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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Che Dets' blog, 27 Apr 2016:

1. Finally, frauds reported by the print and electronic media around the world has been declared as true by the President and Executive Director of 1MDB, Arul Kanda Kandasamy.
2. Arul confessed to the failure of 1MDB to pay US1 billion (RM3.9 billion) to IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company – Abu Dhabi), the company that guarantees debts of 1MDB.

SAVE's comments:
Arul was doing good in Abu Dhabi when he was lured to take the post at MDB with promise of megabucks by Najib. He didn't know what was coming then and now worst he knows what is in store. He has to save his own skin.

i.  His career in the financial world is going into the drains by too much lying on the MDB mega scandal. He is paid millions to do such to save the unsavable Najib.
ii. He knows the ins and outs of MDB meaning knowing too much to his liking. Najib would not let him go and will make him a scapegoat to bear the brunt of the accusations and go to prison.
iii. Institutions (FBI, CIA, IPIC ...) and countries (Singapore, US, Switzerland ...) affected by the MDB mega scandal will look for him for evidence to pin down and arrest the crooks.
iv. Surely, Arul is a marked man. He must be very careful where he treads. He has nowhere safe to go though he may turns crown witness.
v. After Altanthuya, Bala, Najadi, Khalil, Morais, who?



1. Akhirnya penipuan yang dilapor oleh media cetak dan elektronik di seluruh dunia diakui benar oleh Presiden dan Pengarah Eksekutif 1MDB, Arul Kanda Kandasamy.
2. Arul mengaku akan kegagalan 1MDB membayar US 1 billion (RM 3.9 billion) kepada IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company – Abu Dhabi), syarikat yang menjamin hutang 1MDB.

1. Finally, frauds reported by the print and electronic media around the world has been declared as true by the President and Executive Director of 1MDB, Arul Kanda Kandasamy.
2. Arul confessed to the failure of 1MDB to pay US1 billion (RM3.9 billion) to IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company – Abu Dhabi), the company that guarantees debts of 1MDB.
3. According to IPIC, a company named Aabar PJS Ltd (British Virgin Islands) that received payments from 1MDB does not belong to them, although they own a company with almost a similar name, which is Aabar PJS Ltd.
4. If 1MDB had paid USD1 billion to a fake company, there is the possibility that the company had been incorporated with the knowledge of 1MDB itself and the money was eventually deposited into a personal account. Such allegations have been made by people, and the statement made by Arul that there is fraud in 1MDB only serves to confirm these allegations.
5. Arul will try to rectify the mistakes, but after his confession, it is difficult to right the wrong. It is better for Arul to reveal everything, regarding the auditors who were dismissed, the USD1 billion invested in the 1MDB/Petro Saudi JV without the approval of its directors, without due diligence exercise,, and then dissolved, but the capital was not returned to 1MDB, but on the other hand was loaned to Petro Saudi, the money that went to the Cayman Islands and not back to Malaysia but went to Singapore where it appeared as “units”, which was sighted by Arul but not seen by him, the role of BIS Bank and others owned by Jho Low, the trail of 1MDB money to Hong Kong, Switzerland, London, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Abu Dhabi, misuse of KWAP’s money, SRC’s money that flowed into Najib’s account, oil concessions in Argentina and Turkmenistan, which were supposed to be assets but did not eventually become assets, and thousands more stories involving 1MDB’s money, which were clarified, denied, confirmed, and disappeared not to be mentioned again.
6. Indeed, the country has never witnessed a scandal as huge as the 1MDB scandal. People who used to have difficulty in sizing how big one million is, are now trying to comprehend how much one billion is, and forty-two billion. How can billions of money be transferred here and there and finally ended up in Najib’s personal account. People become confused with the stories of so much money making their way to all corners of the world.
7. Then there is this story about the production of a pornographic movie costing hundreds of million of Ringgit financed by Najib’s stepson. Whoa! Plenty of money! Where does it come from? So Easy. Family fortune? Apparently multi-milionaire Malays have long been in existence.
8. And so much more admissions can be made by Arul, by the Chairman of the Advisory Committee, the Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police and not forgetting Datuk Shahrol Halmi who was so brave in acting alone to borrow and invest billions of Ringgits and USD for 1MDB without authority, without the approval of the Board of Directors and his superior. Whoa! Shahrol you are really confident. Was he also involved with the payments to Aabar PJS Ltd (Virgin Islands)?
9. A film drama can be made regarding 1MDB involving relevant personalities as well as locations throughout the world. Red Granite can invest and several prominent personalities can be an actors. Probably it will win an Oscar.
10. Such is the story of 1MDB that successfully introduced Malaysia to the world. Lots more tourists will becoming to this 1MDB Country.
11. Indeed, Behold Magnificent Malaysia during the times of Najib !!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Founder of Freemason.

