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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Grapes are among the oldest and most common fruits of the world. They appear on many paintings and pottery designs of antiquity, such as this Egyptian wall painting of about 1400 BC.

Wine making began as early as with the Egyptian times. Workers stamping grapes in a vat (pic) before undergoing fermentation.

Through the ages wine making has been refined from stage to stage using different techniques. The grape varieties used are important for the special flavours of wine they exude.

Harvested grapes being placed in a barrel and stirred.

Black slaves working in a monastery to make wine.

Manual crushing of grapes in a vat. Two of the workers playing harmonica (pic) to make the work fun. Would the wine be special? Don't bring it to me!

A vineyard by the foothills, New Zealand. Two lateral branches are trained on trellises and hard pruned during winter.

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