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Friday, June 25, 2010

FDI: 23 June 2010

By al-Din on June 24, 2010 8:32 PM
In these changing times Tun has given viable long term approaches for our country to benefit from FDI in a wholesome manner. I would imagine that the federal and state governments should have a priority list of the kinds or categories of foreign investments that we should bring in.

In good times we have not adhere to such guidelines whatmore during bad times like these days brought about by self-inflicted mismanagement at all levels and forms. Anything goes for the meantime so that those with political self-interest survive and the country secondarily.

Haliburton is among the first to invest in Sri Iskandar corridor. It is a tenticular conglomerate backed by Dick Chenney. It is in Iraq providing mercenary support, the Mexico Gulf oil (spill) and elsewhere I do not know. APCO is BN backed.

The foreign China dolls invest direct (al beit through the pimps) their bodies (mobile as contrary to fixed) here. Thanks to VOA.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim tak bersalah: 17.6.10

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...
Penulis berikut adalah x-MakNyah dan tahu sangat sengsara hidup cara sebegitu. Kembalilah kapada agama katanya untuk keselamatan dunia dan akhirat.

Mohd Nur Najmi Abdullah. 1996. Panduan Hidup Mak Nyah: Kembali pada Fitrah. Yakin Jitu Sdn Bhd, K Lumpur 115ms

Kebanayakan MakNyah orang Melayu. Apakah sebabnya begitu dan carilah punca musebabnya supaya dapat menyelesaikan masalah cara hidup luar kebiasaan. Apa dalam budaya kita? Adakah ibu-bapa atau masyarakat dipersalahkan? Ahli psikologi, sosiologi, psaikiatri, sexologi kata apa?

June 19, 2010 8:46 PM

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can you help develop Tg Puput: May 20 2010

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...
Although we have the jungle reservation to live in (and die) but the boundry is constantly being encroached. Before the last general election, the government proposed to establish a botanical park in Perak. We objected because part of our land may be taken. Our area is getting smaller and we have no title to the land.

Sometimes ago a number of children died from unknown causes in Cameron Highlands. The wanton use of chemicals by farmers have contaminated the groundwater and rivers - where our daily lives centred. The health of our people and surroundings are in dire need of rehabilitation. Booze and AIDS have come to our reservation. What has our government caretakers got to say to our predicament? Dia orang tu memang macam tu!

For some of us, the government has built houses fitted with zinc roof. But the roofs are too low and become unbearable during the heat of the day. We still prefer the traditional huts of palas roof even though we have to go deeper into the jungle and be free, at least for a little while more.

For long term sustainability the government could help to improve our living standard by:
1) Demarcate suitable agricultural land and give advise, supplies, guidance and incentives how to grow food and economic crops.
2) Help market our agricultural produce and jungle products.
3) Train us in various trades, skills, and crafts so that we could be more self-reliant and provide us better job opportunities.
4)Improve our health by providing better sanitation, medical services, drinking water, electricity and other amneties.
5) Build playgrounds, courts for sepak takraw, volleyball and such, community halls that also serve to play indoor games.
6) We need land titles for our reservation to secure ourselves legally and assure us security in this “Tanah Tumpah Darah Ku”.