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Saturday, January 3, 2015


The DG of Transport made a bizarre statement recently that his KPI is to reduce road accident deaths from 10,000 to 5,000 per year. It is a very simplistic target that renders accidents and hence casualties are just numbers.

Is he working in a robotic factory that precise quantity and quality of product can be attained? It would be better if he could have list the many measures the Transport Ministry are taking to reduce the number of road accident deaths.

The are so many factors that lead to road accidents:
1) Vehicle - condition, type (motorcar, lorry ...), speed, vehicle volume on the road, number of passengers/load
2) Road condition - straight, windy, repairs, road shoulder
3) Weather - rain, mist, hot 
4) Driver - experience, state of mind, attitude
5) Traffic control - dividers, railings, police 

With population increase we expect the number of vehicles on the road to rise hence tendency of more accidents to happen. I doubt he will meet his KPI, in that case he should be replaced for being clueless.

By right the person to be the DG should be an engineer and not just an arts graduate PTD. 

The pictures below were accidents that caught my digital camera while on the road.

Kg. Bali to Tg. Tualang road (Perak). The car crashed against an oil palm tree by the road shoulder and swerved back onto the road. The driver, sitting shirtless on the road is waiting for the ambulance.

Cameron Highlands - Spg. Pulai road. It was drizzling when I passed by the sharp bend. A tow truck has just arrived.

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  1. Yeah even I heard from one of my friends about KPI. When I asked him, he wasn’t sure too how it would reduce the number of accidents. I am thinking to ask this from my cousin as he is works with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer and would be aware of the logic behind this.