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Friday, January 31, 2014


In their efforts of proselytisation the Christians somehow want their god to be easily understood and visualized by the masses so much so that their god has been debased to the level of human being. Jesus is the son of god and hence god. But no, their god should not be that simple, hence Trinity. But Trinity and other symbols become too complex to be understood and believed which eventually drive many Christians into disbelief.

"The Creation of Adam," detail of the ceiling fresco in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican, by Michelangelo, 1508-12. Their god was potrayed as on the right. Did Najib see this when he visited Vatican?

Adam and Eve pictured in paradise tempted by the devil in the guise of a serpent about to take the forbidden fruit.

Jonah (nabi Yunus) pictured to be swallowed by the fish.

Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac (nabi Ishak) to their belief, to Muslims nabi Ismail.

For the mess they have created with their religion the Muslims here must suffer some confusion when they upgrade their god to Allah. Jesus anak Allah! But then it's their version of Allah not ours. Allah the Almighty knows what is in the hearts of everyone and makhluk. Muslims must hold fort and strengthen their belief now and generations to come.

The Muslims are forbidden to debase their prophets what more Allah by depicting them in pictures or other forms of visualization. The rationale is obvious.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


After about four and half (since May 22, 2009) of blogging SAVE has made some progress in its number of postings, 578 in total. In terms of response from page viewers (>55,000) from its four blogsites of sustainablelivinginstitute, indahdesa, historiograhic and bookmana from many countries is encouraging - the majority are Malaysians (two-fifth of total), US comes second (one-fifth of total) and Indonesia, Russia, Philippines, UK, Germany, Singapore, France, Indiain descending order make up most the other three-fifth of total viewers. To all viewers, whoever and wherever they are thank you for the interest in our blogs.

To flash back pre-blogging days, I was just disinterested in blogging then and considered that it would be a waste of time. But then I was busy working on three bibliograpic books at one go of which one will be published very soon by UPM press. It is on Japanese contributions towards science and development in Malaysia and ASEAN countries.

My youngest daughter who was studying medicine then was into blogging earlier than me. My wife was reading some blogs especially by Chedet and she would relate to me what she read. I guess they create the awareness for me to start blogging.  I then frequented Chedet, A Kadir Jasin, Kickdefellar and other blogs and made comments under non de plume, al-Din mostly.

 I was writing fairly heavy postings at the beginning because the articles are already at hand. Remgold under blogname OpEd commented that I should put some pictures in the posting 'Tilapia and jatropha' of April 4, 2011. That set me going head over heels to catalog as much pictures as possible from own collection of photos and books. Thank you Remgold for the suggestion. Now there are more than 24,000 photos in my computer. And the computer crashed!! Tomorrow I have to bring it to Berjaya Times Square for reformatting. That's the reason why no pictures this time.

By and large blogging has been a fruitful exercise for me. It keeps the mind active with new information for I have to go through many books in the library which are otherwise left much untouched. My collection of slides taken during many years of studies in the US, teaching, and research on several crops are yet to be digitalised.

Sometimes I feel that several of my postings are a bit off if not vulgar. I must admit that have interrupted nights over them. The best thing about blogging is that the output is immediate, it's there in cyberspace to be seen by all. Compared to writing in the papers that I have some experience, the content must jive with the needs of the day and their policy. Before, the Eastern Times, Sarawak has been receptive to publish my articles within two days for free which is fine with me.

Apart from blogging SAVE is still active pursuing its multi-objectives - nature farming, jatropha development, recycling, concern for Orang Asli, biodiversity conservation. Its efforts to plant limau kasturi under nature farming earlier was devastated by leaf-eating moth caterpillars. The project is replaced with oil palm. The leaves of limau kasturi are more preferred food source for the caterpillars. SAVE does not spray insecticide in its farm yet.

OpEd has quit blogosphere for quite a while. Hope that Remgold is doing fine and in good health.


