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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Aftermath of husband-wife Mansoor Adabi and Maria Hertogh a.k.a. Natrah forced separation by the court's order was the Singapore racial riot of July 1964.

LKY shrewedly courted the Malays in the early PAP's political struggle and later methodically marginalised them economically, socially and religously. Cunningly he took Bt. Putih, the price we pay for being stupidly unproactive.

The helmsman, LKY blamed the backwardness of Malays has something to do with Islam. Is it Islam or his grave, racist policy of divisiveness? May such policies follow him to the grave.

Being Israel's protege of the East, a manufacturer of mines - what does he care for Muslims! Yet, Dolah and Najib are scared shit to build the half-way bridge across the Johore Straits.

It is no surprise that DAP inherited the PAP's racist policies. Five years later Malaysia got its racial riot instigated by chauvinistic Chinese parties. It started in Penang on the occassion of Maulidul Rasul procession as happened in Singapore.

James Brooke knew how to handle the Chinese. When the Bau miners rebelled and burnt Kuching, he bombarded them from the Sarawak River. The rebels fled to the jungle towards Sambas, Kalimantan. Brooke let loose the Dyaks and more than a thousand heads were lopped off.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hundreds of thousands of years before the hunter-gatherer neolithic cave people came to that part of island, Borneo, we orang were already there.

Long, long before that many millions of years ago, series and series of tectonic plate clashes led to continental drift creating the geography of land masses and islands of today.

During the Ice Age, the Malay Archipelago were still much connected by land. When the ice melt combined with earth movements, the land bridges were submerged and what remains is the Sunda shelf. When the land bridges abound we orang crossed to Borneo and elsewhere.

Mankind scientists insist that we orang began early in the family tree of apes. This further prove that we were in Borneo and Lahad Datu eons before man. The Suluk, Bajau, Melayu, Felda etc. are of recent feature.


We orang did not like the Suluks and other ethnics for that matter for they killed us for museum pieces. The worst is the Melayu Felda (Sahabat) of some 20 years ago who burnt vast stretches of our jungle leaving nothing of jungle for us except oil palm which we do not understand. This genocide was done by other people also in other parts of Borneo in Kalimantan and Sarawak.

You call us orang right but look at us. Look at the water. What have you done, you greedy orang! No jungle, no food to feed our babies. Hundreds already dead. Without the jungle all orangs including you will be dead!

Friday, April 19, 2013


This man, how much you hate him, is ubiquitous no doubt. His wife cannot keep pace with this 'Anugerah Tuhan'. Only his shadow, if he has one, follow him everywhere. He is a man of means and assets.

Before Paris he was in Manila plottingwith that Misuari guy. What was he doing throwing money in Paris? Well, Paris is the most fashionable city in the West and the possibilities are limitless to borrow Najib's.

From Paris, incommunicado he was in the South Pacific islands, went native, not surprisingly!

Among the Papuans - his macho back-pose, his mate, coffee berry picking, dance party. You know the man, he is boundless.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Dio oghang ni, Anwar -Tapa dah berumor macam den. Topi heran kuek satu macam. Mesti dio oghang eksosais gilo-gilo sopayo tak payah pakai ubek kuek monogang urek - gambir Sarawak ko, pil kudo ko, minyak unto ko, minyak dhab ko, minyak lintah ko, viagra ko. Atau pun dio oghang momakai jugak nak bori top lai. Den topikir.

Dapek tau dio oghang eksosais macam ni.

Lopeh monjalar kek batang sojam lamoe, torajang pulak kaki kodopan sotinggi-tinggi e dalam sopuluh duo puluh kali. Elok buek lopeh sombahyang subuh tiap pagi melainkan hari Jumaat.

Kok haluih jadi bosar longan, kok sojongka jadi sokaki, kok bengkok sabut jadi bengkok bulan sabit, kok luruih jadi bengkok. Botolah agaknyo tu. Sobab dongar-dongar e kalau kudo sultan tengok bondo tu, kudo pun menangih! Kalau batu nesan nampak pulak bondo tu, batu pun ghobah! Sepo nak lawan dio.

