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Monday, September 29, 2014


In the mountains to the east of Brunei and close to the border with Kalimantan is located the Kelabit Highlands so called because  of the Kelabit ethnic communities living there.  

Bario is the nerve centre of the Kelabit homeland accessible by flight Twin Otter from Miri nowadays but not in the yesteryears.

The Lun Bawang, Saban, and Kenyah minority communities live in close association around the Kelabits.

A Kelabit father and son in a party dress at Long Lelang in headhunting festival.

Penghulu Miri (with belt of silver dollars) and his warriors.

Longhouse has been central (still is for the Ibans) in the mode of living amongst the many ethnics in Sarawak including that of Kelabit.

Ceremonies and communal drinking in an irau feast at Bario.

Kelabit women celebrating in new clothes and sarongs they just received.

Young Kelabit mother with newborn.

Boys learn to use the blowpipe early.

Those were the yesteryears after the headhunting had stopped (thanks to the Brookes), life was simple and carefree.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


The energy budget to prepare food for the table in traditional communities is high and so is the time needed. 

Rice is the staple food in Asia. The energy budget in the various processes of planting, harvesting, storage, winnowing (to separate the chaffs),  pounding, and finally cooking could very well be negative in the end for traditional communities. It is the other foods that we eat along with rice that tip the energy balance in terms of total calorie intake.


Nayar women of Kerala practice polyandry sometimes ago.

Traditional pounding rice using 'losong kaki' in the kampungs in the past. It works like a see-saw by stepping with one foot at the base end of the  wooden contrivance, the hammer end will rise and fall once the foot is released.

Den maleh
Poee tumbok bogheh tu 
Den tak koso Mak
Kau memang dogil
Lotih Mak
Osah kau tak guno

Losong kaki
Pijak, angkek kaki
Losong menumbok 
Pijak, angkek kaki
Soghibu kali
Lotih lutut buek eh
Den tak koso

(Minangkabau dialect of Negeri Sembilan)

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Malaysia through 1MDB has parked RM18billion for growth fund type of investment according to several sources. The rakyat including the former PM, Dr. Mahathir have questioned the wisdom of such a risky venture when the country's debt is mounting. As it is, it is a lost cause. 

We see it that Najib has wasted billions during his years of inept governance and hence the contention that the GST is a mean to recoup before the country goes bankrupt.

All the shenanigans by Najib and his band of stooges must stop. When?

n.b. About 10 days ago, a page view registered in SAVE's blog, the first probably from Cayman.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


He is clueless, leading the nation into blindness. The nation has no time for Najib. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Before the advent of military tanks as fighting machines during WW1, decisive battles have been won from the tops of elephant tanks to strike terror and crush the enemies.

Elephants being herbivorous are sustainable tanks during wars in Asia especially where they ubiquitous. During the Portuguese conquest of the Melaka kingdom in 1511, it is recorded in the Malay Annals (Sejarah Melayu) that Malay warriors rode on elephants into the midst of battle. My guess is that the thunderous sound of big canons from the ships would drive the elephants (and the Malay warriors) on stampede away from the battlefront!

This work by an anonymous Dutch painter shows the power of an elephant on the battlefield, with a large tower built on its back.

On an elephant to strike terror on the enemies.

Medieval Latin manuscript from around 1500 depicts an elephant trampling a man. Note the impressive tower on the elephant's back.

Alexander the Great first discovered the use of elephants in war at the Battle of Gaugamela. Despite his fear of the beasts, fate was on his side during the battle.

Hannibal, the emperor of Carthage (present north coast of Africa) with his army on elephants crossing the Alps to conquer Rome.

Hannibal's elephants on huge rafts crossing the River Rhone.

Elephants in Cochin, on the warpath.

The Delhi Field Force of the East India Company advancing towards the Mughal capital. The Mughal defeated, the colonialists took over to rule India.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


The multifaceted brain, the nerve centre of the nation.

Basic anatomy.

Its chip beyond supercomputer.

