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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Zionists are godless. So, they cannot believe that David vs Goliath analogy could happen now or anytime in the future.

  • 1922: Total population of Palestine was 757,182 of which 590,890 (78%) were Muslims 83,798 were Jews.
  • 1947: After WW2 Jews curved about 7% of the land in Palestine.
  • Today: Israel usurped by force and cunning all Palestinian land except the Gaza strip and West Bank. Yet, they lie in broad daylight to the world that they are under threat and want to secure their ill-gained territory!

Millions of Palestinians fled after the 1967 Six Day War and became refugees.

The Jews surely work hand in glove with the Zionists but vehemently decried that they are not of them. Without the Jews there would be no Zionists.

Commandments (6), (8), and (10) have been bloodily transgressed by Zionists.

Walla hu 'alam.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


ciptaan Allah
sejak ujudnya cakra wala
beraya bergembira
mengiyakan kehendak Allah
senantiasa setiap masa

binasakan hari
hari kehari
bercakar mencakar
merayakan hari?

Masihku pinta
O Ramadhan.

Friday, July 25, 2014


A Raya blast for Najib.

The advisors are not to be blamed for Najib's one-off and compartmentalised decision making. He has the last word. As PM he is solely responsible for any foolhardy and shoot his own foot type of  blunders.

To lengthen his shadow he must resort to making impact statements good for the day but not much of bearing to wholesome benefits to the rakyat. What are effects, directly and indirectly, tangible and intangible gain? Najib is oblivious to the long term ramifications and implications of his utterances. 

A man of his IQ and education cannot think beyond his nose. He thinks he is on the right path regardless of public opinion. As a leader he is hopelessly beyond recall.

Bring the bodies back before Raya - (don't the bodies need to be identified first!)
Get the black boxes, give them to UK - (nothing heroic but anti-climax)
Renovate my residence - (RM65 million)
Get rid of ISA - (to please the opposition)
On with GST - (the money tree)
High income economy - (brother Nazir RM9 million/yr GLC pay)
Vatican first than Mekah - (he got the call finally)
Brought along 1000 imams for haj - (pray for him)
Brazil, reflects on leadership - (too much soccer)
Instructed IGP to settle the Sulu incursion - (I can wash my hands)
Let's do panda headstand with Rosmah - (for RM76 million)
Build 100 storey building - (named after my father)
More money to FELDA settlers - (my folks and votes)
Give BRIM - (everyone cam brim)
I Malaysia, I World - (acting as a world leader)
Rakyat di dahulukan ... - (sloganeering is easy)
Lets have durian party - (lost the Woodlands)
Build tunnel causeway across the Straits - (easier than to build a bridge)
Malaysia, to be top in printing the Quran - (let the Saudis do it)
Zero defect - (education system messed up)
Gerak gempur - (battle cry in taking school exams)
In the past he proposed RM640 million sports complex in London - (to transform  an old Rubber Board building)

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Tahiti, a basaltic lava island is amongst those in the Society Islands group. The latter is part of a larger enclave of islands in the Tuamotu Archipelago of Polynesia under French protectorate.

Idyllic. Inhabitants and coconuts in Moorea, a smaller neighbouring island just to the west of Tahiti.

'Tahitian Landscape' by Paul Gauguin (1848-1903).

Tahiti charms.

In the days of yore, cannablism was a practice in Tahiti.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Najib says bring us the bodies (of MH17 crash) before Raya! Do you think those pro-Russian separatists know about Raya? They are not Sulus. Those comrades hold the bodies as a bargaining power not only to Malaysia but the Dutch, Germans and other country nationals who died in the plane. They want money lah. 

So, Najib, if you could spend RM76million in total for two pandas and renovate your residence for RM65million what is there a couple of billions for the return of MH17 victims. Should be no problem, to you money grows on trees. Hope the trees are still there and not been cut down. Too late if you wait for GST tree to grow big! 

After two MAS planes down it is fairly obvious that Malaysia is game to the world powers. At the bigger picture, the war is democracy versus communism. We become the pelanduk tersepit in one of the battlefields they are waging. Is only MAS planes in the line of fire? How about the seat of pride of the country, the Twin Towers? 

