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Monday, December 1, 2014


A  copy (engraved on wood in 1545) of Ptolemy's map of the world, the first to show latitude and longitude. Longitude is counted from the meridian that passes through Canary Islands.

A map of 1623 A.D. showing a river crossing the Peninsula. (Longren in Linschoten, Dutch Edition)

Ptolemy's idea of south-eastern Asia from a late edition in the British Museum...
Ptolemy's map of India and the Ganges River (Printed in Cologne in 1584).

1584 Ortehus. Indune Orientalis, Insularanque. Adacientum Typus. Publisher.

1553 Ramusio, Bengal-China, Sumtra-Gilolo. Terza Ostro Taviola, Publisher.

Ptolomey 1535. India Orientalia ....

1571 Fermio Vaz Dourado ....

1747 Bowen Emanual, East India Islands. Publisher.

This map is part of Asia prepared by Mercator and completed by Hondius (1860) in Amsterdam. At that time Cunda calapa (Sunda Kelapa)  is the name given for Jakarta even though Barros has used Xacatara - Mercator (1512-1594).

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