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Monday, July 22, 2019


kih, kih, kih goli ati den

Najib, Zahid dan Adnan: Burung sewarna berkumpul bersama

1. When you look at them, their exteriors please you; and when they speak, you listen to their words. They are as (worthless as hollows) pieces of timber propped up, (unable to stand on their own). They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies; so beware of them. The curse of Allah be on them! How are they deluded (away from the Truth).
(Surah 63: The Hypocrites)

8. And violent is he in love of wealth. (Surah 100: The Runners)

1. The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things in this world) diverts you (from more serious things). (Surah 102: The Piling Up)

1. Woe to every (kind of) scandalmonger and backbiter. 2. Who piles up wealth and lays by it. 3. Thinking that his wealth would make him last forever. (Surah 104: The Scandalmonger)

Walla hu a'lam.


Under the guise of management fee, controversial government agency PADUCorporation (PADU) made an unprecedented request for RM7 million or 2% of the RM360 million meant to provide free computer tablets to teachers nationwide.
This came even after PADU had been paid RM1.1 million as one-off payment to manage the scheme by the project funder/Cash Cow, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) under Phase 2.
The contractor, Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad (Utusan), refused to meet PADU’s 2% demand, stating in a letter dated 9 April 2018 that it was not agreeable to paying the said amount.
The salient points in the said letter, signed by none other than one of the key players in this scandalous project Datuk Mohd Noordin bin Abbas (a former banker), Managing Director of Utusan, are as follows:
The requests by PADU for the RM7 million or 2% management fees exceeded our authority including myself;
SKMM never agreed that this fees to be paid to PADU;
When this tablet project was discussed in 2016 the necessity of this fees had not been brought up;
During the meeting on 11 January 2018 Pengarah BTP and CEO of Padu, Puan Khadijah Abdullah, who had attended the meeting, had agreed to apply to Prime Minister Office through Minister of Education for the management fees; and
For Utusan, we act as a DELIVERY CONTRACTOR of the Tablets to the teachers as directed by PADU and MOE.’
 Four Key Little Napoleons For Phase 1 – 6

The then CEO of PADU, Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah, whom the Utusan’s letter was addressed to. She was one of the four little napoleons, who was one of the key players in the scandalous Tablet Project. 
The famous DATUK SERI ALIAS BIN AHMAD was the other little napoleon. He was also one of the key players who facilitated the payment of RM18,402,690.25 for Phase 6 just before the 14 GE. He was the one who signed the cheque with Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah.  At  the material time was the chairman of the Board of Trustees of PADU and  KSU from February 2017 to May 2018.  To date not a single tablet was delivered to the teachers. 
PADU CFO, En Ahmad Izzat bin Zaki, the third little napoleon who knowingly prepared all payments to the special purpose vehicle “Utusan – Epiweb Sdn Bhd Collection Account” .
En Azrul Satria bin Abdul Rahim, the very special officer to Kadijah binti Abdullah and the current CEO En Razif. The fourth little napoleon in PADU. The silent operator for this scandalous Tablet Project.

 RM7 million Or 2%
The 2% request raises a troubling question whether PADU, a company incorporated by guarantee under the purview of Ministry of Education (MOE), was asking for a “clawback” or “kickback”.
According to the said Utusan letter of 9 April 2018 even the MCMC was not informed about PADU seeking RM7 million from Utusan.
MCMC had granted the RM360 million funding to PADU, which contracted Utusan to provide 430,000 tablets, pre-installed with E-Tutor app and Utusan Malaysia newspaper, to teachers over seven phases.
If PADU needed another round of management fee, it should have incorporated the 2% into the contract at the start and informed the relevant authorities.
Doesn’t the demand for management fee, more than a year after the contract was signed, indicate that the price of the tablets was INFLATED?
 Utusan had specified that if it failed to deliver the gadgets, it will compensate PADU RM573 per tablet.  The thing is, Padu was contracted to buy per tablet at RM853 from Utusan. At this moment no one know how much was the actual cost of the tablet from . According to a report from MOE, Huawei tablets were according to specs for Phase 1 and Lenovo for Phase 2 – 5 not according to specs.  We will together discuss this damning report in more detail in another part later.  If we are to assume that the actual cost of the tablet was RM553 per unit then, Utusan was making RM280   (RM853-RM573) per tablet for just playing its role as delivery  boy  so to speak. It was too good to be true that Utusan made a profit of RM300 per tablet.!  If the profit was RMM280 then Utusan would have made RM120.4 million for the 430,000 tablets! 

