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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Bats serve many functions in the thread of our life and environment. For example, their droppings (guano) in the caves provide living grounds for various insects, worms and other organisms. Guano is good manure for agriculture.

Fruit bats, during the night while seeking nectar and food help in pollination  of plants such as durian, banana, kapuk (tree cotton). The trees become more fruitful. Man then enjoy, eat and trade their work. Other animals also benefit from the bats' work. Elephants eat durians.

Fruit bat taking honey, eating pollen and floral parts of banana flower.

Fruit bats busy feeding on flowers of other plants.

Mulu Caves is a haven for bats in Borneo. Large entrance to a cave where hundreds of thousands of bats roost part of the day.

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