 years with refueling.

Nuclear surface fleet. The Navy's three nuclear powered ships - the frigate "Bainbridge" (top), the cruiser " Long Reach" (centre) and the carrier "Enterprise" (bottom) - return from a 65-day round the world cruise which they did not have to stop for refueling.

The Lafayette, one of the U.S. Navy's nuclear submarine, cruises submerged.

New nuclear submarine. The U.S.S. "Ray" seen here during a test run, was commissioned April 12 at Newport News, Va. The submarine can go 60,000 miles without refueling and has a diving capacity of over 400 feet and a submerged speed of over 35 knots.

The Nautilus at the North Pole.

NS Savannah, the world's first nuclear merchant.

H.M.S. "Dreadnought", the Royal Navy's first nuclear-powered "hunter-killer" submarine.

Chinese Navy, Long March 2 nuclear submarine.

Malaysia's two Scorpene submarines are still blanketed with controversies. When the MH370 was down, they did not partake SAR. Why? We got help from Singapork's submarines because they have better (sonar!) equipments. This was "poke eye" to borrow Zahid.

Najib and his ship's crew are sinking over the Johor debacle. He went to over the Straits for a durian party and came back without the Woodlands. The Sultan was already fuming furious at the loss of Batu Puteh. When instructed to rebuild an elevated causeway for big ships to pass through the causeway Najib was at his stupid best. The Iskandar development is not designed so much for locals but for foreigners (Dolah is a traitor). 

Heck, the Sultan knows better how to govern the state for an overkill high income economy. 

Najib can loose talk on high income economy when his brother gets RM10million/year on GLC!

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