Non-stop working at conscious and subconscious levels connecting information, synthesising ideas, crystalising decisions ...

Myriad of neuron connections.

Ask him about the University of Nottingham.

Acupuncture points for head and brain worked out by the Chinese civilisation.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Che Det's posting:

"25. Look at the record of the Europeans, especially after they created Israel. Now, although they will not admit it, they are carrying out a crusade against Islam and the Muslims. Call it a war on terror or the clash of civilisation. But factually it is still a continuation of the crusade of the past centuries.
26. Against this modern Crusade the Muslims have no answer. They don’t have a Saladin (Salah El Din) to lead them. And over the centuries they have allowed themselves to become weak. They have ignored the injunctions of Allah in the Quran that they must be prepared to defend the ummah and Islam."
Salah ad-Din, ruler of Egypt and Syria from 564/1169 to 589/1193. He recaptured Baitul Muqaddis from the crusaders in October 1187.


November 1095,  Pope Urban II proclaimed the 1st crusade and by July 1099 Jerusalem was captured by the crusaders.

In 1096, the 1st crusade to regain Baitul Muqaddis (Jerusalem) from the Muslims (Arabs) began its bloodbath journey from Bouillon, Belgium by  Geofrey, Duke of Lower Lorraine, one of the several military leaders.

Goefrey kneeling before the king of Belgium to receive blessings before crusading.

Parting of Baldwin of Boulonge. He was the brother of Goefrey, both of whom led the 1st crusade. He became Count of Edessa and later king of Jerusalem. 

The bloodbath committed by the Franj crusaders at the fall of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), 1099 was barbaric and beyond Christian dogma. The atrocities are still ongoing but now by the crusading Zionists. Elsewhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Somalia, Chechnya the crusaders continue their killing fields under various guises.

The atrocities committed at Ma'arra, Syria as chronicled by their own people, Radulph of Caen.

The crusade against Islam is still ongoing but under various guises - fight against terror, bombings and missiles (drones), Guantanamo, government change, globalisation, currency manipulations, trade barriers. What happened to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali, Yaman, Mindanao, Patani ...? Indeed, the US is the mother of all crusader states.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Who let loose the clowns to run 1MDB? Apparently the mother of all clowns is riding high. The rider, by the look of it will fall by 11.11.1914 predicted by feng shui and foretold by Nostradamus!

Che Det - posting terbaru:

"6. Selain daripada itu berbillion dollar di urus melalui bank di sebuah Pulau Caribbean.

7. Sahabat saya tentu tahu bahawa dana 1MDB ini berlagak sebagai Sovereign Wealth Fund iaitu dana kekayaan Negara.
8. Banyaklah Negara pengeluar minyak mengadakan sovereign wealth fund daripada lebihan yang didapati setelah menjual beratus juta tong minyak setahun. Kuwait dan Qatar membeli banyak hotel terkemuka dengan wang yang banyak yang ada pada mereka.
9. Malaysia mengeluarkan hanya 650,000 tong sehari dan tidak ada lebihan wang daripada penjualan minyak oleh Petronas. Sebahagian besar keuntungan diserah kepada Kerajaan, selainnya untuk dilabur. Wang yang diserah ini tidak begitu besar.
11. Duit untuk 1MDB bukan daripada lebihan kewangan Negara. Ia dihutang. Berbillion ringgit dihutang yang menambah hutang Negara dengan amat tinggi. Hutang oleh Negara mesti dibayar. Jika tidak kita akan muflis seperti Argentina. Sebuah Negara yang mengalami deficit tiap tahun tidak mungkin bayar hutang sebesar ini."

Najib pandai berkelakar seperti budak2. Kalau bankrup kena pakai lilin nanti.

Mahathir bertambah berang. Najib tidak faham juga. Oleh itu sediakan Pil Chi Kit Tek Aun untuk tahan sakit perut ceret beret. Kalau otak pusing, usah tunggu Tg. Rambutan.