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Monday, March 31, 2014


Makkah in the land of Ibn Sauds had seen many bloodsheds during recent times, 1979 and 1987. Were they alone in the savagery especially of 1987 when Iran was just set free from the shackles of US hegemony? The Shah had been toppled by Khomeini. More so when Iran kept about 40(?)US hostages taken from the embassy for more than a year.

500 pilgrims dead and more than 4,700 injured in the massacre of July 1, 1987 (6 Zulhijjah 1407). Most of the victims were Iranians because they took part during the agreed upon peaceful march of celeberation.

With the masscres against Yemenis, Iranians, and the the Iraqis (Saddam's venture into Kuwait), the Ibn Sauds are on guard against these countries. This explain the neccessity to keep a US base at Riyadh and their palaces there. Things get more complicated with the Wahabbi-Syiah-Sunni sects.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Now look at the figures below, where do you stand in terms annual rumenerations? How is it so easy to be a millioniare or multimillioniare within a year? This is working for a government set-up companies where PNB and hence rakyat invest in their shares. Is it through own merit and effort they become the CEOs?

Just because the company is making much profit so it is justifiable to demand for such sums? Even if one owns the company one has to be prudent still. This begs the question who approves such humongous pay? The PM as Chairman of all GLCs is responsible.

The GLCs are fucked up. Why? If the top man get that millions, the scheme must also filter to all levels of staff. The overhead cost sky-rocketed. Who pays? The customers at higher interest rates and service charges, and lower dividents for amanah saham shares.

Rendering service is not their motto. Take Maybanks (2) in Kajang - the ground floor is for customer service (for staff convenience?); for regular transactions customers have to climb up the stairway to the first floor, how could the elderly and those on wheelchairs manage that without lift or escalator? Even then many customers are made to stand for a long time because not enough seat although the room is spacious for more chairs. Why put expensive metal chairs when cheaper ones provide more seats?

Lo and behold, the man that leads the millionaire GLC suckers is none other than Najibs' brother. He has forgotten his father's ways of being prudent. He is already on the superincome highway that makes Najib happy. Who bastardized the NEP?

All these shenanigans of greed must stop. It has to begin with Najib (RM7.2B for consultants, renovate residence RM65M ...!). He must be forced to resign if not at his own will. The country is not sustainable for too many greedy Malay suckers everywhere.

Life of the trodden:

A makeshift office outside Immigration Dept.

Traditional bokam to get rid of bad blood and illness.

When Namawee made fun of Negara Ku Ku in you tube, Melayu melenting. Yang jatuhkan Melayu adalah Melayu sendiri.

Friday, March 28, 2014


1. Revamp MAS

MAS has been on the lost for many years under different CEOs  even before Tajuddin Ramli took over. Those after him, Munir Majid, Idris Jalal, Jauhari failed to turn around the national carrier. Munir wanted to impress people (including his foreign wife) that he is an art collector too hung a RM1M painting in the MAS building (now sold). That strutting and strumming Idris put Dolah to sleep and stripped off MAS. Jauhari is given the chance to prove himself but MAS goes deeper in the red instead.

Now with the impending lawsuits amounting to billions, he should resign and make way for another hopeful. This time let it be a non-Malay the like of Tony Fernandez and overhaul MAS completely. So far the Malays have proven nothing in running airways. That Dolah the sleepyhead got the temerity to be the Chairman! A greedy sucker indeed.

2. Non-technical headers of DCA

Several months ago a senior officer of DCA told us that her top bosses are non-technical PTD's who know next to nothing about aviation. She, being a non-Malay does much of the donkey work, writing technical reports, attend international meetings.

If that is so, there is something wrong with the top level appointments in which the MH370 tragedy reveals its defect. The top DCA man and other non-technical PTD officers need to be replaced.

3. TUDM radar response

It seems that TUDM assume too much in their radar tracking and complacent to scramble their fighter jets to intercept MH370 flying across to Penang. Whose head will roll for this unreadiness? No wonder the Defense Minister said that it is ok to relapse national security during the case of MH370. Whatever he means by that!

4. In another matter relating to Petronas

There has been much hue and cry when Mustapaha Ong came in into Petronas. Supposedly many Malay executives left because of him. I, for one cannot vouch for its truthfullness. Along the years Petronas, as in most Malaycentric institutions has turned into a sleeping giant, contented with >6months bonuses and other perks. Much inbreeding has been going on and Petronas needs to inject more non-Malay blood to get out of the moroose.

