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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Lawrence was the leader of the Arab revolt against the Ottomans, thus partly responsible for dismantling the Ottoman Empire, hence, the Caliphate.

T.E. Lawrence (mounted near the banner), Bedouin raiders form for battle during the Arab revolt of World War I.

T.E. Lawrence (left) with Lowell Thomas near Aqaba in Palestine in the autumn of 1917.

Lawrence house in England. He was so much Arabized that he was a misfit in English society.

Purportedly, Lawrence died from a motorcycle accident he was riding.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Gambar eksekutif kanan Fucking Global Vultures (FGV) group hisap curut. 

Gambar penghisap cerut yang menjadi viral

Dalam masa dua hari harga sahamnya jatuh hampir enam peratus kepada RM1.53.

Ini adalah antara tahap paling rendah dideritai FGV sejak disenaraikan di Bursa Malaysia pada 28 Jun, 2012.

Pada kadar harga RM1.53 itu, nilai saham FGV telah merudum tiga kali ganda daripada harga tawaran awam permulaan (IPO) RM4.55 pada tahun 2012.

Harga saham GFV menrudum
Daripada keuntungan sebanyak RM980 juta pada tahun 2013, pencapaiannya merosot kepada RM306 juta (2014), RM117 juta (2015) dan rugi RM98 juta sehingga suku ketiga tahun ini.

Margin keuntungan merosot daripada 7.8% pada tahun 2013 kepada 1.9% (2014), 0.7% (2015) dan -0.8% sehingga suku ketiga tahun ini.

Dividen yang memuncak pada kadar 16 sen sesaham pada tahun 2013 merudum kepada hanya 4 sen tahun lalu. 

FGV adalah syarikat GLC kedua yang diilhamkan oleh Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Kewangan, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, yang dalam krisis. Yang pertama ialah 1MDB.

(sedutan dari The Scribe)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Onn Jaafar was a founder member of UMNO. He was very principled man. If my facts are correct, he disagreed with the formation of a tripartite Alliance (Perikatan) party  (UMNO, MCA, and MIC) instead wanted UMNO to stand by itself. 

He kicked off UMNO and became the first person to resign from UMNO. He formed Parti Negara in 1954 but the party lost to Perikatan in the 1957 national election.

Onn Jaafar was (almost) 60 years ahead of time of what to become of UMNO. Thus, he has cleared his name from the shit. 

Datuk Panglima Bukit Gantang, vice-president of UMNO and Menteri Besar of Perak with Onn during a tour of Perak, 1951.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Najib's stupidity is that he underestimated the power of the internet. News spread within seconds  and damage control becomes difficult. During snail mail age, he could hide misdeeds and the skeletons in the closet. Judging by his masterly daring do to raid billions of the nation's coffer, he must have been bilking this country  during 40 years in politics. 

Now the game is up. The billions he swindled into his bank account is general knowledge for all and sundry, proven to last sen by DOJ. He has become an international pariah. The country is in shame especially when we are deemed paralysed to bring him to justice. Do we owe a favour from The U.S?

The ensuing mess he has done to the country and rakyat are very damaging both in the short and long term. Still in denial mode, he and many UMNO goons have tied themselves tight at the neck by their own rope. 

As things are getting desperate for survival, Najib's measures are becoming draconian and dictatorial. The ship is sinking and he will be first to jump ship.

To clear all the mess Najib created, (a blessing in disguise) the rakyat must take the opportunity to hang all them goons high at one go. This presents   an opportune moment and a way out for the country to save its honour and start afresh on a strong footing.


The masses want Najib to get lost.

Malaysians knew about this since last year except for the few clowns who thought otherwise
Can Najib answer this without invoking God’s name or some non-existent Arab Prince?

Division Chief on payroll (makan dedak) 
An UMNO Division Chief, Zaharin Mod Yasin from Bandar Tun Razak district in KL, has openly acknowledged on Facebook how Najib personally handed him so many fat cheques that he can’t remember how many he received or presumably how much they added up to!
Posting on his publicly accessible page just a few days ago on December 14th, Zaharain even included photographs of two of these cheques.
Both are signed with the by now very familiar signature of the Prime Minister and are for the princely sum of RM200,000 (cUS$70,000). 

