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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Salleh, a Rembau chap, a year my senior (Form V) and I would go up a flat-topped hillock, half mile away from the hostel to practice Ju-Jitsu using pictures/diagrams provided by a correspondence course. We did not achieve much. 

During college days I spent a few months learning Silat Gayung. It was a futile exercise because I have no knack for silat moves. Come one vacation training I was posted to a Harrison & Crossfield Estate in Merlimau, Malacca. 

The estate manager, Md Zain introduced me to a silat bathin. I had to fast 40 days without missing the obligatory prayers, memorise ayat Khursi and incite Sheikh Suhaimi. 

On completing the requirements I was given a tangkal woven in a red waist band.  During the initiation ceremony, lo, and behold I was rolling on the ground and the silat moves came by themselves that night. 

The last time I tried doing the silat was late 1980. Could the silat come if I try to practice it? But I have forgotten the verses and the whereabout of the tangkal is misplaced!

The art of Silat Gayung which is still popular nowadays was founded by one Dato' Meor.

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