UTP has become an arrogant Malay institution. It is not public friendly. The Pak Gards are intimidating. The campus is several kilometers away from Bandar University, the nearest township. Transport is not provided for students who want to go out off-campus. Foreign students found the campus dull. The thousands of fishes in the lakes are not harvested or used for sport fishing. What a waste!

 A very dedicated and competent non-Malay friend who has been teaching English part-time for years got rejected in her application to get into permanent post. She is still doing part-time there and completing her PhD outside UTP. There are so many part-timers teaching English compared to full-timers. The former are bullied to teach heavier courses. One of the latter group member is not even fully-trained in English and plays games out of inadequacy. My wife taught English part-time for a couple of years, her claims were delayed to about 3 months behind. She literally has to bend low to get her claims!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


KJ, this brash, ambitious upstart with shifty eyes being a non-science graduate wants to rebrand laboratory (lab for short) for mere workshop to discuss for ideas and solutions to problems. Such meetings would not cost anything because the government pays for food, lodging and other paraphanelia.

Lo and behold, without mentioning what the topics, objectives, and outputs he demanded  an allocation of RM60K for each lab. He wants it to look grand, innovative, and perhaps scientific.

 Let him have a glimpse as below what is a lab like. As to the cost of setting a lab it could run anywhere from RM60K to RM60M or even billions depending on the nature of research work to be done and the equipments needed.

Research need not be only in labs. It could be anywhere under the sun, to the moon and stars.

Standard procedure in a lab research:
First identify the problem and state the hypothesis. Eg. NS- a failed transplanted Minangkabau state.

Set the objectives, materials and methods to conduct the research.

Analyse the results obtained using statistical methods when dealing with quantitative data.

Draw conclusions which may or may not support the hypothesis.
Communicate results through publications and other media.

A basic equipment in a lab is a compound microscope with three levels of magnifications, low, medium and high.

Under  low magnification we can see some organelles in a plant cell.

At medium magnification the organelles are more discernable.

At higher magnification we can see the chromosomes found scattered in each nucleus of the cell, in this case 23 pairs of them in human. XY are sex chromosomes.

Results can be translated into graph forms.

A molecular scientist at work in the lab.

The famous scientists who discovered the molecular structure of DNA that make up the chromosomes.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


GE 13 and by-elections including that of Kajang recently indicate that UMNO-BN have lost many Malay votes. They did not vote or turned to the opposition to vent their anger and disgust. Mereka sudah naik meluat dan benci dengan UMNO.

Post Mahathir, the image of UMNO quickly deteriorated. Why is that so? The main blame is on the leadership who themselves are competent pretenders who fail to bring progressive changes to the party.  Instead they retain and add in half-past six cabinet members, recycled politicians, advisors and cronies around them. They think the rakyat can be fooled or not affected by their policies, workings or behaviour. Examples:

Dolah, the sleepyhead
i) raised gas prices three times in a year. Where has the money gone?
ii) raw hatred for Proton saying that it is of poor quality;
iii) when Anwar was released from jail - he has the best lawyers defending him;
iv) 28 times to Los Angeles to see his wife suffering from cancer. Who pays?
v) KJ should the UMNO Youth without election!
vi) scuttle the ongoing construction of scenic bridge.
vii) MAS chairman!

i) announced from the start to be the youngest PM!
ii) a peon boy who personally delivered the international passport to Anwar
iii) found to be involved with rasuah by UMNO disciplinary committee
iv) position young and ambitious cronies at strategic posts
v) shifty eyes.

i) announced during UMNO general assembly Syiah are not Muslims

i) we deliver uncollected Mycard door-to-door
ii) MH370 SAR is above national security!
iii) tragedy brings us together. Have more tragedies! He has not done anthing else to bring us together.

Ku Nan
i) can have Rock Cafe in Putrajaya but no beer? It is like saying, have the sea water but no salt!