Saturday, January 25, 2014


Anwar seeked refuge at the Turkish Embassy, KL at one time meaning he has close ties with the former Ottomans.

So, after being denied penetration into geisha Tokyo he rear-entried Istanbul where  the possibilities are  said to be endless to borrow Najib.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Anyone could fall heavily for this kind of spy, there would be no more secrets left untold!

Friday, January 17, 2014


There were four contenders for the UMNO for the VP post. Three of them were very ambitious. Ku Li, seemed to be the favourite choice but the votes at the General Assembly would decide.  The VP normally would be the DPM.

KL ego-boosted as a whizz kid and as Finance Minister was rumoured to have a special lift built for his limo to be brought up to the floor of his office.

The UMNO GA votes of 1987 declared that Gaffar Baba was the winner and became the VP. KL challenged the outcome claiming that there were irregularities in terms registration of several UMNO branches. This found to be so and ROS deregistered UMNO. Mahathir brilliantly overcome the fiasco by registering the party as UMNO BARU.

Ghafar menujulang tangan Mahathir setelah menewaskan Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah dalam pemilihan pucuk pimpinan 987.

KL along with his staunch associates and followers formed a new opposition party, Semangat 46. The party formed a loose coalition with DAP, PAS and PBS known as Gagasan Rakyat. In the 1990 general election S46 performed poorly winning only 8 parrliamentary seats, DAP 20, PBS 14, and PAS 7 ie. a total of 49 seats.

Semangat 46 was a dark episode in the history of KL. He still holds the secret of the full story, emotions, and politics of the misadventure. When S46 was disbanded most the members returned to the fold of UMNO. The about-turn was wise on KL's part.

Ku Li would have reinvented himself in many ways in the years he has been sidelined in the mainstream of UMNO politics. Perhaps being wiser he has remain uncontroversial to gain back some of the trust enplaced on him before. This is evident in a recent event by Perkasa. 

In these times of Kangkung leadership debacle KL seems to be an alternative if not the saviour to lead the country. Will the winds of change and timing will be in his favour?    


If we compare Kangkung and Queen Elizabeth I, we are 4 centuries and a quarter behind time. Therefore, we have the right to be colonised!

SAVE is not being anglophilic here but we must learn from others. The Kangkung as kangkung vegetable is spineless.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Mahathir's interview with Larry Rohter at Kuala Lumpur and appeared in the now defunct Newsweek of February 20, 1984, about three years after he became PM but now 20 years ago.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Hishamudin menghunus keris pada satu ketika. Tetapi siapa dia? Baru Ketua Pemuda. Dolah tidur masa itu. Ada unsur luar kah yang mencucuk dia berbuat begitu atau memang ideanya sendiri? Pihak pembangkang ambil kesempatan menjadikan isu keris. Hisham kecut semenjak itu.

Mahathir senang-senang hunuskan keris. Semua kaum bertepuk tangan. Pembangkang diam. Dia wira yang telah berjasa kapada semua lapisan rakyat layaklah dia berbuat begitu sebagai lambang Malaysia bukan untuk kaum Melayu sahaja.

Di Dataran Merdeka, Ogos 1994.

Berapa lok keris panjang dihunus semasa perayaan ulangtahun BN ke 20 di Dataran Merdeka, Ogos 1994?

Imbas kembali kemajuan parti pemerintah, Alliance kemudiannya BN dari awal hingga 1990.

Polisi Mahathir panjang jauh ke timur. Ada pula yang berpura ikut. Masa itu dia blue-eyed boy! Siapa sangka. Mahathir pun tertipu oleh chameleon.

Adakah Mahathir akan hunus keris lagi?
Zam sudah berkata.

Daim sudah angguk. Berjuta rakyat menyokong.

Rakyat sudah menyinga. Sara hidup melonjak. Keamanan bergoncang. Pemimpin membazir berpura-pura rakyat didahulukan. Ya, didahulukan dengan kemelaratan.