Bukan sobarang oghang bulih buek tu kalau tak torjulur lidah dek eh. Topi kalau Marilyn Monroe hidup lai ontah dia pun topikek. Melopong kau!

Thursday, April 11, 2013



The books indicated below have been posted in another of SAVE's  blog, quite sometimes ago and now offered at reduced price. Many others are not listed yet. My libraries at 3 locations are overflowing!

To order: 
                 Indicate book number
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Payment:  To include postage and handling charges to be advised accordingly. Inform us when payment deposited into CIMB account 12150000107093 due to Shaharudin Saamin.

Note: Discounted prices valid for Malaysia only.


56. Words as an Elixir. Nadya A Shaharudin. 2001. Univision Press, K Lumpur, 77pp. Softcover, L format, new. RM20 (poem anthology published by my daughter at 13 yrs old)

55. Through the Lens. Lam Seng Fatt. 1996. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 144pp. Softcover, mint. RM9

54. Warkah Al-Ikhlas 1818-1821. Badriyah Salleh. 1999. Dewan Bahasa Pustaka, K Lumpur, 270pp. Softcover, new. RM9

53. Sago Palm: Metroxylon sagu Rottb. M. Flach. 1997. IPGRI, Rome, 76pp. Softcover, new RM8

52. Handbook for the Home. 1973 Yearbook of Agricultute. USDA, Washington, 388pp. Hdcover, fair, RM8

51. Rehabilitation of Citrus Industry in the Asia Pacific Region: Proc 6th Int Asia Pacific Workshop Integrated Citrus Health Management, K Lumpur, 1991. UNDP-FAO, 213pp. Softcover, L format, good. RM8

50. Mahathir, Anwar, Konspirasi, Reformasi, Kopikasi, Wangkasi, Tak Ada Kasi. Syed Hussein Al Attas. 1998. Jaharah Enterprise, K Lumpur, 264pp. Softcover, new. RM7

49. Integrated Control Arthropod, Disease and Weed Pests of Cotton, Grain Sorghum and Deciduous Fruits: Proc US-USSR Symp, Texas, 1975. USDA, Washington, 216pp. Softcover, L format, good cond. RM7

48. Beberapa Aspek ‘Ilm al-Kalam Mengikut Ibn Taymiyyah. Mohammad Kamil Majid. 1993. Penerbit Media Ilmu, Cheras, 142pp. Softcover, new. RM6

47. The Unmaking of a Mayor. W.F. Buckley Jr. 1967. Bantam Books, New York, 387pp. Ppback, good cond. RM6

46. Panduan Penternakan Bebiri. 1989. Ibu Pejabat Perkhidmatan Haiwan, K Lumpur, 67pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM6

45. Menghasilkan Pakan Alami untuk Ikan Hias. Yusuf Bachtiar. 2003. Agromedia, Jakarta, 76ms. Softcover, gd cond. RM7

44. Child Photography Simplified. S. Szasz. 1978. Amphoto, New York, 97pp. Softcover, gd cond. RM6

43. Handball. Michael Yessis. 1966. WM C Brown Co, Iowa, 72pp. Softcover, gd cond. RM5

42. Tennis. Joan Johnson & Paul Xanthos. 1967. WM C Brown Co, Iowa. Softcover, gd cond. RM5

41. The Gift. Vladimir Nabokov. 1963. Panther Books, London, 333pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM4

40. Dunia Perkahwinan. Siti Normin Ahmad. HMBA Penerbit, Marang, 245ms. Softcover, mint cond. RM4

39. Keluarga Virus Veterinar. Awang IPR. 1991. UPM, Serdang, 74ms. Softcover, gd cond. RM4

38. How to Surf. M. Farrelly & C. McGregor. 1968. Sphere Books, London, 144pp. Ppback, fair cond RM4

37. ABC’s of Air Travel. G. Davidson. 1984. 89pp, softcover, gd cond. RM3

36. Suddenly, at Singapore. G. Black. 1965. Fontana Books, 192pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM3

35. Lieutenant Hornblower. CS Forester. 1957. Pan Books, London, 253pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM3

