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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Razak, as the second Prime Minister of Malaysia had his feet firmly on the ground for the rakyat. One could tell from his face of his humbleness. Among the many developments during his time, he laid the foundation of Felda to open land for rubber and oil palm for the landless and poor. This was a brave idea leading to massive transmigration and social transformation of people. Yet, he never claim credit or calling himself the father of transformation. There was no need for sloganeering. Do it and let the people judge.

In agricultural development Razak did to rubber/oil palm as what Tunku did to rice establishing the rice bowls at Kuala Muda (MADA) and Kemubu (KADA) for the rakyat. Mahathir gave emphasis  towards industrialisation but academics began to think that agriculture was becoming a bad word and rebranded Universiti Pertanian to Universiti Putra. Dolah simply wanted another bridge in his backyard and cancelled the strategic half-way bridge across the causeway.

What the country urgently need is another brave irrigation project to bring rice cultivation to self-sufficiency to ensure food security. So far, such national agenda is being given lip-service.

Felda is now in shambles thanks but no thanks to his offspring. What a pity, tikus membaiki labu!

Friday, June 28, 2013


According to the Malay Mail article of the Woodstock of early August 1972 held at Cheras was organised by the Scout movement! I doubt it. If it was so than I would be ashamed of my Queen Scout badge. The Scouts became the scapegoat as a cover up by the authorities concerned for shamefully aping the U.S's Woodstock held not much earlier. It was supposed to be an event for the youth they say. Who was the Youth Minister then?

I was in 2nd year at Kolej Pertanian Serdang when I heard about the Woodstock. (It wasn't me dancing there!)

Scouts do not dress and act like in the pictures. Those youths were acting like high on drugs!

A lot of free-mixing. Recognise yourself there!

There was no pictures of scouts shown.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Mahathir, the man, is an enigma to many especially those who misunderstood or misconstrued him. He dared to challenge the system and prevail the many ups and downs of political life. His determination and the heart of steel in him is actually a camouflage of a humble man. Hanya jauhari mengenal maknikam.

Malaysia, made famous by him that we can walk tall when we are abroad. We do not have to explain where our country is located like before when foreigners ask. 'Malaysia cantik', a stall seller said to me when I was in Seoul recently.

The pictures below are not in chronological order of Mahathir through the (early) years. May Allah bless him with many more years.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The rakyat has given plenty of rope to Najib to hang himself. His governance for the last 5 years has proved that he not sustainable for UMNO, the Malays, and hence Malaysia.

Below are SAVE's comments on other blogs concerning Najib, the pretender.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Updated: M'sian Insider ... OutSyed The Box, 15 Jun

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Najib's game as a pretender is over. The pretender is as meek as a mouse. So thick in the mire, there's no way of change at all in his ways. No change no hope. A leader is given only one chance to prove himself.
Vote of no confidence will be good for him and the Malays. Vote for Ku Li or Muhyiddin will be good for UMNO


This Rubbish about No Contest. Another Brick in the Wall, June 9

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...
Najib said stop politicking but he is the onemost culprit. NS is lost for change. Najib "pasang kaki" - KJ, Hassan Isa, Rosmah. Rais has been neutralised. He listened he said but not listening. He wants to outdo Anwar's game, your enemy is my friend. Take that Hindraf fellow being made senator. He and wife wore the largest garland (blessed by Ganesh?)at Bt Caves. Anwar got dotted on his forehead. His was Vatican first then Mekah. His eyes used to be buntang but getting sepet in many of the pictures pre-PRU13. He tries to act smart but things prove differently. Najib is a pretender.
He was given chance once to prove himself. He should not be given another chance otherwise that's the end of UMNO and the Malay's political edge.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Systemic Failure. BigDogCom. 14 May

On May 14, 2013 at 09:38 sustainablelivinginstitute said:

As Menteri Pelajaran, Najib sloganized ‘zero defect’ in education and examination turning it into factory-like robotic system. Is he oblivious to biology? Now, could he demand ‘zero defect’ in his administration and politics? He himself and for that matter everyone is defective somewhere, somehow.

As a consequence of the ‘zero defect’ policy, teachers went all out to make things look good eg. passing grades lowered and everybody passed


Monday, May 13, 2013

Nazir Razak for Finance Minister? OutSyed the Box, May 13

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...
At RM9million a year, Nazir is the highest paid GLC CEO. Who elevated him to such super-duper high income economy? Mahathir is non-dynastic. Is Najib's dynasty on the making? - touting his son speaking superb English and learning Mandarin in China, RM with her PERMATA. Yes, Nazir can be FM but Najib must step down.


Sial Pak Lah Masih Tak Hilang. Another Brick in the Wall, May 13

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...
Dolah (with Kalimullah) was trying to further self-interest out of the SIL youthful exuberance (but lack wisdom) but landed themselves into controversy early. Touting to be made the youngest PM was arrogance at its worse. Apparently KJ is a flip-flop when when power beckons. He may be able to talk but talk is cheap. What is more important is wisdom.
Dolah, on his own yardstick said Najib is still the best for PM. Hence said, Najib deemly owed him a favour. Najib being at low ebb after PRU13 thus timely to be cornered with a proposition. What's for KJ? And Najib is Dolah's pact to ensure continuance of past dealings.