The eye of the devil, Lucifer (since the time of Egypt) is the main symbol of Freemasonry.

The crown, a symbol of power dominant in Illuminati which was established in 1776 by a German philosopher, Adam Weishaupt, a Mason. Six years later it worked jointly with Freemason. 

Below: One of the earliest postcard to be mailed from Malaya (from Bidor, Perak) in 1899 to England. The eye, crown, Egypt are drawn or written. The card was probably sent by a woman because she mentioned about Nephthys as Queen of the world.

Message on the card:
            VADE BYK.CVM                                                        Snap shots from Egypt

                                                                                NEPHTHYS QUEEN OF THE WORLD

         Tell me
           Is this the natural cause that a sign sic artist draws the full moon ever, but a part of it

                                                                   Salud   felicitacioues

        No 1775
        SUTTON                            "A NEW MOON"


What does a "A New Moon" means? Freemasons use secret symbols to identify or convey messages to members.

Is PKR using the symbol of the eye of Lucifer? Or by coincidence!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Tsunami, the worst ever: 26 December 2004, started at 0758 hours
Magnitude: Jakarta reported 6.4 Richter, US Geological Survey 8.9 Richter. Why so much difference in readings? The media quake epicentre was near Banda Aceh which is to many miles north of the real epicentre!

The tsunami killed hundreds of people in Aceh, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India. In Tanzania, across the Indian from the quake epicenter in Aceh, 70+ were killed but none in Diego Garcia and Maldives which are in the path of the tsunami!

Is it possible that the tsunami was man-made using powerful yet specific technologies?  The 9/11 twin tower blasts was pre-planned as many believed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Pihak penjajah Inggeris mengenakan cukai (10%) yang tidak adil kapada pihak Naning. Dato' Dol Said menentang dan terjadilah Perang Naning.

Peta menunjukkan kedudukan sembilan buah negeri yang dinamakan Persekutuan Negeri Sembilan kurun ke 16.

Pemberitahuan tentang ganjaran kepada sesiapa yang dapat menagkap Dato' Dol Said. Dalam pemberitahuan ini hadiah wang tunai telah dinaikkan daripada Seribu kepada dua ribu ringgit.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


In 1097 Palestine fell to the crusaders. Salahudin al-Ayubi drove them out many years later. Come WWI Palestine fell to the crusaders (British) but their rule was short-lived. The zionists' revolt drove them out. 

The fruits of the blood, sweat and tears of the British were cheated of theirs instead went to the Jews.  Ten of thousands of their soldier-sons died for the Jews. The Jews provided the money to fight for their bloody cause

The Turks lost their territory, worst the Palestinians their homeland. Not enough of the forced land grab, the zionists are clamouring for WWIII to further enlarge the map of Israel.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Above: Bridegroom; Below: Bride

Traditional dress, Padang Panjang.

Balai Adat

 Rumah Adat, Solok, Sumatra
 "Khatib Nagari's" house.

A prominent family's house, Koto Baru.

Rengkiang (padi store).

 Market, Payakumbuh
Rice food stall, Payakumbuh.

View of Lembah Anai
Locomotive pushing empty carriages for bricks, Lembah Anai.

Bridge with ijuk roofing, Alahan Panjang.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Malaysia is now incapicitated by the Cash King, Najib. We are reduced to wimps not able to get rid of the Dajjal personified.  

We have to let other countries (Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, France) and agencies do the justice and cleaning up the country for us. Thank you 


1. LUXEMBOURG: Public Prosecutor’s Office, Luxembourg

2. SWITZERLAND: Swiss Attorney General’s Office

3. SINGAPORE: Singapore Police Commercial Affairs Department
Monetary Authority of Singapore

4. USA: U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Central Investigation Agency (CIA)

5. HONG KONG: Hong Kong Police

6. UNITED KINGDOM: Serious Fraud Office

7. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The UAE authorities have issued travel bans and frozen the assets of Khadeem Al Qubaisi and Mohammed Badawy Al-Hussein, two top executives of the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund closely linked to the 1MDB.

