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Friday, January 16, 2015


Najib's E. coli could be an exotic type originated from one or mixture of three possible sources - Hawaii, Malaysia and/or Thailand. The bacteria need to be isolated, studied and used in transfer of a foreign gene into it. The transformed or genetic-engineered E. coli could produce novel products.

E. coli is a rod-shaped bacteria that contains plasmids, circular DNAs apart from its normal chromosomal DNA. 

The steps involved in the genetic engineering: 
  • A short segment of E. Coli's plasmid is cut and removed using an enzyme. 
  • The cut segment is then patched up with a gene responsible for a botox chemical production say from lizard's placenta. Why lizard? It is able to reproduce its tail and deemed rejuvenating.
  • The altered (genetic-engineered) plasmid is placed back into the E. Coli. 
  • Allow the altered E. coli to reproduce abundantly under optimum conditions.
  • The E. coli, now has been enabled to produce a protein compound which is harvested for use as botox in anti-ageing/beautification treatment.

Story of genetic engineering.

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