34. Memories of a Catholic Childhood. M. McCarthy. 1963. Berkley Medallion Books, New York, 224pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM3

33. Building Speaker Enclosures. R.G. Middleton. 1972. Radio Shack, Fort Worth, 95pp. Softcover, gd cond, RM6

32. The Golf Secret. H.A. Murray. 1976. Elliot, UK, 126pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM4

31. Improve Your Cricket. T. Bailey. Penguin, UK, 160pp. Ppback, fair cond. RM4

30. Complete Poetry and Selected Prose by Walt Whitman. J.E. Miller Jr (ed). Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 518pp. Softcover, fine cond. RM11

27. A Literary History of Persia. EG Browne. 2002. Goodword Books, New Delhi, Vols I&II, 568pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM54

26. Lord of the Two Lands. Judith Tarr. 1993. TOR Books, New York, 317pp. Hdcover, new. RM33 (historical fiction of Alexander the Great’s move into Egypt)

25. The Worst Disaster: The Fall of Singapore. R Callahan. 2001. Cultured Lotus, Singapore, 293pp. Softcover, new. RM24

24. Selected Writings of Lafcadio Hearn. 1991. Carol Publishing, New York, 566pp. Softcover, gd cond. RM38 (writings on the soul and mood of 19th century Japan)

23. The Land and Wildlife of Tropical Asia. 1971. Time-Life Books, New York , 200pp. Hdcover, good cond. RM15

22. Rangatira. NB Tindale & HA Lindsay. 1959. AH & AW Reed, Wellington, 208pp. Hdcover, fair cond. RM11 (Polynesian saga)

21. Towards Tomorrow: Essays on Development and Social Transformation of Singapore. 1973. SNTUC, Singapore, 165pp. Softcover, fair cond. RM10

20. Death of a Tycoon. N Davies. 1992. St Martin’s Press, N York, 346pp. Hdcover, new. RM20 (An Insider’s Account of the Fall of Robert Maxwell – a press baron)

19. The Conduct of Elections in Malaysia. 1994. A Rashid Rahman. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 211pp. Sofcover, mind cond. RM10

18. Dunhill Fairway Gollf: Guide to Golf Courses in Malaysia & Singapore. Golf Publ, P Jaya, 399pp. Hdcover, Gd cond. RM26

17. Graduan: Careers & Employment for Malaysian Fresh Graduates. 2004. Bix Connexion, Ampang, 334pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM10

16. The Art of Printmaking. Softcover, gd cond. RM10 (in Chinese)

15. Understanding Advertising. 1996. Fred Morais. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 128pp. Softcover, mint cond. RM8

14. Living All the Memories: A Chapter in the Story of the Malayan SPCA. 1996. Ted Miles. Berita Publ, K Lumpur, 96pp. Softcover, mint cond RM6

13. Menghadirkan Pesona Air di Taman. 2002. Murhananto. Agromedia, Jakarta, 63ms. Softcover, new. RM8

12. Aduan Ayam. 2001. Agromedia, Jakarta, 58ms. Softcover, new, RM7

11. Jamur Kuping. 2001. Agromedia, Jakarta, 28ms. Softcover, new. RM6

10. Memilih & Merawat Louhan Kualitas Kontes. 2004. Suwandi Surya. Agromedia, Jakarta. Softcover, new. RM8

9. Koi. 2002. Agromedia, Jakarta. Softcover, mint. RM8

8. Meningkatkan Produktivitas Puyuh. 2006. Zainal Abidin.Agromedia, Jakarta. Softcover, new. RM9

7. Complete Book of Jukado Self-Defense. 1968. B Tegner. Bantam, N York, 256pp. Ppback, fair. RM6

6. The Journals of Lewis and Clark. 1964. J Bakeless. Mentor, N York, 384pp. Ppback, fair. RM6

5. Flight Briefings for Pilots: Associated Ground Subjects. 1977. NH Birch & AE Bramson. Pitman Publ, London, 196pp. Hdcover, gd cond. RM8