Is Epiweb Sdn Bhd A Special Purpose Vehicle For WHO?

There was another middle man in this transaction called EPIWEB SDN BHD, the so-called supplier of the tablets to Utusan.  En Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan, who is not a director of Epiweb Sdn Bhd and signed the supply agreement with Utusan. Upon receipt of RM18,402,690.25 on 27 April 201 (just before 14 GE) for most questionable Phase 6, the special purpose vehicle “UTUSAN-EPIWEB SDN BHD Collection Account” paid out RM10,402,690.25 to Redberry Sdn Bhd, which was not a party to the contract between Utusan – Padu or Epiweb Sdn Bhd – Utusan. The remaining RM8 million of the RM18,402,690.25 received from PADU went to UtusanIt would appear from this particular transaction Epiweb Sdn Bhd received nothing from the payment under Phase 6! This raises more questions for PADU and MOE to answer.  For phase 1 – 5, did Reberry receive any payment from this special purpose vehicle – “Utusan – Epiweb Collection Account”?

The famous Malay Mail editor in chief, Datuk Wong Sai Wan in red Malay Mail; T-shirt was  pressing the button on 30-11-2018 to bury Malay Mail for good.
Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei in handcuffs & orange t-shirt and Ms Elizabeth Ken, the media specialist of Redberry Media Group.

Redberry Media Group (Redberry) is one of the special outfits of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, who was arrested and detained by MACC together with Ms Elizabeth Ken in connection with the ‘Speedy Gonzales’ Geeko Tech RM99.693 million deal with Tourism Malaysia for four days in January 2019.  By coincidence, Ms Ms Elizabeth Ken, who is a shareholder and CEO of Geeko Tech Sdn Bhd and the media specialist of Redberry and Dato Dr’ Siew Ka Wei (Siew)  is the MD of Redberry. Siew is also a current executive chairman of public listed company Ancom Bhd, which is the parent company of Redberry, and Group MD of Nylex Bhd (part of Ancom Bhd). Redberry is the owner of the defunct Malay Mail (printed version) and the equally famous Datuk Wong Sai Wan is the editor-in-chief, who is a director of several of Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei’s outfits. Datuk Wong is the only one of a few editors in chief, who is a director of several companies.

PADU, The “VENDOR FRIENDLY” – Must Be Punished and Shut Down 

PADU must be shut down for gross mismanagement and sloppy supervision of what was a novel IT project to digitalise education.  At last the little napoleons of the top management in PADU had fleeced it like other projects under the last BN administration.
The deafening silence on the part of PADU and/or MOE is most alarming.  Don’t tell us the Minister of Education is equally “Tidak Apa” as the little napoleons in PADU!
(adapted after WeeChooKeong)

Sunday, July 21, 2019


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Thursday, July 18, 2019


Above and Below : Tak tutup aurat girls taking selfies with Crown Prince MBS (arrowed) in the background. This is in a new nite club L'Opera in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

Above and below : Scantily clad dancing girls at the L'Opera Nite Club, Jeddah. That is the Saudi Arabian flag (arrowed) that is being waved  around there. On the flag is the unmistakable 'La ilaaha illallaah muhammadan rasulullah'. Even I think this is too much. They have no respect for Allah and the Rasul. Nauzubillah. 

(extracted after OSTB)


Melayu kasi talak tiga cina (buta) juga yang untung free pulak. Macam mana cina boleh masuk dalam kelambu melayu? Mengapa yang buta? Lia tatak tau sex ka? 