8. FRANCE: French national prosecutor’s office (in relation to the purchase of two submarines)


1. South China Morning Post
2. The Australian
3. Australian Broadcasting Corporation
4. Sydney Morning Herald
5. Herald Tribune
6. Herald Tribune Latin America
7. International Business Times
8. International Business Times Singapore Edition
9. Wall Street Journal
10. International New York Times
11. TIME Magazine
12. The Guardian
13. The Daily Mail
14. Sun Daily (UK)
15. Euronews
16. Deutsche Welle
17. Singapore Straits Times
19. Today Online
20. India Today
21. Business Standard (India)
22. India Times
23. Fortune
24. EJ Insight (Hong Kong)
25. Anadolu (Turkey)
26. Bangkok Post
27. Chiang Rai Times
28. BBC
29. New Zealand Herald
30. Reuters
31. Bloomberg
32. Channel News Asia
33. Al-Jazeera
36. MWC News
37. East Asia Forum
38. Radio New Zealand
39. CNBC
40. The Independent
41. NewsX (Pakistan)
42. StateoftheStateKS (USA)
43. Asian Correspondent
44. Times of London
45. Financial Times
46. ​​Asia Sentinel
47. Courier Mail
48. Jawa Post
49. Tempo
50. Waspada
51. The Telegraph
52. The Diplomat
53. Myanmar Times


1. NAJIB claimed that all the accusations against him are not true. And his hench-men were reported in the mainstream press as saying that the accusations made by foreign media such as the Wall Street Journal, ABC TV Australia, the Financial Times, and all leading newspapers in the United States (please see list of media, newspapers and televisions attached, 53 in all, as well as the list of countries and their investigating agencies) all only have the intention of tarnishing the image of Najib. They seemed to have no other better things to do other than tarnishing Najib’s image with comprehensive reports and television documentaries complete with pictures and documents. All evidence shown by them are unacceptable, says his henchmen. What can only be accepted and believed are denials by Najib. Denials by Najib had never been accompanied by clear evidence. It is okay. Denials by him are enough for the Attorney General to rule that there is no case for Najib to answer.

2. Because of the denials by Najib, Heads of Division and Members of Parliament from UMNO are all silent or tried to defend Najib.

3. Their stand is extraordinary. They seems to accept that a crime has occurred and the person who committed them is identified, but only because he denied it, then this means he is not guilty. If denial alone be accepted as the basis for prosecution, then there will not be anyone who would be prosecuted in this country.

4. Divisional Heads of UMNO and UMNO Members of Parliament have this sort of stand. Because Najib denied all allegations against him, Divisional Chiefs and Umno elected representatives continue to believe that Najib is not guilty.

5. Islamic nations, as far as we know, never showed their great appreciation to Najib for his contribution to Islam. As far as we know, only “HRH Prince Abdulaziz Al-Saud Arabia” greatly appreciated Najib’s contribution to Islam so much so that he is willing to donate USD375 millions to Najib to be kept in his personal account, to be kept confidential and to be used according to his whims and fancies.

6. Now Apandi, the Attorney General, said RM 2.03 billion from the RM 2.6 billion reported to be in the personal account of Najib had already been returned to the donor. Really? What evidence is there to show that it has been returned to HRH or other Arabs? Is it not possible that the money is still here to be fed to other UMNO leaders?Shahrir may have received RM1.0 million and Ahmad Maslan RM2.0 million. It is not possible that they were the only ones who received donations from Najib. How many million Ringgits have been received by Divisional Heads and other Members of Parliament.

7. It seems we are seeing a competition between CASH and Malay nationalism. Many members and Umno branch chiefs give victory to the national spirit, to race, religion and nation. But for the Divisional Heads of UMNO and Members of Parliament, bran (dedak) gets the big victory so much so their mouth, ears and eyes are closed. They are willing to mortgage the nation for CASH or bran. There is no need to deny. Not only Malaysians know, but the world already knows. Nazir Razak himself admitted he was given USD7 million by Najib to be distributed to the heads of the party before GE 13. It is a shame because there are Malays who are not shy; who are willing to accept a leader humiliated by the world.

Nazir Razak

(adapted from chedet.blogspot)