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Sunday, December 21, 2014


On ethnology:

Maxwell WE Sir. 1879a. A Malay kramat. JSBRAS 3
1879b. Malay proverbs, part 3. JSBRAS 3
1881a. The folklore of the Malays. JSBRAS VII:11-27
1881b. Angan mythology in Malay traditions. JSBRAS X
1882(trans). Misal Melayu (nd) in the Dutch in Perak. JSBRAS 10:245-68
1883. Shamanism in Perak. JSBRAS XII:222-32
1884. The laws and customs of the Malays with reference to the tenure of land. JSBRAS 13:75-220
1886a. Penglipur lara: The soother of cares, English translation of a Malay text entitled (in English) Sri Rama: A Malay fairy tale founded on the Ramayana. JSBRAS 17
1886b. Notes & queries II. JSBRAS 17
1889. Test of virginity amongst the Malays. Indian Antiquary 17:61-2
1890. The law relating to slavery among the Malays. JSBRAS 22:247-97
1907. A Manual of the Malay Language. Kegan Paul, London

On historiography:

Maxwell WE Sir. 1882a. A journey on foot to the Patani frontier in 1876. JSBRAS 9:1-67

1882b. The history of Perak from native sources. JSBRAS 9:85-108

1882c. A journey on foot to the Patani frontier in 1876 being a journal kept during an expedition undertaken to capture Datoh Maharajah Lela of Perak. JSBRAS 9

1884b. The history of Perak from native sources. JSBRAS 14
1884c. Notes & queries II. JSBRAS 14
1885. Notes & queries II. JSBRAS 15
1886a. Raja Donana. JSBRAS 18
1890b. Raja Haji’s attack on Malacca. JSBRAS XXI

On economics:

Maxwell WE Sir. 1891. The Malay Peninsula: Its resources and prospects. In Kratoska PH (ed) Proc Honourable Intentions: Talks on the British Empire in South-East Asia Delivered at the Royal Colonial Institute 1874-1928; reprinted OUP, Singapore 1983
1894. Memorandum on the Introduction of a Land Code in the Native States of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore

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