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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Excerpts from Mahathir's (Chedet) latest blogpost "Joe Biden".

"3.​ Being the Vice President of a country that detains people without trial for more than a decade, torturing them while in detention; a country where torture is legal, a country which has no qualms about invading other countries, killing millions of innocent people, destroying towns and villages, leaving them without electricity, water supply and sewerage systems; what right has Biden to condemn the retaining of a law to prevent racial conflicts and violence in Malaysia.

5.​ And America dares to claim that it is doing all these to protect democracy. What democracy is there for the innocent people killed, wounded and maimed for life? Wherever the United States goes there would be deaths and destructions.
6. ​In the United States itself there is no justice. Within a short space of time police shot and strangled three blacks. The grand jury then says that there is no case for the police killers to answer.
9.​ America is a land stolen from the Red Indians through genocide. Americans should really bow their heads down in shame forever."

Geronimo (extreme right) and three of his Chiricahua Apache followers at a peace conference in New Mexico, 1886.

Quanah Parker, the famous half-breed Chief of the Kwahadi Comanches, led his people in a last desperate attempt to save the buffalo herds. He was forced to surrender in May 1875 - after troopers had burned the Indians' tipis and winter supplies, and slaughtered a thousand of their horses.

William F. Cody acquired the nickname "Buffalo Bill" after killing several thousand buffaloes to supply meat for railroad work crews.

Malaysia going for 11x5th state? 11 for Najib's fengshui.

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