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Thursday, December 4, 2014


The vortex is spinning faster and faster developing into tornados.  Then everything will be flown off from the vortex.

Najib has long been swallowed in a vortex of his own doing since University of Nottingham days. It's a vortex of pretension, brimming and finally bangang because things stupids got pile up upon him. 

The environment around him get caught into the vortex directly and indirectly. Eventually the whole country got sucked into the bangang vortex.

Prices of houses have spiralled up beyond reach of ordinary citizens.

Prices of basic daily needs have gone up so much within a short time. Our bread and butter are getting meagre day by day.

Everyone is being sucked up in the vortex of desperation when the whole country's governance is clueless. The country is deep shit.

The vortex is getting violent and (rakyat) riot may ensured if PeeM bangang holding reins longer.

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