Idris Jalal
i) supposedly to turn around MAS but failed
ii) strumming and strutting heading Pemandu

Hamid Albar
i) recycled politician
ii) taxiing SPAD

i) claim to be a samurai kontot
ii) pay his son in office to take care of his constituency, Bkt Gantang
iii) arrogant

- good riddance has been left out

Wan Junaidi
Idris Jusoh
Rahim Thamby Chik 
Shahidan Kassim

Najib, Rosmah, Nazir
- as per previous posting 'Najib gila kuasa mutlak'. To add:
i) your enemy is my friend seems part of Najib's game
ii) Has he learned anything substantial after 11x3 years in politic? No. He is a numbskull
iii) if I go down I might as well bring UMNO down.

If Najib and his people do not transform UMNO of dungus, cronyism, money politics, into a clean image, UMNO is doomed for PRU14. Bye, bye.

Over the years UMNO has evolved into an exclusive club, no continuous drive to get new and young members. The old timers feeling safe get paranoid in the world of UMNO and want to maintain status quo. Even masjid committee members are selected based on staunch UMNO usually old supporters immaterial of their inclinations. That is one of the many reasons why masjids are underutilized and not progressive for the ummah not for praying only.

In fact UMNO should be more inclusive with time to include Muslims of different races and rename it United Muslims National Organisation. This will inject more diversity and vigour in the party in the long run that include a possibility of non-Malay Muslim be the President and PM of Malaysia. As it is we are stuck with lame brains running the show leading the country to ruins.

A new (hopefully) better governance is the natural order of things and cycle of civilisational survival and uplift.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Chedet, 20 Mar 2014:

"7. Kepimpinan dalam Kerajaan diberi kuasa hanya untuk pentadbiran negara dan bukan untuk diri sendiri. Tetapi budaya Melayu adalah demikian mereka akan akur arahan ketua-ketua tertinggi tanpa mengambil kira samada arahan mengikuti undang-undang atau tidak. Oleh sebab ini, kuasa orang yang berkuasa menjadi mutlak dan ramailah yang mendekati diri dengan yang berkuasa untuk mengguna kuasa itu untuk kepentingan diri. Untuk tujuan ini biasanya orang-orang ini akan membodek dan menawar pemberian sebahagian dari pendapatan mereka dari perniagaan yang mereka dapat hasil pertolongan pihak berkuasa kepada yang berkuasa. Maka berlakulah rasuah oleh yang berkuasa.

8. Kuasa mutlak,sama ada dianugerah oleh undang-undang atau adat budaya keMelayuan amat merbahaya. Ia akan meningkat ke tahap yang tidak dapat diterima oleh rakyat. Sebelum sampai tahap ini, eloklah pihak berkenaan diberitahu..."

Najib gila kuasa mutlak. Mengapa tidak? Dia buat sesuka hatinya, suka tak suka rakyat mesti terima. Negara akan bankrup pun tak apa asalkan ia berkuasa.

1. BR1M diberi sewenang-wenangnya bukan kapada rakyat yang amat memerlukan terutama yang miskin. Dari RM500 dinaikan kapada RM1200. Tahulah punca duit itu dari pendapatan Negara termasuk cukai. Bukan duit poketnya. Negara boleh bankrupt dibuatnya.

2. Baiki tempat kediaman resmi RM65juta. Katanya rakyat boleh tumpang seronok dikediamannya! Rakyat tak perlu berseronok sebegitu tetapi mahu wang dibelanjakan untuk kebaikan ramai.

3. Bayar RM7.2 billion untuk consultant keluar air liur, peras otak (konon), kertas kerja dan nasihat Najib.

4. Sengaja mengambil atau menyimpan kroni politik yang dungu untuk pegang jawatan menteri dan sebagainya.

5. Tabur duit berjuta2 sebelum pilihan raya untuk umpan Cina tetapi Cina peduli apa pada dia.

6. Naikan gaji minima RM900 tanpa mengira akibatnya pada kos pengeluaran akan turut melonjak.

7. Hapuskan subsidi, naikan harga minyak, wujudkan GST. Lepas itu belanja berjuta untuk publisiti GST pula.

8. Belanja RM300,000 untuk Rosmah menaiki jet menghadhiri forum di Qatar.

9. Rosmah pilih kasih melayan budak2 cerdik pandai/anak orang kaya untuk program Permata menelan belanja melebihi RM100 juta seolah menabur garam dalam laut.