Democracy is dying. They have hypocritically bastardised it. Communism is supposed to be dead but found arising economically and militarily. China is an economic powerhouse. Russia has regained Crimea and part of Ukraine.  

We are game for false flags. Being a small country but rich in resources what better playground having  tit for tat games. The sacrificial goat must suffer, collateral damage unavoidable. The communist (China) got the brunt of MH370 mysterious disappearance, and now western democracy (US and Europe) gets its own medicine from the communist (Russia). Is it? No one trust anyone else words nowadays. The international media is a WMD telling lies, half-truths, propaganda, and indoctrination.

In fact there is more to that in the power games. They want to show off their technological capabilities. The world becomes destabilised, small nations especially get defensive and want to protect themselves. They have to buy weapons from the major vendors - US, Russia, China. Behind all these, shadowy Israel must benefit in more ways than one. The timing for the Gaza onslaught is signalled by MH17 down.

For MH17, we got the boom as the ending and we know exactly where it came from. The last time we heard of MH370 was some 'ping, ping' sound somewhere there and yet nowhere. 

It would have been wiser if both Jauhari, MAS CEO and Civil Aviation Dept DG step down after the MH370 lull before Liow becomes the Transport Minister. With the MH17 down MAS is beyond recall. Now with the multiple headaches for the two, looks like sweet returns for hugging on too long on positions that do not want them. How unfortunate!

SAVE's condolence to the families of MH17.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Lattakia is an ancient town. I have visited a coliseum, remnant of the Roman times there. It is a town by the Mediterranean coast and is the home ground of Bashar Assad, a fact I do not know until the civil strife in Syria. Before the strife all things seemingly looked peaceful.

However, I now recall that during a stay in my host family at Jablah, a village in Lattakia district in 2006, I wandered to the neighbouring farms on my own taking pictures. The next day and days afterwards, a plainclothes policeman (I was told) was always on the rounds in front of my host family's house. I befriended him with greetings in Arabic, all that I know.

New condominium buildings by the coast of Lattakia. Perhaps, there was quite a boom time at least in Lattakia about 10 years ago.

Location of Lattakia along the north coast quite close to the border of Turkey.

From left - Aiham, Medina and her niece strolling along the beach road heading for dinner.

A small seaside restaurant at the end of a side road by a rocky promontory where we had dinner. The red flowers are bougainvillaea.

(Malaysia is just slightly better in terms of littering of plastic bottles, papers and other rubbish. Fortunately, in our country we have recyclers who collect plastic bottles to sell and this help relief the litter load).

A close-up view of the restaurant, an architectural design in harmony with the rocky geography, and giving good view of the sea.

Medina ordering the food. I could not remember what were the dishes!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The Malay Archipelago (Nusantara) is part of a larger group of the Austronesian family. It has linguistic affinity with the Oceanic islanders of Micronesia, Malenisia and Polynesia. There a strong basis basis for this link. It is due to the wave of migration from a common stock from the in the far  west believed to originate from Formosa (Taiwan) area to the easternmost of Oceania as far as Easter Islands. 

It is widely postulated that the initial exodus began from the lands of the Ainu, Taiwan-Southern Japan 3500BP thereabout and lasted for 4500 years when Cathams the last island to be populated in the South Seas in 1300.

Ainu, aboriginals of Taiwan-Japan.

Three major groups of people of Oceana - Micronesians (shaded top left area), Melanesians (bottom left area), and Polynesians (right triangular area).

A Gilbert islander beauty.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Reproduced from Syed Akbar Ali at OutSyed The Box:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Clueless PM Needs GST To Cover Up Wasting Public Funds

This is taken from a Blog called "Malaysia flip flop". This has been heavily truncated. You can read the original to read the full report.

