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Sunday, January 31, 2016


The old Silk Road from Europe to Xian  passed through Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the land of the Uyghurs. Within a span of more than six decades (1941-2007), due to purposeful Chinese policy, there have been exodus of Hans into Xinjiang as such they make up about 50% of the population by now from 4% (1941).

Naturally, the Uygurs are threatened of their autonomy, businesses, culture, and resources that need to be shared. And China curtails all religions and this affect Islamic adherence of the Uygurs.

Quite recently, the Ambassador of China got down on the streets of Kuala Lumpur telling to treat the everybody equally meaning that of the Chinese here. Is he aware of the Hans 'invasion' of the Uygurs?

One dot equals 5000 persons (2007 data), 'other' includes Hui, Kygyz, and additional ethnic groups representing 8% of Xinjiang's population.

Distinctly Uygur, the Sunday bazaar in Layka teems with shoppers in colorful scarves and embroidered caps. Here livestock sales, the hawking of crafts, and matchmaking schemes unfold as in generations ...

Unbowed by the sandstorms, pilgrims pray at the graves of Islamic saints during the Imam Asim festival near Hotan. Chinese authorities restrict activities but so far have tolerated rural religous gatherings.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


BUMNO monkeys on the payroll.

The Head Monkey, always on monkey tricks. Half human, the mother of all liars.

More BUMNO monkeys.

Quo vadis Malaysia?


Samarinda is an exotic name for a large town in the eastern part of Kalimantan Borneo, Indonesia. It evokes a sense de va ju, a dreamland-like place to me. 

Many an adventurer had explored that part of Borneo, along the Mahakam River of which Samarinda lies close to its mouth. 

I should make it a point to visit Samarinda during my five year stay in Sarawak. Alas. I only managed to visit Pontianak, south Kalimantan twice.

Friday, January 22, 2016


(Re: OutSyed The Box)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Najib Leaves PWTC Under Pressure - Postpones Decision. 260 Summoned Only 54 Turned Up !! Malu !!


"At PWTC..Najib meeting the penyamuns from Kedah about Mukhriz's post.  Turned out he couldn't decide, needs time to think.  And thats it.  Mukhriz's supporters gathered in PWTC.  Back in Kedah and all over fb and wasap, ppl expressing support for Mukhriz.  I guess Najib didnt expect such reaction.. Thats why he needs time to think. They invited 260 people including ADUNs..only 54 turned up. Many dare not turn up after seeing the support for Mukhriz. Dato Maznah claimed to have been tricked in the first place, nobody believes her. Looks like his diversion strategy only created another problem."

My comments :  Not only is this guy dumb but he certainly has the dumbest advisors. That is what you get when you prefer loyalty above intelligence.

Firing the AG - that was a very wrong move. Very bad advice.
Arresting Khairuddin - another very wrong move. More bad advice.
Arresting, charging, transferring, harrassing the MACC officers, the Policemen - all wrong moves. Really bad advice.

It only prolongs the agony. It only means that you have to climb higher up the building to hide from the people. Finally you will reach the roof.   After that..oh well.

Now this Mukhriz thing is backfiring. 

Even calling for these 260 Kedah people to come to the PWTC was really stupid advice. It means Najib is taking ownership over the issue - in KL.

If you want to make it look like a Kedah issue and nothing to do with you, then you should not take ownership.  You should not have called for this meeting.

Plus you will not suffer the embarrassment of only 54 people turning up. Plus you had to leave the building in a hurry without resolving anything.


Thursday, January 21, 2016


(Re: Fudzail)

Payment to the Prime Minister!
There is an even more serious angle to this explosive set of discoveries.  Sarawak Report has learnt that the on-going 1MDB investigation into Najib Razak’s AmPrivate Bank accounts in KL has also established that enormous payments came in from the very same source a few months earlier.
In 2011 Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited paid a total of US$170 million into the same private account belonging to Najib Razak which later received US$680 million in 2013, as reported by Sarawak Report, along with the Wall Street Journal.
Sarawak Report has already reported there had been earlier payments, which had brought the final sum in the account to well over a billion dollars.  After the election over US$600 million was in fact sent exported back into personal accounts belonging to the Prime Minister in Singapore (now frozen) and the AmBank account closed.
Party mode - Al Qubaisi has poured hundreds of millions into buying up nightclubs in Vegas
Party mode – Al Qubaisi has poured hundreds of millions into buying up nightclubs in Vegas
We are now able to disclose that the first of those series of payments, totalling US$170 million came from Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited (BVI) and it was supported by the very same identical letter of guarantee provided by the bogus sheikh ‘Saud Abdulaziz Majid al-Saud’, which also backed the later US$680 million ‘donation’ in 2013.
As we have detailed, Saud Abdulaziz Majid al-Saud has turned out not to exist and the series of identical letters provide no details of his address or credentials.
No wonder the task force investigations into 1MDB ended up querying these enormous payments as part of that remit into Malaysia’s missing development funds.
The official investigators had clearly concluded (before they were rudely shut down, arrested, sacked and in one case murdered) that these transfers into Najib’s accounts were directly linked to the disappearances of vast sums of money from the company’s accounts.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


(Re: Fudzail)\

Last year we already reported that Najib and his wife splashed huge sums of money during August 2014 on credit cards for their European holiday.  We are now able to furnish further details of the expenditure, information which we are reliably informed is included in the MACC dossier, which Apandi has decided to sidestep.
The two cards involved were a Visa card * no: 4585 8180 0000 5496, on which RM449,000 was spent and a Master Card * [see base note] no: 5289 4380 0003 8961, on which RM2.8 million was spent in the course of the month of August in 2014.
Items funded included hotels, meals, jewellery purchases and other personal luxury expenditures in the South of Europe, including Italy and Monaco.
Rosmah - the mystery over who funds her big jewellery is starting to unravel as more and more public money has shown up in Najib's spending patterns.
Rosmah – the mystery over who funds her big jewellery is starting to unravel as more and more public money has shown up in Najib’s spending patterns.
The devastating detail, which makes this expenditure so toxic for a Prime Minister who has spent the last year trying to explain the source of his ostentatious wealth, is that both cards were in name of the company SRC International, which began as a subsidiary of 1MDB before it was taken over by the Finance Ministry directly (Najib is also Finance Minister).


