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Sunday, June 22, 2014


At one time the Volkswagen beetle was the most ubiquitous car in many parts of the world. My elder brother who was in the army, his first car was a beetle. That was how I got the early rides in one.

Volkswagen assembly line, Germany.

Running on alcohol, Brazil.

In the war zone, Ulster.

Unique rear engine air-cooled system. Earlier on Mr. Honda of Honda cars had also produced air- cooled engine cars in Japan but many of his top engineers did not share the approach. Honda had to forgo the idea after some years of haggling and stick with the conventional water-cooled system.

My neighbour Ah Pong told me this true story according to him. One Malay fellow who just came from oversea studies asked him to come along to a Volks showroom in Kuala Kelawang. They decided for a test drive in a beetle. After some miles the car suddenly stalled. They came out from the car to check what was wrong. They opened the hood, lo and behold, there was no engine! They were shocked. They decided to open the booth. By god, luckily we got a spare engine, the Malay friend exclaimed!

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