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Saturday, December 27, 2014


At the 9th hole, golfing in Hawaii:
"Nice ending putt, Sirr," Brimmer quipped.

"Saya butuh itu lobang untuk par," Obama remarked in Indonesian.  

When the game ended Obama, Brimmer and friends were sipping drinks at the posh clubhouse.

Brimmer remembering Obama saying "butuh itu lobang untuk par", he took it as a joke. Not to be outdone he has to come with one. It was out of his own experience he said. 

He was playing golf in Batam where most of the caddies are ladies. On the last hole, feeling exhausted his 11-foot putt  failed to sink in the ball just by the edge of the cup. 

His female caddy already tensed up said loudly, "Kurang keras, Pak!" To which he replied, "Ya, rumputnya basah."

Obama laughed. He then said in earnest, "What the fuss about the flood in Malaysia, Al Jib? You know, New Orleans had a terrible flood when hurricane Katrina landed some years ago. Fortunately, the Superdome saved us many lives."

"I have twitted and given instructions to the government machinery to be on full force to do whatever is necessary to save lives, provide enough food, and temporary shelters," Brimmer replied defensively. 

"On another point," Obama continued, "People are calling you to step down. Any truth in that?"

"I am not worried. Give them the money. The few people like Mahathir and gang who make noise, they can fly kite,"  Brimmer replied confidently.

"Is that so? See you all in Las Vegas next year. By the way Al Jib, you can can park your 1MDB there," Obama ended the conversation with his characteristic smile. 

Notes on the Superdome at New Orleans, Louisiana.

n.b. I passed that superstructure a few times but never been inside. What a pity!

postscript: Brimmer changed his mind and flew back early to wade into the floodwaters himself to assure all those affected by the flood are safe.

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