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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hamid Albar is one of those recyled politicians that Najib keeps in his stable of underdogs. He is the SPADman. He is stuck with 1SYNDROME just like Najib of 1ALL that actually promote herd mentality, an antithesis of innovativeness. Like Najib, Hamid also carry his father's image as the scion of a statesman.

In his latest antic Hamid is branding towards 1taxi, the Proton Exora 1.6L as the mother of all taxis in Malaysia. The Exora is a fine utility vehicle. However, why not offer several models of Proton that include a saloon type to serve different transportation needs to suit the circumstances of the taxi owners and drivers?

Consider these situations:

1. The taxi owners might have their own cars eg. Mercedes; to buy a new Exora will add cost to their operation. Pass the buck to the customers!
2. Exoras do not have separate booths - valuables, money, documents etc. are safer if kept locked in the booths.
3. Without a separate booth, the Exora is not good to ferry durians which the taximen have to do sometimes!
4. Many rural roads are in poor conditions, driving a new Exora taxi is foolhardy.

The expected effect of standardising all taxis to 1Exora is the price hike that customers have to bear.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Bush and Blair are war criminals for the burning and killings in Iraq. They should face the Criminal Court of Justice. These two criminals are pretending to do good, Bush in South Africa and Blair in the Middle East. They have to be on the move for the shadow of death and revenge are hot on their trails.

Look, how the Great Satan enjoyed the burning of Iraq!

This Dolah, bapak pretender signed the 'Oil for Food' for the war-torn Iraqis.
He was the longest foreign minister but what were his achievements? He maintains that ASEAN is close to his heart!
Spiraling cost of living due to his petrol-diesel price hike thrice in a year.
His private jet is still parked with Sime Darby?

Refer Chedet, July 12th:

5. The first agreement lapsed in 2011 and we did not renegotiate at all. The next agreement will lapse in 2060. So we will be getting 3 cents per 1000 gallons of raw water when the cost of living has probably gone up many-many times.

8. Today the Singapore Dollar is 2 ½ times the value of the Malaysian Ringgit. At the time of the agreement it was one to one. Are we receiving payment in Singapore Dollar or Malaysian Ringgit? Or is this a secret also?

13. We produce the Proton in Malaysia with 90% local contents. Naturally our costs are higher and cannot compete with non-ASEAN cars assembled in ASEAN countries. While these cars flood the Malaysian market, hardly any Proton is seen in ASEAN countries.

This al jib gor pretender used to flash his 1finger childishly and repugnantly but now rebranded to 5fingers!
 As former defence minister, najib has to answer for the F/A-18 purchase.
What about Pulau Batu Putih, Woodlands railway land and other agreements?

Refer Chedet, July 12th:

10. Then there is the purchase of the F/A-18 fighter aircraft. Actually the Government wanted the MIG-29. Somehow part of the fund was used to purchase the F/A-18. I suppose the people who made this decision know why they must have the F/A-18.

11. Unfortunately the agreement to purchase did not include the source code. Without the source code the F/A-18 can only fly on missions approved by the United States. Until then these very expensive fighter planes can only be used for show at LIMA. Very expensive toys.

16. We lost Pulau Batu Puteh but we cannot build the bridge or remove the causeway, or settle the provident fund issue. But we have given up our railway land worth billions to Singapore for practically nothing. And now we must ask Singapore’s permission to build our high speed train.

17. Look at all the agreements we have entered into and you will find practically none of them favours us.

Out of habit of his 11x3 political years of shadow play and sloganeering, do not hope najib will change. To save his own skin he is ready to let everybody else drown with him.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


The latest technology on WMD is the drone, remote-controlled, pilotless at high altitude, armed with missiles.  Israel and US are the mischief makers on the face on the earth using drones, killer machines to kill people in Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and elsewhere.

Are we really defenseless against drones? It seems Iran has the technology to tame and land a drone. Are drones droning from Riyadh's (refer past posting) US air-base?

The bee has a drone, a male soldier that guards the nest and hence the queen. Honey collecting is made difficult by drones with their stings. To tame a drone is to show the queen!

The harmless drone but musical in fact is Scottish. There are three drones which are actually pipes on a bagpipe that sound fixed continuous tones.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Presiden pertama Indonesia, Soekarno atau lebih dikenali dengan Bung Karno adalah pemimpin enigma. Pada akhir pemerintahannya beliau terjebak kekancah ideologi komunisma  sebagai usaha menentang neo-kolonialisma-imperialisma. Penubuhan Malaysia dianggapnya usaha imperialisma barat maka tercetuslah konfrantasi bersepandukan "Ganyang Malaysia" (lihat posting terdahulu).

Pembawaan Islam pada peringkat awalan pemerintahannya nyata berkobar2 (lihat posting terdahulu). Bung Karno  tegas mengharamkan freemason yang bertentangan dengan agama Islam serta  membawa unsur imperialisma.

Pengasas freemason (kiri).


Banyak tahun dulu booklet berkenaan freemason telah diterbitkan diMalaysia menyenaraikan ahli2 freemason dan lain2 maklumat.

Monday, July 15, 2013


 'Go to Timbuktu' or 'We send you to Timbuktu' inferring that it is a godforsaken place that no one would want to go, where jin bertendang. The fact isTimbuktu had a rich historical past.

Timbuktu used to be a desert nexus founded by Tuareg herders along the route of caravanserai  for West Africa. It grew into a rich trading centre by the 15th century which was about the same period as the Melaka sultanate.

