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Thursday, December 18, 2014


It is globally acknowledged that Brimmer and FLOM did the shuffle dance in Beijing in front of China's Premier. They had also gone to Beijing earlier and brought back a pair of pandas and RM70million budgeted to keep. 

Brimmer should have visited and learned about the longest bridge in the world that China has built. So, don't just relive Papa Razak's past with China and bask in his shadows.

Several times Brimmer (with FLOM) has been to US and elsewhere but he never pick up anything about bridges. Though those structures were built long time ago they give a perspective of how far ahead those people are. 

Kangkong is blind to bridge technology. Do not pretend to talk about innovativeness!

The Pretender (of Nottingham) cannot fathom anything beyond his nose bridge!

(Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco completed in 1937. The length of the main span is 4,200 ft., the longest in the world at the time of its completion)

(Floating one of the 580-ft., 900-ton anchor spans of the Auckland Harbour bridge, Auckland, N.Z.)

(Sando bridge (1943) with an 866-ft. span over the Angerman river in Sweden)

(The longest vertical-lift bridge in the world at its completion in 1959, the Arthur King connects Staten Island and New Jersey.  Shown raised, it has a span of 558 ft.)

(Bayonne bridge, crossing the Kill van Kull from Bayonne, N.J. to Staten Island)

(Sydney Harbour bridge, completed in 1932, a silicon-quality steel,  two-hinged arch of 1,650 ft. span)

(Brooklyn bridge, New York City, completed in 1883; a suspension bridge with a span of 1,595 ft.)

(St. Johns bridge, Portland, Oregon, completed in 1931; a suspension bridge with a main span of 1,207 ft.)

(Henry Hudson bridge, New York City, completed in 1939 and upper deck added in 1937; a hingeless steel arch bridge with a span of 800 ft.)

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