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Monday, December 8, 2014


Najib The Brimmer has a distorted time concept that the nation is not suffering from broken time. To him time will heal the nation of mounting debt, extravaganza and gargantuan losses of 1MDB and such because the paid RM7.2billion consultants will show the way. Gone are the days when the government of the day knows all, he once said.

Najib The Pretender is like an old turkey trying to hide or bury its head into the sand as if its torso would not be visible to be shot at. 

Is Brimmer a Galapagos tortoise, so slow with a small head that will finally lead this nation into a regressed and failed state?

Like the tortoise with thick shell he must be wearing a thick-skinned mask ignoramus of unpopularity and hatred by the rakyat!

Why is SAVE attacking Kangkong? It is because:

Is The Brimmer has alienated himself from the true needs of the people? Is he an alien himselft transplanted from outer planet?

Najib should be unplugged. Otherwise, we really belong to Bangang category.

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