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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


19 (Maryam):29. Maka dia (Maryam) menunjukkan kapada (anak)nya. Mereka berkata, "Bagaimana kami akan berbicara dengan anak kecil yang masih dalam ayunan?"

19:30. Dia (Isa) berkata, " Sesungguhnya aku hamba Allah, Dia memberiku Kitab (Injil) dan Dia menjadikan aku seorang Nabi,

19:31. dan Dia menjadikan aku seorang yang diberkahi dimana saja aku berada, dan Dia memerintahkan kapadaku salat dan zakat selama aku hidup;

19:32. dan berbakti kapada ibuku, dan Dia tidak menjadikan aku seorang yang sombong lagi celaka.

19:33. Dan kesejahteraan semoga dilimpahkan kapadaku, pada hari kelahiranku, pada hari wafatku, dan pada hari aku dibangkitkan hidup kembali."

19:36. "Dan sesungguhnya Allah itu Tuhanku dan Tuhanmu. Maka sembahlah Dia. Ini adalah jalan yang lurus."

Saturday, September 26, 2020


This is the epilogue of "MINISTRY OF HEALTH PLAY GOD" posting on MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2019

Multiple myeloma is a rare form of blood cancer. My wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 of the disease 8 years ago. She undergone chemotherapy treatments for the first four years at Ampang Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, and then at Hospital Raja Perempuan Bainun (HRPB), Ipoh until succumbed to the disease on 11 November 2019 aged 67. 

The haematology and other specialists from both hospitals tried their very best and exhausted the range of chemo drugs to treat her.  Apparently the drugs worked to some extent killing and retarding growth of the cancer cells but not to cure. This was evident otherwise my wife could not survive that many years. 

I was practically embedded in the hospitals at Ampang and Ipoh taking care of my wife for all those years. Seeing the doctors' dedication, patience, and understanding in treating her and other patients suffering of different cancer types I have come to the conclusion that the doctors especially and the nurses generally are the primary movers of the nation. Night is day and day is night is their schedule of work. The public sometimes can be insensitive and quick to complain that doctors are not attending patients early enough.

To all the doctors and nurses that took care of my wife I am greatly indebted with no means of paying them back. May God bless them with success and good health. 


When the cancer cells became very aggressive and unresponsive to  current drug treatment the specialist at HRPB recommended the use of Darzalex, a new drug that has been around for for a couple of years. 

Early October 2019 - sent letter of application  to MARDI to pay for the expensive drug - RM12,800 for each dose of 2 vials to be administered  by injection for a number of times. The drug is supplied by MS Ally. Time was not on our side knowing the approval would take time. We decided to pay up-front for the Darzalex and get reimbursements from MARDI (my former employer) later, and MARDI has to get approval from the Ministry of Health (MOH). 

5 November 2019 - MOH response to MARDI's request for approval to procure Darzalex.

6 November 201 - my beloved passed away.

27 January 2020 - MOH approved use of Darzalex.

2 February 2020 MARDI received approval letter of MOH

Mid February 2020 - letter  from MARDI informing me for the  go ahead to obtain Darzalex from supplier. 

What I want demonstrate here in this case is that MOH's bureaucratic administration is fucked up with little Napoleons play god. They are indignant of the value of life and urgency. For your arrogance and makan gaji buta may you get your dues. Kamikup.

Death is certainty in Allah's domain. And we, humble humans do not know when death will overtake us. Realising that we have to persevere to be healthy and do good. 


He will put Malaysia at risk being a time bomb.

Thursday, September 17, 2020



ROSMAH Mansor mempunyai kira-kira 40 cybertrooper untuk menyebar propaganda politik di media sosial, kata saksi pada perbicaraan rasuah membabitkan isteri bekas perdana menteri Najib Razak itu, di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Bekas pembantu Rosmah, Rizal Mansor, yang juga saksi utama pendakwaan, mendedahkan blogger Papagomo turut berada dalam pasukan cybertrooper itu.

Pasukan itu ditugaskan untuk memantau kandungan kritikal atau persepsi negatif terhadap Rosmah di media sosial, kata Rizal.

“Ada tiga atau empat ketua dalam pasukan dan mereka ini termasuklah Papagomo, Parpukari, The Unspinnsers. Ketua pasukan ini dibayar RM5,000 sebulan. Saya boleh berikan senarai lengkap nanti.

“Selain mereka, ada kira-kira 12 hingga 15 blogger dan kira-kira 30 Facebooker,” katanya ketika disoal balas peguam bela utama Jagjit Singh.

Tambahnya, mereka yang ditugaskan untuk menyebar propaganda di Facebook dibayar antara RM1,500 hingga RM2,000 setiap bulan, manakala blogger pula dibayar RM3,000 sebulan.


Perak Man aka Orang Perak to rise from from Lenggong Cave angry that his ancestral land is corrupt ruled by hooligans.

