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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


We were in Dallas more than a year ago. Greg took us to visit the Dealey Plaza building from where Lee Oswald supposedly shot JFK. It is still a mystery as to the truth who shot the President. And why?

Stories abound that the mafia was involved and that Oswald could not act alone. Was Marilyn Monroe whom JFK intimated had anything to do with it due to security reasons? It could be an inside job from the Pentagon or at least in the cover-up. Castro (with help Kremlin) may want to seek revenge for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba! 

The accused, Lee Oswald was shot dead.

The gun and other paraphanelia recovered used for the shooting.

Red brick building Dealey Plaza (left), the 6th floor on northeast of building where the shots were fired.

Daeley Plaza building at the corner of Elm St ('You Are Here' mark); 1 - spot when Kennedy's motorcade was shot at; 3 - the grassy knoll where shot(s) was believed to be heard.

Northeast corner of the grassy knoll by the trees where shot(s) purportedly came also.

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