10. Tidak peka kehendak rakyat untuk PPSMI.

11. Tidak faham betapa pentingnya strategi jambatan causeway Johor dari segi ekonomi, sosial dan politik. Dia berpura pandai tetapi tidak dapat diajar, berpura mendengar tetapi pekak .

12. Mansuhkan ISA tanpa mengira keselamatan negara jangka panjang.

13. Bila isu 'Allah' timbul berdiam diri padahal ia ke Vatican dahulu sebelum menunaikan haji. Dimana duduknya kepentingan agama sebagai pemerintah?

14. Dibawanya bersama naik haji 1000 imam yang tentu menelan belanja melebihi RM20 juta. Banyak persoalan timbul:
 a) Rukun haji dikerjakan lebih kapada kemampuan sendiri  kalanya negara (state) boleh anugerah kapada sebilangan imam tertentu berdasarkan bakti mereka;
b) Adakah 1000 imam yang mengikuti beliau dipilih mengikut kriteria tertentu terutama dari segi kemampuan, belum pernah menunaikan haji. Siapa mereka yang bernasibb baik itu?
c) Apa kesanya kapada kuota haji. Padahal orang biasa perlu menunggu giliran banyak tahun.
d) Adakah adil duit rakyat RM20 juta digunakan untuk 1000 imam bukan untuk ramai lagi?
e) Adakah ia bersifat riak mahu menunjukan sebagai PM dari Malaysia yang kononya kaya boleh biayai ramai rakyat?
 f) Adakah dia menabur publisiti berunsur politik untuk mendapatkan sokongan banyak undi kemudianya?
g) Adakah dia mengharapkan doa restu dari 1000 imam dan ramai lagi dalam rombongan?
h) Adakah lapuran kewangan terperinci dikemukakan selepas menunaikan haji? Perlu diingat RM20 juta duit rakyat telah digunakan. Kalau diperingkat pejabat hendak beli peralatan kecil pun ada justifikasi dan catuan!

15. Tidak tamat belajar di Univ. Nottingham tetapi gila nak jadi PM. Insecurity breeds mediocrity. Timbulkan bermacam slogan yang menelan banyak kos untuk menunjukkan pandai.

16. Adiknya Nazir menerima gaji paling lumayan RM9juta/tahun? Nazir kata bapanya cukup cermat hinggakan kolam renang tidak dibina. Mengapa dia dan abangnya tidak berhemah?

17. Apa petanda MH370 pada Najib?

18. What kind of bullshit talk is that? Popular sangatkah dia?

19. Najib is a pretender.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Tan Sri Sanusi Junid is a thinker and an astute decision maker. His varied exposure in life while growing up in the kampong, during MCKK and oversea studies, work at Standard Chartered Bank, koperasi involvement, politics, interacting with so many people, and wide reading make him a man advanced of his time in his ideas right from pre-school age to ministerial positions and until today. Most of his ideas implemented bring beneficial results (pinjaman wang kapada penanam padi Kedah, tukun tayar di Lautan Cina Selatan, promosi kelapa muda, promosi makan ulam, Koperasi Shamlin ...) to the rakyat while several are controversial or even stand to ridicule.

Who in the world would be able give lectures at the market place while still at non-schooling age? His businessman father who ferried goods in a lorry taught him how to talk. TS's blog tells much about the man and his contributions to the country.  Politics to him is not for vested interest. He apparently does want to die standing in politics unlike some greedy politicians doing at whatever cost and manner.

His latest posting, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 is on 'PERANAN MASJID DALAM PEMBANGUNAN UMMAT, USUL UNTUK DIRI SENDIRI' where he introduced changes using masjids in Kedah for educational purposes during his MB tenure.

"Dengan kerjasama Jabatan Pendidikan, di bawah pimpinan Dato' Hasan, Jawatankuasa Masjid di seluruh Kedah, ibu bapa semua pelajar dan Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS) berpuluh ribu pelajar telah menelaah dalam hampir kesemua 500 masjid di seluruh negeri Kedah.

Kami telah sepakat menggalakkan semua pelajar pergi ke masjid selepas solat Maghrib dan makan malam di rumah. Mereka mula menelaah pada pukul 8 malam dan bersolat Isya berjema'ah sebelum pulang pada pukul 10 malam.

