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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Seeing FLOM on TV while she was with the South Korean trip recently, it seems that she has expanded sideways. Too much free food? She has to undergo transformation in line with Brimmer's catchword, transformasi. 

Using Marilyn Monroe (aka Norma Jean Douglas) as a working model it could be accomplished with commitment, time and patience.

Basic beauty 

Transformed as Marilyn Monroe!
1. Sweat it out
  • More dancing - "Shuffle dance", "Ride da beast"...
  • Jog the tread mill
  • Ride da ball

2. Dieting
  • Eat more protein (eg. fried leaf caterpillars) than carbohydrate
  • Take slow food 
  • Chew sireh

3. Alternative practices
  • Drink extract of Bunga Pakma (Raffles Flower) - for hubby's pleasure

Yogaistic exercise to calm the mind and get rid off some stress.
  • Massage to tone the muscles.

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