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014
  • senior appointments paid RM69,000 a month 
  • PEMANDU director RM49,000. 
  • high wages contributed 13% increase in budget
  • CEO Agensi Inovasi Malaysia RM830,500 (RM69,000/mth)
  • CEO SPAD RM40,000 month, allowance RM162,000/yr, bonus RM60,000.
  • CEO TalentCorpse RM30,000, car allowance RM5,000.
  • Chief Secretary salary RM23,577
  • staff in PM's Dept —on contract—paid higher than civil servants.
  • director PEMANDU — RM49,000 a month
  • associate director PEMANDU - RM31,600 a month 
  • senior manager - RM21,000 a month
  • Najib creating Yayasan Hijau, Malaysian Global Innovation overlap existing agencies  
  • allocation for PM's Dept ballooned 13% from RM250 billion to RM264 billion.
  • Idris Jala said dept received biggest allocation of RM16.45 billion in Budget 2014 
This is daylight robbery. There is a cleve beggar behind this whole idea to pay these super high salaries. There is a simple reason. Its the same guy who is more powerful than the Prime Minister of Malaysia. All this began to happen way before Najib became PM. At the GLCs even the receptionists can get RM3000 per month.  In the real private sector graduate engineers and architects are getting started for just over RM2000.

The idea is simple. Pay them high salaries with taxpayers money. Super high salaries that are way beyond their real worth in the market place. This will make them defend their high paying jobs and not question their employers. Then it becomes easier to steal. They even invented a slogan which the moron swallowed hook, line and sinker 'high income nation'. Kebanyakan orang Melayu tak faham. So it is easier to fool them.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


His IQ? Your guess is as good as mine. But must start from the bottom rung that will not appear from the list above!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


During his tenure as Minister of Education, Najib was the proponents of zero defect in education and gerak gempur to prepare for and taking examinations. As for the zero defect it  leads to among others that no student could fail at all levels from primary to tertiary education. To  achieve such, passing marks have to be lowered and adjusted to allow poor performers to pass. 

Under duress or pressure of such a system, heads of schools, colleges, and universities have to make ways rightly or wrongly to show that their institutions have zero defect. The end result of Najib's zero defect policy is the deterioration of the quality of our education.

Najib failed to understand that students like all human beings are biological entities. No one is similar to another in all aspects be it intelligence, physical appearance, attitude to name a few traits. This is due to genetics and nurture. In such a melee of human diversity we expect laggards and deficiencies. Hence, zero defect is not tenable and only a fantasy of the mind. 

Take the case of Najib himself. Did he really graduate from the University of Nottingham? How could he be the paragon of zero defect? Look at the mess in the governance of this country! Metaphorically speaking he is just too big-headed to digest lofty ideas. 

The many big-headed people that surround Najib the likes of Adnan, Nazri, Hasan, and Isa too often shoot their own feet. Needlessly, Najib will be kept busy with damage control not only of his own imbroglio but also those caused by other bums. That is price to pay for taking nincompoops. In the end they will sink him down further to the point of no return. Must the nation and rakyat  suffer? What leadership was Najib talking today?

Literally, big-headed (with bulging eyes) could mean chromosomal aberration of mongoloid syndrome associated with  degrees of cerebral handicap.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Bali is the largest Hindu enclave in Indonesia. It is perhaps the most favourite tourist spot there, a must visit for foreigners especially westerners. On the flight to Jawa Timur to visit the apple country, Malang in 1991, I made a stop over at Kuta, Bali. That was the only visit till now and no chance to witness the ketjak dance. 

Apparently, ketjak is a popular traditional dance at temples. The use of frangipani flowers (bunga kemboja) in the hair dress or above ear lobes is a common practice among islanders in the Malay Archipelago and Austronesia.

Train them young.

A monkey acrobatic dance across a jungle vine.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Some Muslims may believe that Adam first landed at Ceylon (Sri Lanka) when he was ejected out of paradise. His foot print is believed to be found up there. Walla hu 'alam.

Location of Adam's Peak, southeast of Colombo.

Adam's Peak in the background view from from the foothill where there are stalls selling trinkets and souvenirs.

Along the way to the summit there are watering holes and bathing spots to purify oneself.

Steps to aid in the steep ascent at some places.

Crowd at a lookout point to the top of Adam's Peak.