Don't Blew it This Time, Najib. Another Brick in the Wall, May 11

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...
Your posting categorically put it that Najib blew up many strategic moves before the election that resulted in less than 2/3 majority for BN. The five years was ample time for him to prove his mettle. He blew it. We cannot afford another term of swan song from him for that was the best he can do with his brain power. He is no better than Dolah. He should make way for Muhyiddin even though we do not see much in him but just hoping that he is a learner.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rosmah Cari Pasal Tak Tentu Pasal

Rosmah is an unusual aggressive lady. She is also throwing her weight (ya, she is heavy!) around making it not so winnable for Najib and BN . Tunjuk pandai menampakan Najib tak pandai and the latter under First Lady control. This adds burden to Najib who is already burdened by his own maze.

RM sengaja cari pasal tak tentu pasal membuat rakyat jelik:

1) First Lady - higher than Permaisuri Agung!

2) Permata RM111.1M - elitist to promote elitists. Menabur garam di laut. Whose money if not taxpayers?

3) 24M diamond ring - no need to brag to the Kazakhs. If no intention to buy then was it hoping to get sale's commission?

4) Beg Berkin - she can afford such luxuries but no need to show off to the rakyat.

4) Deepak's carpet - business should be out of her agenda. Is it part of the RM65M official residence renovation?

What is she and Najib trying to prove? Is Najib's stable developing influence and support of Permatas later on for their son's political ascend, thus their legacy?


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ironi rintihan Perdana Menteri: AKJ 1.4.13

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Najib's talk does not befit what a PM should say. It gives the impression that peace and security is half dead in this country. It goes without saying that the position as PM or any head of state for that matter (security) threat comes with the job. His talk becomes cheap out of sloganeering habit and tweeting (eg. tweeted from Mekah, "I remember you all"). Having visited Vatican earlier (than Mekah) he should know that a Pope was shot by Sirhan Sirhan (?). Be man enough and don't spread the paranoia.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Sino-nisation of Jauhar: Thirteen Million Plus, Mar 16

Slumberjackass and Najib see Iskandar as the cash cow for they only see Chinese Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, and mainland Chinese apart from others have the money and technology to invest. Both of them talk in terms of billions. The money supposedly coming in blinded them into opening the floodgate of sino-nisation that will overwhelm the Malays to mere tidbit pickers and losers.
Compared to those Chinese we are but peddlers that can easily be bulldozed if not bought. These two jokers don’t think strategically of the effect of such a fast pace development. Economic development for JB yes but not at the brutal displacement of the Malays. This is how Najib thinks towards fast high income economy.
That is why the scenic bridge is a strategic plan to develop JB within our means and pace so that we win both the war and ultimately the battle. Najib can’t see beyond his nose-bridge and will put Malaysia in dire straits (of Johore). What we need to do with such quick-fix-stop-gap leader?

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Tahrir Square in peaceful times circa 50 years ago (B). But the ferment for revolution has already begun perhaps much earlier.
Mubarak's rule made the ferment worst and finally exploded bloodily. He has to pay for it and the whole of Egypt is still suffering. Will the sphinx cry?

Movies shown were ala western - pistoleros, cigar smoking, bikini clad ... The west has seeded conflicts within society and inner souls of Egyptians.

Islam was sacred still.

The Egypt of Gamal Nasser humiliated in wars with Israel and the west. Egypt, the symbol and pysch of Arab power was traumatically trounced.

Anwar Sadat replaced Gamal as President. He signed the Camp David lop-sided agreement. Egypt was again humiliated by Israel and the West . He was doomed to be assassinated.

Agriculture and food production was not in keeping with modern technologies.

Dam the Nile - the Russians helped funding and building the Aswan Dam. However, the fellahins still use the Archimedes screw technique to bring up water to irrigate farms. The technique has been in use for thousands of years.

Monday, June 17, 2013


The Ottoman Turks proved themselves as brave empire builders. Their empire stretched into the Balkans, Middle East, parts of Russia, Hungary, Persia, and North Africa.

Osman 1 (1258-c.1326) laid the foundation of the dynasty by conquering parts of Anatolia of the Byzantine empire with its capital at Constantinople.
In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Ottomans.

Their sultans, apart from their conquests were also noted for their harems at Tokapi Palace.

 Women of Istanbul (L)

What of the sexual life of the Ottomans?

Dancing girls are called chengi whereas women that seek pleasure as odeliks.

 At the slave market.                 
Janissaries apprehended a couple. They would receive harsh punishment.

Dancing boys were known as koceks (L, below). Most if not all of them were gays.
 A kocek dancing for a customer (R).        

A gay patron' poetry meant for his lover (L).