Malu kah melayu gunapakai melayu buta untuk buang talak tiga? Heran. Tak kan nak biarkan burit soltana digodam buta oleh cina. Mintak2 tak perlu rujuk kembali. Biarlah dia bebas cari jantan lain. 

Sedia maklum di serambi mekah cina tak ramai. Yang ramai cina yang dimelayukan kelate. Jadi susah nak dapat cina tulin buta untuk cina buta. Kalau tak ada boleh guna siam buta. Maha ampun. 

Kalau imbas sejarah sebelum kedatangan Hang Li Po di Melaka melayu tak kenal cina. Oleh itu jolokan cina buta tidak wujud. Oleh yang demikian lebih2nya setakat talak dua sahaja dilafazkan! Kalau beri talak tiga sampai mati tak dapat rujuk kerana cina buta tidak ada.

Linguistik melayu!

cakar ayam
badak berendam
bunga tahi ayam - marigold
kote mamak - sejenis pokok kekacang (legume)
tikar burit - tikar rotan (Sarawak, Iban) 
belum angkat burit - pokok sagu yang belum mengeluarkan batang (Sarawak, Melanau)

Sunday, July 14, 2019


DAP Paul Yong Choo Kiong must resign as ADUN for raping Tronoh. His service centre is barely 200m from my house. 

For the would be by-election I hereby declare as an independent or PH candidate for the ADUN seat. 

I have settled down after pensioned from MARDI-UPM in Tronoh since 2006. I have one foot in Perak since 1980 after marrying a Batu Gajah lass who pensioned from UiTM.

Through both local and foreign professional (see below), academic and working exposure I am but wiser with global outlook for politics to contribute to the state and country.  

2003-2006 = UPM, Bintulu (Associate Professor, Head of Department)
2000-2003 = Mukah, Sarawak (Senior Research Fellow, CRAUN Research)
1997-2000 = Serdang, Selangor (Research Assistant, International Plant Genetic Resources Institute)
1996- 1997 = Serdang, Selangor (Senior Research Officer, MARDI)
1995-1996 = Lake Alfred, Florida (IAEA fellowship, Citrus Research Center)
1986-1995 = Sg. Sumun, Perak (Research Officer, Cocoa Research Division)
19883-1986 = Oregon State University, USA (Doctoral studies, Horticulture)
1979-1983 = Sg. Sumun, Perak (Research Officer, Cocoa Research Division)
1979 = Serdang (Research Officer, MARDI)
1974-1979 = Louisiana State University, USA (B.S. and M.S. studies, Horticulture)

Four books have been published and two forthcoming.
The number of page views of my blog is reaching 250,000.

Note: This is just but an ego trip, day dreaming!! My lifestyle is far removed from that of politics.

Monday, July 8, 2019


Ramai maklum Anwar antara abdul terkaya sebab itu malu apa bossku!

Pak Ya - penulis buku pau Anwar


LKY tak berani tengok ponggong gedebob takut berahi!

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Dato’ Dr Siew Ka Wei, former TM chairman and current chairman of Ancom Bhd, MD of Nylex Bhd and Redberry Media Group (which owned the defunct Malay Mail) and Ms Elizabeth Ken (both in orange “uniform”) when they were arrested and detained by MACC in January 2019.