(extracted from various sources)

Friday, December 16, 2016


While Mahathir was on overdrive to run the country, there were pretenders, revellers, dreamers, plotters, shadow players, backstabbing, and jostling for influence/voters overtly and covertly. 

Mahathir, being tolerant of fools gave them plenty of rope to hang themselves eventually. How they plotted against each other and against Mahathir.

What you make of them? You be the judge. 

The country and rakyat are at their worst situation being swindled by Najib by the billions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The minting of coins began with the Umayyad caliphs. At first, as we have seen, they were based on Persian or Byzantine models, and these often, bear figural designs that are alien to Islamic ways of thought. Later coins tend to have inscriptions only; but that soon became an art form in itself.

From Khurasan, a silver dirham (right) of the Umayyid governor 'Abdullah ibn Khazim, a close copy of a Sasanid coin.



Two coins from later Islamic Spain. Left: a golden dinar of 'And al-Mu'min (524-58/1130-63), first of the Alomobad 'caliphs'. The Almobads were a Berber people who took over Morocco in the early VI/12th century. In 550/1145 'And al-Mu'min established a kingdom in Spain with its capital at Seville. Right: a silver dirham from the last days of the Kingdom of Granada, shortly before 898/1492. The rest of Spain had fallen to the Reconquista two centuries before. Only a combination of diplomacy and luck allowed Granada to survive for so long.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


 There is an old adage "To live by the sword will die by the sword". 

Cash kills if too much of it especially begotten illegally like the billions by the Cash King. He has to enjoy crazily much of it fast because he cannot outlive that mountainous amount of cash. The laws of nature and society will catch with him, seeing no way out mental derangement or even death is the final edict.

(extracted from Fudzail)
 Whom Did The PM Pay?
         10 December 2016  
Astonishingly, Malaysia has a sitting Prime Minister who has now been forced to admit that he received tens of millions of ringgit into his private accounts out of the KWAP civil service pension fund.

It is known that he sacked the previous Attorney General, who had drafted charges over this theft and then appointed the new one, who immediately ‘cleared’ him, despite open objections by the MACC.
Excuse was PM didn’t know!

Having first denied Najib had taken the money, AG Apandi later revised his position and gave the explanation that the Prime Minister had not realised where the money had come from.

Najib had told him that he’d thought the money had come from the generous anonymous ‘donation’ from ‘somewhere in the Middle East’, which the Prime Minister claims he received (the FBI say they have traced every cent of that money back to the development fund 1MDB).

Nevertheless, Najib has not been required to pay the money back to KWAP, which was originally ‘borrowed’ by the 1MDB subsidiary SRC International. The Prime Minister has explained that he only spent it on CSR (corporate and social responsibility) matters on behalf of 1MDB.

Yet various payments already identified were in fact made to builders, jewellers, luxury goods providers and anti-aging specialists.

Remaining payments must be made public
Since the money received by the Prime Minister has now been confirmed as public money, paid in by civil servants to sustain their pensions, there can be no longer any excuse not to account for each and every one of these ‘corporate and social responsibility’ expenditures, most of which remain hidden.

A document waved by Apandi at his press conference in which he cleared the Prime Minister showed that 17 persons had received cash from these accounts.  Unless we hear who these persons were, how much they received and for what purpose, people are absolutely entitled to assume they were bribes (using their own stolen savings).

17 ‘recipients’ (people paid), according to Apandi’s own document
RM10 million paid February 10th 2015
Likewise, consider the highly coincidental and (until a proper explanation is given) highly suspicious receipt of RM10 million placed into Najib’s account on the significant date of 10th February 2015.

This payment was amongst the first to be identified by both Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal when they exploded the scandal of the PM’s accounts in March.

How the money flowed, according to MACC investigations
February 10th 2015 was none other than the historic day that five Federal Court judges opted to imprison the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on charges of sodomy – charges of which he had been originally acquitted after a lengthy trial.

It is now public knowledge that these accusations against Anwar had first seen the light of day when they were discussed by none other than Najib himself and the alleged victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, just days before that young man made his police report.

As a temporary worker for Anwar, the former BN supporting student activist had come to Najib’s house to discuss the allegations, together with the prosecutor Shafee Abdullah, as Najib has now finally admitted (after first lying that the conversation had not taken place).