4. A Place to Live. The Yearbook of Agriculture. 1963. USDA, Washington, 284pp. Hdcover, gd cond. RM9

Books Published by SAVE

Three books, bibliographic in nature have been published and sold mainly to libraries. 

3) 2005. Bibliograhic Enumeration of Four Centuries of Agriculture and Nature Conservation in Malaysia, 1570-1970. 2nd edn. Published in collaboration with MYAGRI, Nilai. Price RM180*

2) 2006. Bibliographic Compilation of Medicinal, Herbal, Aromatic, Pesticidal & Poisonous Plants of Asia and Oceania: Biodiversity, Ethnobotany & Pharmacognosy. Published in collaboration with UPM. Price RM120*

1) 2007. Bibliography on Research and Development of Sago, Peatland, Associated Soils and Crops. Price RM80*


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Studies by Roger S. Fouts, Institute for Primate Studies, University of Oklahoma.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


The bloodbath committed by the Franj crusaders at the fall of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), 1099 was barbaric and beyond Christian dogma. The atrocities are still ongoing but now by the crusading Zionists. Elsewhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Somalia, Chechnya the crusaders continue their killing fields under various guises.

The atrocities committed at Ma'arra, Syria as chronicled by their own people, Radulph of Caen.

Qadi Abu Sa'ad al-Harawai of Damascus was the one who campaigned at the Caliph's palace in Baghdad to fight against the Franj. It was Ramadhan, he was seen eating in Baghdad. When people asked him why he was not fasting. "Why, you worry about me not fasting but not your brothers being slaughtered?" he replied to that effect.

By the grace of Allah, Salahuddin al-Ayubi, the hero of Al-Quds recaptured Al-Quds from the crusaders.

The Battle of Hittin was the most decisive one for Saladin where the enemy was completely routed. He was a strategist, very pious and patient man during his many battles taking 27 years of his life on horseback. He could be very  magnanimous to release many crusader-prisoners where they fought against him in later encounters.

Saladin's fortress located on an inaccessible plateau to the northeast of Latakia town, Syria where he could plan during winter for the coming summer campaigns. It is  much neglected though tourists (mostly local) do come and visit including me in summer 1999.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Two differing reports of remunerations of  GLC top guns are shown below. They are indeed swimming on money of super-duper high income economy. What disparity? Najib's brother was the one who said DEB bastardized now look where he stands in bastardized GLCs!

No wonder the armed forces generals are disgruntled. In the past many retired top brass were given high positions in government/private companies but now entirely left out. While in service they have little opportunity to mingle with the business community, without contacts and influence they stand little chance to hold positions in companies when retired.

Retired lower ranking army personnel such as captains and majors are not too bad because they are sought after by security companies.

The trend is that retired top civil servants monopolised the  silver platter to hold high posts in GLCs and companies.  We know this for a fact eg. has-been KSN is now Chairman of Petronas but then Sidek is of Pahang. If Najib is deeply parochial, keeps has-beens (Isa, Rahim, Hamid ...) and the slumberjack, giving away money like nobody's business could not get 2/3 BN majority then he should resign.

You ask the generals how is life in the army. My brother (arwah), known as Kol. Hassan Mata Merah among his Askar Melayu contemporaries spent years in and out of Betong-Keroh to flush out the communists, survived a 1000-foot heli crash, stayed months in the Sarawak swamps in ambush position, etc. To him "hidup untuk askar, askar untuk hidup". When retired he complained about a corrupt Sg. Udang wakil rakyat. Was he happy playing golf much of the time? I don't know.