Mahathir lama menyinga. Perancangan menuju 2020 dirombak. Tikus membaiki labu. Punasihat berkeliaran. Kemajuan Negara kebelakang.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Najib's prologo la tragedia actually started when he was in the late teens. Why so?

If indeed he did not graduate from his studies in the UK that proves he is an egghead. As a privileged son of Pahang, he had all the means to be able to get through university scholarship with excellence. Why the hurry to get back to be a politician? Build a strong foundation of one's worth first before trying to govern others. Was it that he is just plain stupid?

A leader with such basic failure is dangerous. He has to depend on others to guide and advice. His weakness, an inferiority complex worsen during the course of struggling in an ever challenging national and global environment. Najib has to show that he is smart. One way is by surrounding himself with equivalent/lesser beings or those with tainted image so that they would listen to him. Yes, Sir. Inferiority breeds mediocrity as the adage goes.

Najib believes that a smart (supposedly) bed-partner-confidente should be able help him. She becomes demanding to the extend of claiming to be the First Lady. The husband succumbs to a yes ma'am syndrome.

His trademark previously was the finger. When his honchos, nincompoops and ordinary rakyat start to follow the style he has to stop the theatric. The finger is of endless possibilities.

His ways of governance and lifestyle are opulent. How can it be for survival and sustainability? Clueless. He is a pretender the likes of sleepyhead and B.A.B.I.

To save Malaysia the PM must face the axe now otherwise the damages done to the country will multiply and get beyond repair.
The condo cow below does not suckle the bull, so needs to be axed too.

Just get rid off the head the tail would follow ensuit. Enough of the beerless Ku Nan, samurai Nazri, chap ayam Hassan Malek, pemandu Jalal, biadap KJ, spad Hamid, sempurna Shafie,  highest-income sucker Nazir, permata Rosmah ...  still we want to suffer more?

Down with Najib and the goons!

Hanya Melayu jaga maruah Melayu. Bangsa lain sudah lama ketawa.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Rafidah Aziz, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Malaya before joining politics.

An intelligent, knowledgeable hard working Wanita Umno member - a bright star, a hope for the country. 

At the peak of her career she has been touted as an iron lady the like of Margaret Thatcher.

She goes along with everybody at least professionally. B.A.B.I. knows whom to associate with and be seen in limelight. Beware, he is the master of the killer game in politics!

Among the aspirants singing patriotically. The elegant pretender to the left of RA finally became the master. 

'Let me hold you down the steps' by the sleepyhead was the signal of her downfall from grace. She was mooed out of WU ending the hope and dream. 

Only RA knows how the dirty game of politics was played while up there. But she is a survivor. She is with AirAsia but Fernendez is not going to force her to wear that skimpy (the skimpiest among airline stewardess), body hugging red skirt and blouse! Nay. But again, skimpy skirts are good for BN, you know what I mean!

The nation has been enriched by RA's contributions.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Sukarno, the first President of Indonesia was a charismatic leader that gained global recognition in his first half of governance of the country. After the Asia-Africa meet at Bandung many foreign head of states especially those of developing countries flocked to meet him. To up the fervour of unity and nationalism among his people he introduced the Pancasila.

Later he became more and more misaligned and delineated by western nations because of communistic trends in his policies. He was the sound box of neocolonialism/imperialism indirectly challenging the  capitalist countries especially the British and US. He saw them as imperialistic and a threat when Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined Malaya to form Malaysia. Ganyang Malaysia he said and hence the konfrantasi episode.

Eventually he became the fallen hero, a victim of the clash between the ideals of democracy and communism in which Islam cannot accept all. Such trichotomy created major factions in his people resulting in slaughter and Sukarno's downfall.

Neocolonialism was never imperilled by Sukarno. It is in fact still much alive, a capitalistic game in various forms often subtle otherwise militaristic engulfing the world today.

With Ho Chin Minh

With President Gamal Nasser of Egypt.

With King Bhumibhol and Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

With Lee Kuan Yew.