Perak Corp Bhd (PCB), which holds 60% Perak State Development Corporation’s (PKNP) assets in midst of winding up operations
PCB dragged to court several times after defaulted loans from banks
  • PCB borrowed RM520m from banks 
  • to invest in Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) 
  • additional RM200m  borrowed to pay contractors
  • All these loans in default
  • group’s total assets RM742.273m, total liability RM751.361m 
  • state govt kept matter secret, hid it from public 
  • in 2012 PCB had cash of RM200m and assets RM1.2 billion
  • including 243 hectares land in Meru Raya, 243 hectares in other areas 
  • now group cash balance RM27,806 and lost half asset value 
PCB has until Oct 23 to settle debt or go into receivership
High Court granted 90 days from July 23 to comprise with creditors
If receivership then MAPS, Hotel Casaurina Meru, Lumut Port, lands will be auctioned
discussions between state and foreign investors on selling Lumut Port 
Loans borrowed during BN administration 
MB Faizal said PCB is currently under PN17 

adapted from OSTB

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Zahidi is a Timbalan Menteri. The face shows a fakeness.

GLOBAL UNIVERSITY, Northern California jugak pilihan dia.

Global University ni tak ada pengajian MBA (Master in Business Administration). Jika dirujuk kepada websitenya di, jurusan yang ditawarkan hanya dalam bidang BIBLE dan THEOLOGY (Christian education).

Dalam bahasa lainnya, Global University hanya untuk melahirkan paderi dan pastor kristian!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Den tengok gamba2 mak itam dalam blog kau tolanjang bulat montok punggong eh naik sorham pun ado naik sheikh pun ado. Boto kau bulih mencanak laie? Koreh macam meghiam. Ado pulak oghang kato dah longlai. Itu sobab e bolo anjing bukan botino. Mano satu? 

Dah terhikut BLM (Black Lives Matter) ko tunjuk gamba mak
itam tu? Gamba BLM kek sini tak ado ko?

Diam kek kubo cino kek mano kau gesel. Dah pueh ko 20 tahun menyurok kek nogori oghang putih. Kek mano sodap - sydney ko, brussel ko, amsterdam ko, paris ko. 

Marhah yo kek nogori cino sobab apo? Tak merhaso kongkek cino doll kek Shanghai ko? Abam pueh sampai tak sodar jam hilang.

Ewah dulu bukan main cium jubo Abam. Ni dah bonci pulak. Lamo kek lua nogori dulu Abam ado boghi duit ko nak hidup?

Kok ado menuntut ilmu sakai tahan 2 jam tu borhi lah tau. Janganla kodokut nak makan sorang. Duduk dalam hutan sonang jo main colah2 somak tu.  On ajo.

Ado on ko kek Jando Baik? Kasi on lah Nurul jando tu.

Noneh Sarawak memang bosar pado noneh MD2.  

Sepo pulak ni sakai hoi! Bokomban yo.


In the last two centuries, our haste towards development  and progress have resulted in widespread degradation of the earth’s ecosystem. Improper disposal of industrial and domestic wastes have polluted the soil, water, and air. In certain parts our atmosphere is partly blanketed with greenhouse gases which trap the deflected sun rays and prevent them to escape.  Land denudation, deforestration, diminishing biodiversity, burgeoning population, and not to mention wars further add to the earth’s crisis. Global climate change is a clear example of the sum effect of man’s negative follies on the ecosystem. Equitable climate means survival for all living things and preservation of the non-living.

To face the environmental challenges on the ecosystem, organisations at various levels - internationally, nationally, communally, and individually are taking remedial measures  sustainable ecosystems. Malaysia is promoting going green (biodiesel, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture), renewable energy use (solar and hydro power), cutting down plastic use, and waste recycling. 

Agriculture is the mainstay of this country. The practice of sustainable agriculture is viewed to be of utmost importance for economic production for the long term.  It hinges on optimising the use of resources  of the ecosystem - water, topography, fertility, weather, pest and diseases to match with arability of the crop(s) to be grown. The use of modern and appropriate technologies must go in tandem in all aspects of production, processing, and marketing.  Agricultural pollution could be minimised by judicial use of fertiliser and pesticides for example. 

In organic farming (OM) system, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not applied in the growing of crops. If used at all it will be minimal and under unavoidable situations. This environmental friendly approach is one of the ways  towards sustainable agriculture. However, it is intensive in terms of labour especially may not be suitable for large scale agriculture.

Nature farming (NF) is another approach towards sustainable agriculture. It is less intensive. The concept is to adapt crop and/or animal husbandry to the inherent  characteristics of the land. It is to harness and merge the latent energies of the diverse elements in the system to productive use. Biotic factors such as root competition, plant growth habit, storied and shade effects, animals, and abiotic such as weather, soil condition, rocks that persist in sub-ecosystem are taken advantage in the interplay and relationships they may have - neutral, synergistic, symbiotic, antagonistic. The use of diverse plant species from ground cover to tall trees to beneficial use means that it is a sort of disorganised mixed farming of the wild. However, there is order in the disorder. Also, NF is perhaps an advanced form of traditional agriculture with basic scientific concepts applied.  

