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Sunday, June 1, 2014


Years before the turmoil in Pakistan I had the opportunity for a week stay (Dec 1991) at the campus of the University of Faisalabad.  After presenting a paper we were brought to a tour of citrus orchards and juice processing factory. Musambi is the commercial variety being grown. Dr. Ikrar Khan was the scientist who attended to me. He is now the VC of the University.

Main building of the University.

Invited guests for post-seminar luncheon. Front row, second from right is the Governor of Punjab Province in which the University is located.

There is a police station within(?) the campus.

A street close to the campus.

A vendor and customers.

Locals relaxing after farm  work.

During my visit to a professor's house he suggested that I should go further north, Gilgit close to border of Afghanistan. The girls are fair and beautiful there!

He asked me if I know of a famous hockey player from a royal family in Malaysia. My answer was blank because I am no hockey fan. He was also trying to recall the name. After quite a while he remembered the name Azlan Shah. 

Thank you Faisalabad and Dr. Ikrar Khan.

This man knew the late Sultan Azlan quite well. He is Shahurain Hussein, my late father-in-law, several years older than the Sultan. The latter used to spend time in a big wooden house by the corner of Market Street and Jln. Mat Saman, Batu Gajah where Shahurain and relatives stayed. The house is now rundown and has changed hands.

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