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Thursday, December 25, 2014


Yes, he is a poke eye fella, literally and figuratively (to borrow Zahid's former Ministry). As the Minister of Education, only his daughter can speak and sing English others to come  (except the wealthy will send their children overseas or private schools) limited to yes lah, no lah Manglish.

Muhyidin is likened "Tikus membaiki labu". Apart from his PPSMI shortsightedness the recent PT3 debacle is the result of his policy change of abolishing PMR. Then the UPSR exam leakage. It was during his time as Minister of Agriculture that the RM250 million "Lembu Condo" scandal happened. Don't he deserve to resign too like his mentor, the Pretender? (That is why his picture is facing down).

For all the years in politics Muhy is still at lost as to how and where to look for the 'Wow' factor. We have to call him WOWWOW.

Pair of beautiful, clean and healthy lembu condo.

WOWOW is no better than the Brimmer and the sleepy head Plunderer. The latter when about to get a new wife did like this. Dolah sure excited one lah.

My connection with WOWOW is on three occasions though I have not met him. It started long time ago when he was the MB of Johore. My short article which appeared in NST's 'Letters to the Editor' was on his policy of selling Johore's property to buyers from Singapore. 

Secondly, he was kind enough to grace the second edition (of my first book) in the foreword published in 2005.

Thirdly, in 2007  SAVE sent a memorandum to WOWOW as the Minister of Agriculture concerning rice to establish a rice research institute in order to help achieve food security. There was no reply. 

We suggested him a Wow but he could not recognise one. His wow then was to introduce agricultural attaches in many countries. We are mainly a net importer in food products. Commodities like rubber, palm oil and cocoa have their attaches because they export

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