After that initial meeting, sources have told Sarawak Report that Najib’s wife Rosmah called round friends and told them “we have got him!”, meaning Anwar.

Najib’s key legal consultant, Shafee Abdullah. He was officially paid peanuts to conduct the trial…. so did any extra money find its way from the millions paid to Najib through SRC? Only publication of these payments can lay to rest the rumours.

However, after a lengthy trial Anwar had in fact been acquitted in the High Court, where the original judge dismissed the case owing to lack of evidence.

It was only after the prosecution astonishingly appealed that acquittal (violating the principle of double-jeopardy) that a ‘guilty’ verdict was finally achieved.

The Federal Court upheld that guilty verdict on February 10th, after Shafee was brought in as a special private prosecutor – again in violation of normal proper procedure. Shafee (who acts as Najib’s lawyer in every delicate situation) had argued that the proposed prison sentence be increased from 5 years to 20, which was in the end rejected.

The five judges are said to have walked into the court that day with two alternative judgements prepared: one finding the opposition leader guilty and the other not guilty.

It is for such reasons that Najib must explain and prove exactly what the RM10 million he received into his account that day was spent on; because the whole world is otherwise entitled to make a simple division and put two and two together.

For the sake of the honour of his appeal court judges, Najib must account for that cash and dispel the growing rumour and suspicion engendered by the simple sum and coincidental date.

Another RM32 m ‘CSR’ payments hit Najib’s accounts at the end of December 2014…. what were they spent on?

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Najib's stupidity and all the mess he has done to the country and rakyat in so many ways are very damaging indeed in the short and long term. He and many UMNO goons have tied themselves tight by the neck. Provided the rakyat can hang all of them high at one go, then it is a way out for the country to save itself and start afresh on a new strong footing.


Najib's Rohingya Card

What can we make of Najib’s presence and participation in the PAS organised demonstration against the Myanmar government’s treatment of the Rohingyas? We heard him roar: do these people think I will sleep? I will defend them not only because they are fellow Muslims but are also human beings. Wow, I said. Najib is a good Muslim, good democrat and a good humanitarian. He is the embodiment of his wasathiyah ideology. 

The Muslim is the standard of measure: he upholds justice, he is fair, sets a good example, he is balanced, never extreme and others look up to to him for adjudication because the good Muslim knows he is judged by his God and Prophet.
He is none of that. At home he pummels the opposition; imprisons a lady, arrests opposition leaders. He masterminded the embezzlement of billions through 1MDB. He lies to the people. Every spending his government does is done at inflated costs. The economy has bombed, capital flight is increasing, the value of the Ringgit has plunged, our reserves are used up. The country is in a mess- Najib is the architect who divides up the nation along ethnic lines. He has already said it- the next election will be a Malay versus Chinese election. 

Najib can never be an example of a good Muslim on the terms of the wasathiyah concept. He is extravagant which runs counter to the proposed example of being thrifty and careful with spending. He advises others to be careful with money, he can’t even control the shopaholic wrecking machine.  
Meanwhile, when he was boasting about his empathy for the Rohignyas, hopefully his drool did not rain on anyone near at that time.

Up to that point I think Malays picture the rohingyas as people who go around selling gemstones, begging at mosque entrances or just stop you on the road, knocking at your car windows asking for money. They are human beings after all huh?

Rather than play along with Hadi, Najib Najib could have given the Rohingyas refugee status. They couldn’t care less to be present at the gathering as told . They were interested in immediate relief. The beggars must have there too expecting some money to be handed out. 

Najib did not waste the opportunity to make an impression on Hj Hadi. After all they spent some tete-a-tetes  secretly. Its time to openly show everyone in Malaysia, how deep they are. It is good for the Malay/Muslim temperament. It is the wet dream of many Malays. He was seen, almost appearing as if calculated to be photographed by strategically positioned cameramen with smart phones and cameras, touching the arm of Haji Hadi. It seemed a romantic picture. 

