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Monday, June 27, 2016


Cloud patterns around the South Pole as photographed by the U.S. satellite ESSA 3, January 28,  1967. At the top is the southern end of Africa and Madagascar Island.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Najib is paranoid to the highest degree. The seeds of paranoia are sown by none other than himself. 

1. The Mongols are still after him after his security personnel C4ed Altanthuya.

2. Khalil was after him when the police shot him in the compounds of PM's Putrajaya office.

3. Bala, the private investigator  employed by Altanthuya had to die for a very damning but flip-flop statutary declarations.

4. Morais got drum-cemented for drafting the AG's letter on Najib's 1MDB scandal probably to arrest him.

5. He failed to appear for his "Nothing to Hide" event at PWTC. The police had to make a story that there would be ruckus by some ruffians and had to cancel it.

6. His many lapdogs the likes of Apandi, Said Kruak, Ahmad Maslan, Nazri, Zahid are stopping to lap and trying make their exits before the 1MDB scandal explode.

7. The results of the by-elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sg. Besar will tell  Najib's and UMNO's future.

8. Singapore, U.S.A., Switzerland, U.K., Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and other countries are affected by the money laundering through 1MDB activities and they want to persecute the culprits involved.

9. The lynchpin is J Low who knows the A-Z of 1MDB. He might turn coat and become a queen witness to save his own skin.  This put a fear on Najib.

10. Initially Najib said that the RM2.6 billion pocket money is to fight ISIL. By putting them on the map, the cross-hairs are on him. He is a moving target.

11. He came back from the University of Nottingham empty handed and yet claimed that he got his B.A. Industrial Economics. He has been hiding the fraud knowing that people will find out. 

12. Hired killers are prowling for jobs. 

Altanthuya - Beng Hock - Najadi - Bala - Khalil - Morais - SIL?

13. For security reasons will Obama sent a 'The Beast' for Najib?

14. The paranoid bugis has his escape jet ACJ320 9M-NAB on standby in Kazakhstan.

p.s. Kenapa jet kerajaan yang sedang diselenggara ada di Kazakhstan, tanya Rafizi* 16 Jun 2016 | *BORHAN AHMAD* Kenapa jet baru milik kerajaan yang dikatakan sedang diselenggara berada di Kazakhstan, tanya Rafizi menambahkan kebingungan dengan skandal kerajaan BN. Kenapa jet baru milik kerajaan yang dikatakan sedang diselenggara berada di Kazakhstan, tanya Rafizi menambahkan kebingungan dengan skandal kerajaan BN. Ahli parlimen Pandan, Rafizi Ramli mendakwa, jet terbaru milik kerajaan ACJ320 9M-NAB yang dikatakan sedang diselenggara sebenarnya berada di Kazakhstan. Ia berdasarkan maklum..

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Zahid Hamidi Ph.D. turned cleric has declared war on Syi'ah here. They are not Muslims. He plays god to wag authority. He dances to the tune of the west, the sunni-syiah devisive strategy to bloodbath among Muslims. 

For all and sundry Zahid has the last word. To him there is cut and dry way to solve any issue or problem. The last time he said those involved with foreign  terrorism loose their citizenship. They will not be accepted back into the country. What this means that there is no room for repentance, they die or remain illegals wherever they are. This is how a minister defines citizenship and justice! Let them come back and face justice.

Iran is Syi'ah. Does Zahid know who are the Iranians and their great leaders and civilisation before? What so great about Bagan Datoh and for that matter Malaysia? What about the flip-flop on 1 million Bangla workers?

Shown below the state of Iran more than 2 centuries ago as depicted by a British traveller. 

Cemetry and mosque of Fatima at Kum.

The centre of Isfahan is the Meidan-i-Shah, or Royal Square, which is undoubtedly one of the most imposing piazzas in the world.

As I rode out of Mazinzn at 5.30 a.m. om an icy morning, the caravans of pilgrims in the two big caravanserais were already astir; and some loud-lunged seyid or haji would be heard to chant the note of invocation to Allah, which the whole body would fortwith take up in responsive volume ...

Mesjid-i- Jama, Isfahan.

The tomb of Cyrus.

Palace of Xerxes, Persepolis.

Saturday, June 4, 2016


UMNO made it clear that KK lacks a winnable (by hook or by crook ie. cash) candidate for the coming by-election. This is a typical decision by a  Nottingham drop-out, thus putting a major blow of what used to be the centre of English-educated for bureaucrats and aristocrats, MCKK*. 

Najib surely dare not go to the Philippines. What Duterte will say to him? Don't fuck with me!

 Masjid Jamek.

MCKK, 1928.

* during the interview into MCKK when I was in Std 6 at Tampin, my father was asked whether we have money. In retrospect I want no other way for my education under normal schools.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


The man with congenital owly eyes consciously making the slit-eye image. His face has become thicker than a kerbau pendek's. Dare to say that he can (mis)govern the country for more than 22 years! He is nuts beyond recall.

Mahathir is going after him for his scandalous failings in governing the country.

Don't he realise that his rhetorics are empty and boring?

The man is in fear of his own shadow always surrounded by many bodyguards.

A failed or dropped-out of B.A. Industrial Economics that turn Malaysia upside down, economically, morally and politically! He has lied since day 1. A congenital liar?