Grain production of four leading grain-producing countries, 1986.

USA                      314 million tons
China                     300   "
Soviet Union         202   "
India                      137   "

Farmscapes, USA


Sunday, January 17, 2016


Prehistoric men survived as hunter-gatherers. They were nomadic. Even today there are societies partly leading nomadic life. 

Civilisation began when man learned to domesticate animals and cultivate plants. Gradually in the course of thousands of years life became less nomadic and move towards sedentary pattern.

Thus, during the early times hunting is an obsession based on primal instinct to obtain food. Primitive weapons such as spears and later bows and arrows were fashioned for hunting. 

Ancient etching of a deer hunting scene.

Borneo, Kenyah hunter carrying a wild boar shot using blowpipe.

Red Indian hunting bisons on horseback.

Catching fish in a communal way.

Camouflage as a bird to stalk games.

Tiger hunt on elephants as a sport, Nepal.

Scene at the final moments of a hunting session during Mughal times. Several of the wild and game animals that survived during the hunting drive are now fully encircled by officials of the emperor as the circle got tighter and tighter.  

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Las Vegas party - backdoor sponsorship by 1MDB via Jho Low and patron Najib.

P Diddy joins the Vegas party

P Diddy joins the Vegas party along with various entertainers….

Not so Halal

It is worth noting that these humongously extravagant events have always involved extensive debauchery at the expense of Malaysian taxpayers, who are being increasingly lectured and harangued about ‘halal’ values by the government of Jho Low’s patron Najib Razak.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


The PLUS north-south highway is patterned after the U.S. highway but inept in more ways:

1) The job is never done, the road is always under repair at one or more section(s). Does this means that the initial work substandard?;
2) In the US there are few tolls unlike PLUS;
3) The toll rates keep on increasing partly because of the signed contract and partly due to inefficiency and repair works. Pass the buck to the motorists!;
4) In  several cases the road signage are inconsistent, inaccurate, or too many;
5) Too many guard rails along the shoulder when they are not actually necessary. Overdoing it may be a source of danger and cause more harm than good;
6) Landscaping a roadway is not like that of a garden e.g. the plants should be hardy and of less maintenance. To reduce further costs topiary should be minimised;
7) Is it important to mark every 100m distance? The more posts placed along the shoulder or divider railings the more chance they become flying missiles during accidents.
8) All in all the safety margins of the PLUS highway are quite narrow as such that when accidents occur they are often fatal. In the U.S., the divider is wide and grassy with little or no metal railings;
9) PLUS wants to go electronic toll payment all the way. Just because the technology is there they think of saving a meagre sum and get rid of some low level employment of toll counters. It is better to keep at least one manual toll should at each exit point for convenience and service to motorists when problems of any nature arise. 

When people are 'giving' money to PLUS yet they want to make it hassle!
PLUS should learn from the Romans. More than 2000 years ago they showed us how to build roads, the Appian Way or Via Appia.

A section of the Appian Way, famous Roman military road which is still usable after 2000 years.

Sheep grazing across an ancient road on the outskirt of Rome. This road was an elaborate network of others like it, once linked the capital with the rest of the empire.

Via Appia, first of the great Roman roads, was begun in 312 B.C. It reached southwards 360 miles from Rome to Brundisium.

p.s. My experience driving on U.S roads was almost 10 years.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Ahmad Sarji, the former KSN has been helming ASB for a very long time since its inception in 1990 i.e. for 25 years. What accomplishments he made have been done. That should be acknowledged and the depositors thankful.

The dividends for ASB has been on a steady declining trend. It was highest when it began in 1990 (8.00% dividend + 6.00 bonus) and lowest in 2015 (7.25%+0.50) showing a huge difference in bonus. This is not to blame Ahmad Sarji fully on the downtrend because there are many factors come to play that affect unit trust performance.

Ahmad Sarji comes from an established family of Batang Padang, Perak. His father was an accomplished and respected administrator during the British times. 

During his University Malaya education Ahmad Sarji had a farsighted supervisor who advised him to write on Hang Tuah, the legendary Malay warrior for his Bachelor of Arts thesis. Many years later (on/after retirement?) he expanded the manuscript into a book entitled Hang Tuah which was published. Below is one of the many drawings in the book showing Hang Jebat ran amok.

It was related to me by a former history teacher that Ahmad Sarji was at one time a District Officer of Tampin, Negeri Sembilan. He boasted to the former that his wrist watch was $2000. Today, he could be using a much more expensive watch comparable if not more than Zahid's if he wants to. 

What I am trying to say that Ahmad Sarji has earned his keeps in heeps beyond a former civil service man. He should be on second retirement (from  ASB) so to speak. He has been taking care of his health like going to Ampang Hospital a couple of months ago.

 I am sure he is a man of wisdom not to work till drop dead. There are younger people he has trained who can over leading ASB. No one is indispensable including Najib.