Dalam masa dua tahun kedudukan negeri Kedah telah meningkat menjadi negeri yang ke 2 terbaik pencapaian antara negeri-negeri di seluruh Malaysia. Kedah hanya di bawah Wilayah Persekutuan.
Inilah yang saya maksudkan dengan peranan masjid dalam bidang pendidikan. Agak susah bagi ibu bapa untuk mengawasi anak-anak untuk belajar di rumah dengan gangguan TV dan keadaan sekeliling kerana ramai adik-beradik dan mungkin lampu juga kurang terang.
 Kesan dari kegiatan ini kedudukan negeri Kedah dari segi pendidikan telah naik dari nombor tiga dari bawah kepada nombor 2 dari atas dalam masa 2 tahun. Pengarah pendidikan di waktu itu ialah Dato' Hasan".

As TS pointed out which seems prevalent in our thinking and approach:

 "Minat untuk memiliki masjid baru yang cantik adalah melebihi minat untuk memelihara masjid yang sudah ada, dan jarang sekali ada usaha untuk menarik lebih ramai umat untuk sembahyang berjuma'ah, apatahlagi di kalangan pemuda".

How true! The mosques at Batu Gajah, Tapah, Bidor among others have been torn down and new ones built on the sites.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Mother's milk is always the best for babies. It contains all the basic nutrients and antibodies against diseases. It's God given. With the turmoil in many parts of Africa, mother's milk is getting not enough. Pity the babies that will grow up malnourished.

The supply of mother's milk was quite abundant not many years ago though life was barely scraping by for many of the tribes then (perhaps worse now due to fighting and population increase) as these pictures show. The signs of malnutrition were already there.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


First fo all, pray that all on board MH370 are all safe and secure on land somewhere.

After the plane has been 'deliberately diverted' fingers are now pointing towards the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah as the possible villian responsible for its mysterious out-of-the-blue dissappearance.

The Anwar factor has been injected into his persona so much so that he is believed seeking redemption for his 'injured' icon. He is willing to be the anti-hero and perhaps die during the course.

Provided that those on MH370 are safe somewhere, Zaharie has become a hero of sorts. He has managed to bedevil the whole world, to fool the most advanced aviation technology to detect his flight route. He may become a celebrity if not legendary figure that everybody want to hear his exploits. Books will be written about him, movies made, endless lectures delivered. The pain and anguish of waiting by relatives of the passengers may be forgiven and heal with time.

However, if he is later found to be the one responsible for the deaths of so many people then he would be a most villainous person who ever walked the earth.

Anyway, in the past eight days we hear some misstatements made including that of Hisahmudin. He said that solving MH370 case is above national security!! Either he do not understand what is national security or say things without thinking. Also, 'Saya gembira (?) banyak asset bertambah mencari MH370 ...' Gembira atau terima kasih is the right word?  

Friday, March 7, 2014


Petikan dari Dewan Sastera, 1982.
Siapa kata orang dulu tidak romantika? Bahasa halus memujuk, memikat, kalanya terus terang kehendaknya. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Zahid Hamidi has condemned the Syiahs (and hence its offshoots, the Alawit, Ismailis) are not Muslims! The whole of Iran, a powerful nation would be in hellfire, and also those Syiahs in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere.

Behold, to all and sundry, Zahid, got to say and act tough to the few Syiah and its influence here.  He means business being the de facto mother of security! His statement is without much basis, an extreme one. In a way he is an extremist. Ignore the extremists, Najib urged.

Little do we know about the Druze especially about their religious adherence. The Druze is supposedly an exclusive( Muslim?) sect in Lebanon and Syria.

 Druze area (striped red) of Lebanon and Syria.

A Druze village situated near the Golan Heights. In the 17th and 18th centuries many Druze moved from Lebanon to the rocky plateau of Al Leja, near Izra, and Jebel ed Druz in modern Syria, and from there to the Golan Heights.

 Much what is written about them are by westerners "... The creed was formalized and continued after Darazi's departure by al Hakim's vizier, Hamza, and it is he who is given the second place to God (al Hakim) in Druze theology, as the incarnation of Universal Intelligence.. "

If such is part of their belief than how to reconcile with Islamic teachings?

One of their famous political figure in Lebanon not long ago is Walid Jumblat.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Failing to be the Kajang ADUN, Anwar to quit politics or go native in Africa with the many tribes in the supposedly dark continent. Soon we know for sure.