Haji Hadi was later feted like a royalty, making him to appear as the most important person in the PM’s life( after Rosmah of course)

But Najib’s action was questionable. He is PM of this country. This was clearly conduct unbecoming. A PM who is leader of the country participating in a demonstration against a country, a sovereign nation, with which we have diplomatic relations. The question immediately asked, if he is the chief executive of this country, why can’t he do something through the diplomatic channels? Like calling up the ambassador to register Malaysia’s very principled remonstrations about what is happening to the Rohingyas. He can ask our foreign minister to call up the Myanmar ambassador. Or he can ask our ambassador in Yangon to deliver an official Malaysian point of interest or whatever they called it in diplomaticspeake

Or he can back up his good Muslim, good democrat and good humanitarian self image with more testicular resolve and cut off diplomatic relations with Myanmar. 

He does not do all those options available to the PM of a country. Instead he chose to go along with a protest organised by an opposition party. He is cultivating PAS.Indonesian President Jokowi appears smarter and wiser when he chose to discuss the Rohingya issue with Kofi Anan who is appointed to deal with the Rohingya issue by the UN. 

The answers are obvious. First, this will be an issue that can arrest the utter dismay and abhorrence of the Malays on his person. He hasn’t come clean with the corruption issue he is facing. 1MDB remains unanswered which only serves to fuel intense revulsion towards the PM.

I hope not a few people missed reading what the Myanmar Times wrote in immediate response to Najib’s pompous religiosity. The Myanmar Times responded with a very had hitting editorial describing the agony Malaysians must be experiencing now as living under the tawdry and sinking regime of PM Najib razak .  it must be like experiencing death by treacle. 

The Rohingya assembly which Najib and Hadi came together was described as Najib’s and UMNO’s and PAS action as drowning themselves in a gluey black sea of venality not seen since the days of Marcos.

Najib was doing the classic diversionary tactic to hide the mounting litany of shame. Najib thinks by showing he is someone who is willing to stand up against tyranny, his other worldly sins are forgiven. Maybe Hadi can offer payers to God to forgive Najib. For Najib is a good Muslim, demonstrating support and empathy to fellow Muslims. 

Najib is supported by a media that is quickly being ignored because it is fighting against facts with conjectures and makeup stories. 
The wife of the Good Muslim is not spared either. Rosmah is described as a shopaholic wrecking ball.

What is Najib to do? Najib’s survival strategy is to mount up Malay chauvinism and marginalise other Malaysians. He finds a convenient instrument in Islam. That is why is is cultivating PAS. As to sidelining non Malay citizens, he has already done that by instructing the Elections Commission to resettle voters along racial lines. 

Like all dictators, his solution to all his problems is to amass more power and to apply draconian laws on the opposition. The archaic Sedition Act which he had earlier promised to remove is now enforced more vigorously. Which only goes to show that this PM is running scared. Thus he is grotesquely hypocritical, mouthing what the audience wants to hear, but violates every democratic principles to stay in power.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Najib will be charged

The next stage is then proceeded with at leisure and thoroughly, as the criminal indictments are carefully prepared. Senior insiders have confirmed to Sarawak Report that   in any money laundering offence it is a matter of principle that all the known perpetrators are charged, whether they are themselves in the United States, whether they are US citizens or whoever they are in terms of rank.

Najib was not named in the sequestration, because it was not through his name that the assets seized were held.  However, his lawyers will have warned him that the order in July plainly confirmed his key role in the conspiracy to steal money from Malaysia and then to commit the further offence of laundering it through the United States.

Put simply, the evidence against Najib is overwhelming and legions of bankers and collaborators are now cooperating with the FBI investigation to firm up that evidence.  He will therefore be named and a warrant of arrest will be issued and Malaysia will be requested to extradite him to the USA to face those charges.

Najib knows this, but is trading off the ignorance of Malaysians, who are being told by BN’s controlled media that since he has not been named in the asset seizure order he will not be named in the subsequent criminal charges.

Najib is also trying to gull ignorant Malaysians into believing that somehow ‘Trump will pull the dogs off’. This is not how the system works in the United States, which is a country where justice operates independently of politicians and follows the due process of the law. There is also a free media, which would fall upon the scandal of Trump intervening in such a case…. and why should Trump bother anyway?

The US DOJ has issued several warrants for politically powerful people around the world, solely on the basis of the crimes they have committed. Indeed, to fail to charge the ringleader, who personally received a billion dollars from the crime, would be deemed unacceptable if other charges were to be laid against lower players (unlike the ‘whipping boy’ system which operates in Malaysia and which has so far protected Najib from numerous local criminal matters).

(extracted from Fudzail)