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Sunday, December 28, 2014


The Pretender thinks he is being innovative. Unknowingly he is inculcating herd mentality. Up 1Finger everybody! He is clueless. 

If everyone thinks the same then no one is thinking.

Postcript (stupidity revealed):
1. Pretender ordered menteris to come back from overseas. This implies that: a) Many menteries follow the leader of the herd to take holidays; b) Menteries are fed up that Pretender has in many instances acted on behalf of their portfolios and now could not care less when to take off; c) He is too muddled up with problems as to reason out with the right words.

2. Just because Tunku, the first Premier played golf, nothing wrong with him to do so. True, but the timing must be right as to where and when to play. His is a half-past six reasoning.

3. We do not declare emergency because people cannot claim insurance on flood damage. For one thing most people in the affected areas do not have life  insurance. The grave matter is that lives are at stake, stranded by deep and fast flowing, and without food for days. Money is not at stake per se. 

4. KPI herd mentality - DG of Transport Ministry KPI's is to reduce 10,000 to 5,000 deaths/year from road accidents!? To him lives are just numbers.

5. The eminent 25 is a case of herd mentality of super pensioners? Is it a carry over effect of past glamour that overshadow changing reality situations?

6. Where is the herd mentality in Malays? Amongst the instances is UMNO a herding factor? Past and recent PAU going ons are telling.

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