The oil palm, the most efficient converter of the sun’s energy to edible oil is a good  candidate for nature farming that shows intricacies of man-animal-plant-environment relationships and energy flow. From the start, if the area is bushy with small trees, just clear (with bulldozer) the planting row and plant the oil palm seedlings. The lining may not be accurate to our liking but good enough. Within a couple of years the young palms will overshoot the tops of the bushes. The vigorous fibrous root system can cover a wide area and would soon overwhelm the root systems of lalang and grasses around it. Within three years the lalang and other undergrowths will be overshaded by the palm fronds and die off. The small trees can be gradually cut down or pollarded. If there are buffaloes grazing in the area they will help to clear the wild grasses and vines and make walking paths. They will however munch the shoot and leaves of young palms. Being fast growers, the palms will recover with new cycle of leaves and stunting is minimal. Buffaloes will scare away snakes in the area and make it safe to work. If there are muddy pools the buffaloes would wallow in them to cool off.  Their droppings add fertility to the soil that benefit the earthworms and plants. They attract leeches that suck human blood to give the ‘bekam’ effect if one gets bitten. It is a pleasant sight to see egrets land on the backs of buffaloes doing a favour looking for ticks. Monkeys and wild pigs deprived of their original habitats would pick fruits from  the low bunches.  Their tracks result in the area around the base of palm clear  allowing easy access for harvesting. Those animals deserve a share of the harvest. Cabbage from unwanted non-bearing palms can be harvested and cooked. Fresh leaves and pellets made from the fronds provide feed to goats, sheep, and cattle.

As a plantation crop, the oil palm has been much criticised for environmental destruction by the west. They may have a point. It is the planters to be blamed. At any scale of operations, riparian reserve should be left undisturbed to allow water catchment and wild animals to live. The mega FELDA Lahad Datu oil palm scheme left nothing for orang utan haven.  It has caused irreversible damage to the riverine system, biodiversity, environment, and people inhabitants of the jungle.

Monday, September 7, 2020


Osah tak soda dighi ponyamun bangsat ni. Bobaik dongan Trump konon nak tolong ekonomi Amerika topi niat sobonar nak kobeh Fort Knox tompek simpan omeh dio oghang. Nasib baik FBI/CIA boghitau Trump sepo dio lanun bugis tu! 

Kalau kat Amerika ada Teram Kat Mesia ada Bossku. Sama penyamun Sama penipu. Sebab tu Bossku boleh pergi mengadap Teram nak bantu ekonomi Amerika pakai duit rakyat Mesia. Apa susah, bukan duit bapak dia. 

n.b. President Roosevelt proposed to build a gold vault at Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1935.

ubahsuai: tukar tiub
gambar: sakmongkol

Sunday, September 6, 2020


Asal den Minangkabau masok ponoh, Suku Munkal. Bilo masok sotongah oghang asli jadi biduando macam TT. 

Yo lah maso dulu oghang botino tak ghamai ado oghang Minang tak tahan geselnyo  oghang asli klua biduando.

Topi den dah jadi Molano somonjak lahir sobab bapak Molayu omak Cino. 

Melanau kek Sarawak tu Melayu campo apo pulak? Ontah.

 Ada 12 suku yang ada di Negeri Sembilan. 
12 suku tersebut ialah:

Batu Hampar - Mungkal - Sri Lemak
Paya Kumboh -Tiga Nenek -Sri Melenggang
Batu Belang - Tanah Datar -Anak Acheh,
Anak Melaka -Tiga Batu

Suku Biduada orang asal. Yang lain adalah suku pendatang. 

Negeri Sembilan pada asalnya didiami oleh orang-orang asli daripada suku kaum Sakai, Semang, Temuan dan Jakun. Mereka hidup berpindah randah, memburu, mengutip hasil hutan dan ada yang mula bertani.

Pada permulaan abad ke-14 Masehi orang-orang Sumatra dari Tanah Minangkabau mulai tiba di Negeri Sembilan melalui Melaka dan sampai ke Rembau. Orang Minangkabau ini lebih bertamadun daripada Orang Asli ini dan berjaya memujuk hati orang Asli. Dengan itu berlakulah nikah kahwin antara orang-orang Minangkabau ini dengan penduduk asli dan daripada keturunan mereka dinamakan suku Biduanda.

Suku -suku lain tiba kemudian dan dinamakan suku mereka dari tempat yang mereka datang.

Dari suku Biduanda inilah asalnya pembesar-pembesar Negeri Sembilan yang dipanggil Penghulu dan kemudiannya Undang. Sebelum wujudnya Yang DiPertuan Besar, Negeri Sembilan adalah di bawah naungan kerajaan Melayu Johor.

Ketibaan Raja Melewar dari Pagar Ruyung, Minangkabau pada 1773, memulakan institusi beraja di Negeri Sembilan.

Suku Biduanda salah satu suku dalam penubuhan Negeri Sembilan.


Gambar tahun1913

Holding Institution :Univercity of Toronto - Gerstein Science Information Centre

Wednesday, September 2, 2020



Hakim menetapkan 23 September untuk mendengar permohonan penghakiman terus LHDN serta permohonan Tengku Adnan untuk menangguhkan prosiding.

“Saya bagi dua minggu… jika tiada penyelesaian, saya harus meneruskan kes ini. Kes ini sudah cukup lama,” kata hakim.

Berapa juta dalam perut yang menteneng (buncit seolah bunting).