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Saturday, December 30, 2017



Sustainable Living Institute's first posting was on May 22, 2009 about SAVE itself.  We had more than 175,500 pageviews on 1136 posts published. Thank you. The top post is on 'Tunku's legacies for the rakyat' with 2449 viewers.

Blogging is a self-learning process getting to know better into various topics - historical, cultural and such. 

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay reached Everest's summit on 29 May 1953.

Hilary (left) and Tenzing (centre)

The route to Everest's summit.

Monday, December 25, 2017



The first State Council Meeting, Perak was held on Monday, 10th Sept 1877 held at Residency at K Kangsar. Present:

Raja Muda Yusuf
Resident - Hugh Low
Asst Res. - Capt Speedy
Raja Dris
Orang Kaya Temenggong
Kapitan Ah Kwee
Kapitan Ah Yam

Absent: Che Karim (of Selama)

J.T. Keyt - Clerk of Council

== Raja Muda proposed to abolish duties collected on rice, salt, gambier, manufactured goods, tea, sugar, coffee and raise import revenue from spirits, opium, and tobacco. Present duties on:

Spirits, per dozen, per case     $1
Opium, per ball                      $4
Tobacco, per kati, various      $1 to $5 in different ports 

== Resident proposed export duties only on tin and gutta, all jungle produce at 10% ad valorem. 

Present duty on tin $10 a bhara. Proposed that all mines to pay royalty $2 a bhara making a total of $12 a bhara or $4 per pikul.

== Resident showed a reply letter to Mr. Gray of Penang of land application with copy of grant of reserve in the name of Manila Yengarie Co.

== Chinese members demanded for lease on mines and to get grants of 100 orlongs. Raja Muda agreeable for 21 year lease and the latter.

== To employ penghulus and pay them asto merit. This would reduce the need of state police from 600 presently to 150 members.

(Notes on Karim - an agent of Mentri of Larut to open up Selama somewhat endorsed by ex-Sultan Abdullah. He wanted to put claim on duties the Government had collected in Selama).

Full account of the Perak State Council Minutes, 1877-1879 are found in Papers on Malay Subjects edited by R.J. Wilkinson, Oxford Univ Press, 1971. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017






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Thursday, December 21, 2017


najib boghi salam

topi kolam
baham kotam
cocah garam
gulai asam

mongol siam
kono hontam
ateh tilam
siang malam

bini tombam
rupo mak andam
bilo bersiram
naik goram
naik soram

Monday, December 18, 2017


The Malayan Union was right, we were wrong.

(rujuk: Tukar Tiub)

WTF does this Idris of Selangor thinks he is doing?

On Nov 2, Sultan Sharafuddin said he viewed Mahathir’s speech with the utmost seriousness, anger and disappointment.“Based on the video clip of the speech which has gone viral on social media, the allegation by  Dr Mahathir clearly insulted and bracketed the Bugis as a people who originated from pirates, robbers and criminals. The members of the Selangor Royal Council believe the speech was very extreme and could incite feelings of hatred and a negative perception of the Bugis people to the extent of causing disorder. This allegation indirectly insulted the ancestral roots of the Selangor sultanate which was founded by the Bugis,” he said.
Idris you and your father are not exactly the paragons of Bugis virtue are you? I will not go into what your late Father did as the dead can no longer defend themselves…but you Idris, is fair game! How many wives have you had? How many girls have you fornicated outside your marriage bonds? You are the head of Islam in your state…huh…you and your f*@king son are as familiar with liquor as the Arabs are familiar with that ayer Zam Zam…are you not? And as for being robbers and criminals….how many tenders and business opportunities have you and your family sapu? You think your Selangor rakyat are stupid and do not see what you and your family do with your useless lives? The Selangor Sultanate might have been founded by the Bugis but you have not done us Bugis any favours nor can we be proud of what you have done in Selangor.