It was the seat of the Mali Empire that reached its expansive heights around 1350. Musa was the most famous and richest king. Gold and salt mines were the main resources. On its decline it was taken over by the Songhai Empire which reached its zenith circa 1520.

Circa 1828, French explorer found Timbuktu in a dilapidated  conditions and hence the situation thus ripe to annex Mali later in 1894. In 1960 Mali gained independence from France. The French are back to neo-recolonise Mali under the pretext to put down Tuareg rebels.


600 - desert caravans link Mediterranean with African interior
800 - Arab merchants bring Islam to North Africa
1100 - Timbuktu founded by Tuareg herders
1324 - Emperor Musa travels to Mekah
1500 - Scholarship and trade flourish under Songhai Empire
1591- Moroccans invade and deport scholars
1612 - series of local rulers until French arrive 1894
1960 - Mali gains independence from France

Above - a rare 17th-century Tuareg manuscript contains an illustration of the Prophet's sandals. Over the years many antiquities have been sold in the black market and in and out of Mali.

View of dwellings and village life around Timbuktu (above).

Above - With quills cut from desert shrubs, a Tuareg (in white robe) teaches calligraphy on the roof of his studio. The city once supported a flourishing industry of scribes who copied texts brought by traders and soldiers.

Below - a Tuareg boy learning the Quran scribed on a wooden palette.

By the will of Allah, may the Tuaregs will drive out the crusading infidels for good.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Pertandingan musabaqah Al-Quran di perkenalkan oleh PM Tunku Abdul Rahman bermula pada tahun 1960 untuk peringkat kebangsaan sementara antarabangsa tahun berikutnya.

Musbaqah tahun 2013 diadakan di Kota Bahru dan selesai sebelum Ramadhan tempuh hari. Walaupun tidak mengikutnya dengan penuh, sempat saya mendengar bacaan johan qari antarabangsa dari Indonesia. Kagum mendengar bacaannya. Peserta (qariah) Indonesia yang pertama memenangi johan antarabangsa ialah H. Nursiah Ismail pada tahun 1975.

Pada peringkat awalan (1961-1975), Malaysia monopoli johan anatarabangsa.

Johan peringkat kebangsaan yang dimulakan pada tahun 1960.

Komiti induk musabaqah 1977 bergambar bersama PM Tun Hussein Onn.

Agong (depan) meresmikan musabaqah 1977, dituruti oleh Hussein Onn (kiri), Syed Nasir (kanan).

Agong menemui peserta2 musabaqah.

Peserta2 antarabangsa berbaris pada malam peresmian musabaqah.

                                              "SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMADHAN"

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Berapa ramaikah perajurit terbunuh di Lahad Datu tempoh hari? Najib tidak ingat. Manakan tidak kerana sibuk berselogan dan DIGP (awalan) menangani kes berat keselamatan negara! Siapa yang disangka khianat merancang dan membiayai huru-hara tersebut?

(L) Lupakah adigan seksnya? (R) Al-Jefri, penulis buku '50 Dalil Mengapa B.A.B.I...' dan Umi Hafilda menulis surat kpd PM berkenaan salak laku seks B.A.B.I., masing2 sanggup menghadapi risiko maut demi kebenaran dan mempertahankan negara. Ramaikah boleh berkorban sebegitu?

(L) Lupakah Omeganya?   (R) Dari Permatang akan balik ke Permatang.

Bertahun2 berpolitik, banyak tahu rahsia masing2. Dolah, bapak pretender.

Anugerah Tuhan.

Najib, Dolah, and B.A.B.I. are great pretenders, and bipolars?


In the fifties, Nusantara Tanah Melayu and Indonesia used to have closer ties with Pakistan especially on Islamic matters. We used to treat them like a big brother of Islam. It is still a big brother to us for it is the only Muslim nation that is equiped with a nuclear arsenal. However, more than before, a new wave of their people come here to do business, trade and find work.

Karim Abd Ghani (left, sitting), implicated in the Natrah rioting was released by the Singapore government and soon after left with friends to attend a Muslim convention at Karachi.

(Sitting, left to right. Abd Karim Ghani, - Ali Al-Attas, Maulana Abd Kudus Hashim, Darus Sharif)

Mohamad Nasir, former Prime Minister of Indonesia had close link with Pakistan.

I had a chance to spent a weeklong citrus conference at Faisalabad, central Pakistan during cool winter of December of 1991. Camels were seen in town pulling loads on carts - alien to me. The host's hospitality was superb, special thanks to Dr. Ikrar Khan of the Department of Horticulture, University of Faisalabad. How could I repay them of the experience, knowledge, lodging, good food and camaraderie? May Allah bless Pakistan peace.

 "Go to Gilgit, the girls are fair and beautiful", one professor urged me!

In 2010 on the way back from Umrah we stopped at Karachi for several days. We were recuperating from flu and cough still we enjoyed the food and hotel stay. The bazaar merchants were calling "Murah, kain baju kurung".  The leather goods are cheap. I saw a man in civilian clothes touting a Thomson submachine gun strolling along the shops. Now, Karachi and in fact the whole of Pakistan is not safe for tourists.

The taxi driver we employed complained, "I am Pashtun. My brother gone to Sabah has not contacted us for 10 years". He did not ask to me to look for the lost brother knowing well that life in Sabah would be better than at home.