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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


"Tunku played golf so do I." Sounds bangang isn't it? If Najib so want to emulate  the former then he should retire gracefully and do charity work for the welfare of the ummah.

Tunku talking to a member of PERKIM Women Movement and behind him is Mrs Muna Othman.

Mr Habib presents the Tunku with the video series on Islam.

Receiving the Tun Abdul Razak Award.

President of the Islamic Development Bank, Dr Ahmad Mohammad Ali exchanging documents with Tunku Abdul Rahman on a grant of US$25 million given by IDB for the construction of a vocational school in Sabah for Muslim refugees.

The Tunku delivering his speech officiating the opening of the first International Youth Camp in Taipeh, Taiwan.

The Tunku flanked by his vice-presidents, Tan Sri Aziz Zain on his right and Tan Sri Hj Yusof Ibrahim on his left, when he delivered his speech during the 27th PERKIM annual meeting.

The Tunku handing over a $2000 personal cheque to the Chairman of the PERKIM Mubalighin Association, Ustaz Rahmat after its inauguration.

The Tunku receiving a moment from the Jamiyah President, Hj Abu Bakar Maidin after addressing the gathering.

The Tunku receiving a cheque for $10,000 from Petronas's President, Tan Sri Salleh for PERKIM in conjunction with his 84th birthday.

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