 Disgraced corporate genius and ex-Tourism Malaysia chairman Dato Siew Ka Wei (SIEW) appears to be in the centre of another failed lavish government contract.
 The man who in January this year spent four days in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) lock-up over a probe into the dubious RM100 million “Speedy Gonzales” tech deal involving Tourism Malaysia (TM)/Ministry of Tourism and Culture is now implicated in a Ministry of Education (MOE) rip-off.
 SIEW and/or his outfits are seen as one of the key players in the disastrous RM340 million project, which involved MCMC Funds, to digitalise teaching in schools nationwide.
 The initiative was meant to narrow the digital divide between teachers and students, which was a good decision, but it ended with all and sundry exploiting the said failed project.
 Despite on 17 April 2018 Jawatankuasa PEMANDU Program ICT Sekolah Kementerian Pendidekan Malaysia Sessi Khas 2/2018 Memutuskan bahawa Fasa 6 ditangguhkan sehingga  selepas PRU 14”,  Padu Corporation (PADU)  defied the said decision and on 27 April 2018 (some 12 days before 14th GE) it proceeded to pay another RM18,402,690.00  to Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad (Utusan) in lightning speed for Phase 6.
 At that material time, PADU and MOE had full knowledge that the said tablet project for Phase 2 to 5 were failures. After the payment of RM18,402,269.00, not a single tablet was delivered to teachers!

The funds in PADU were managed with zero governance, to say the least. For example, the proof of deliveries of the tablets by Utusan to the teachers were done by sending copies of Statutory Declaration (SD) affirmed by its Group CEO, Dato’ Mohd Noordin Bin Abbas to PADU. Based on the said SD, PADU’s CEO, Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah, and PADU’s CFO, En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki, happily made payments of more of than RM10 million each!  The little napoleons in PADU, treated the funds in PADU as their own. 
The funds from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) were channeled to PADU, a company incorporated by guarantee under the purview of MOE.
 PADU awarded the contract to Utusan Melayu (M) Berhad (UTUSAN) without open tender to supply free 430,000 units of computer tablets with pre-installed Tutor Guru app and Utusan Malaysia e-paper to teachers by June 2018.
 It is startling that Dato Siew, the former Chairman of TM, executive Chairman of Ancom Bhd, managing director of Nylex Bhd, Redberry Media Group (Redberry) that owned the defunct Malay Mail, wore the Utusan Malaysia hat to attend the meeting in MOE.
 In the minutes of a “Pre-Price Negotiation” meeting on 13 June 2016 between PADU and Utusan Melayu, Dato Siew was listed without any designation under the Utusan team that attended the session.
 The meeting to discuss pricing and supply of the gadgets to teachers in Sarawak under the first phase saw the attendance of all the MOE top guns.
 They were the then Ketua Setiausaha (Tan Sri Dr Madinah binti Mohamad, who was later appointed the Auditor General), Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (P) (En Jamil bin Rakon), the then Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif unit Pelaksanaan Prestasi PADU (Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah, whose contract expired on 31 May 2019 and was not renewed), Setiausaha Bahagian Perolehan dan pengurusan Aset (Tuan Haji Shahid-Din bin Khatib), Pengarah Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan (Tuan Haji Zaidi Bin Yazid),  Timbalan Setiausaha Bahagian (K) Bahagian Kewangan (b), Ketua Pegawai Kewangan Unit Pelaksanaan & Prestasi Pendidikan (PADU) (En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki), Pengarah (Transformasi) Unit Pelaksanaan & Prestasi Pendidikan (PADU) (En Mohaammed Zekri bin Ghazali), Pegawai Khas KSU Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) (Cik Afidah binti Ashad) and Pengurus kewangan Unit Pelaksanaan & Prestasi Pendidikan (PADU) and (En Mohd Hizwan bin Ahmad).
According to reliable sources in MOE, the “three musketeers” in the scandalous tablet deal in PADU were:
 Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah, the then CEO of PADU;
En Asrul Satria bin Abdul Rahim, the Special Officer to CEO; and
En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki, CFO of PADU

The then very “Hebat” CEO of PADU, Puan Khadijah binti Abdullah
En Azrul Satria bin Abdul Rahim, the very ‘Hebat” special officer to Puan Khadijah
En Ahmad Izzat bin Ahmad Zaki, the very “Hebat” Chief Financial Controller of PADU

(adapted after weechookeong)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Rose Chan was the famous nightclub dancer in the 50-60's. Though I heard about her but was too innocent to see her show in amusement Park, Tampin. Apparently, she would show all and do exotic and erotic things including with her pet python!