You said that in as far as the Bugis issue was concerned you only spoke after you had the facts! I have a lot of facts about what you have done in your time as Sultan and so have many others. What if we start putting what we already know about you and your family into the public domain…do you think you can stomach the shame and disgrace? Fikir sikit Idris before you open your bloody mouth and start talking about things you should not talk about…..and getting involve in politics is one of the things you better not do.

You are not one tenth of the man that  Dr Mahathir is! You do not have to consent to  Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife  Dr Siti Hasmah’s decision to return the awards they had previously been given by you…they want to return there award…you terima aja lah! Pretty soon I hope it will not be  Dr. Mahathir that has to consent to you still being the Sultan of Selangor!

Idris by going after  Dr Mahathir you have consented to put yourself in the firing line of us bloggers… let the games begin.

Sticks and Stones….IDRIS of Selangor

I have been called many names in my time as a blogger. Certainly most often by the names by beloved parents has given me…whether it be Hussein, Ssein or, as those ignorants Western people often invariably do refer to me as Mr Hamid. Some call me Uncle, some Pak Chik and there have been some who would politely or impolitely call me “the old man”. Be as it may, sticks and stone may bother me, but calling me names do not.

But as us all blogger do know, there are those times when name calling becomes simply a means of venting anger, contempt or even hate at another. …and unfortunately for us bloggers, those times seems to vary in intensity according to the mood of the moment. None more so when bloggers in the opposite camp seeks to hantam you for perceived wrongs you may have done to their cause….and almost a decade of blogging has still not made me immune to those slights as and when they do come.

Talking about race, religion and royalty does that to me and so I only stray into those areas only when I must. Yesterday I strayed into the “Royalty” arena. Simply said…I said, in essence, that if it looks like shit, smells like shit and taste like shit…then it must be shit….and this Idris of Selangor talks like an idiot, acts like an idiot and certainly looks the very image of an idiot…and so, I deduce, he must be an idiot….and that seems to have riled up a few Malays, a few Bugis and a smatterings of Royalists who wants to tar and feather me for being disrespectful to His Majesty.

“His Majesty” my foot! What is Majestic about a man who has had three wives and countless “girlfriends” he fucks even as he carries the title of being “The Head of the Islamic Religion” in his state?

What is majestic about a man who thinks himself the defender of the Bugis when he himself is a Bugis who has lived off the fat of our State and can never ever claim to have been gainfully employed to justify the insane purse he has taken from the State to live that life of leisure, waste and instant sexual gratification he thinks is his right as the Sultan of that state?

And I can go and on about this Bugis Sultan and so called Defender of the Islam faith in Selangor but for what purpose? Surely not for the purpose of simply venting my disgust at the antics of these “Royal Brats”….surely not for the purpose of defending  Dr Mahathir…..for Tun can certainly take care of himself better then anyone can take care of him!

No, I do so for none of the above reasons. I do so because this Sultan and also many other Sultans, deserves to be told that when they put their thoughts into the public domain…first THINK! If you say stupid things they are many of us out there that will call you stupid. If you push your nose into that trough where there are dedak aplenty…we will also be there to tell others what you do. And when you think it is your business to interfere in the affairs of someone we respect and have much to be thankful to….someone like  Dr Mahathir….then Idris you are being a naughty boy….a naughty boy who risks being caught in the rough and tumble world that is the new normal of politics in Malaysia.

And so for those who think it to be their business to give me a good scolding for taking pot shots at this Idris guy….I have this to say. Do so and put your name to what you write to me…and I will willingly post your comments of me on my blog for others to read and comment upon. As I said…sticks and stones make break my bones but talk don’t bother me….lawan mesti lawn!


(rujuk: Tukar Tiub)


Saturday, December 16, 2017


After PD, Altantuya, Malaysia fucked.

Who is MO1? DOJ tracked his kleptocratic exploits. The bastard referred to is scared shit to admit. He is a virtual reality like the invincible man. His actions indicate that he is getting half-mad knowing that the hand of the law will get to him.

The good thing about the MO1 monicker is that you can say anything and yet nobody answer as if you are talking to the wall. 

Butcha of the tangan ghaib, the dark force that lurks and prey. Accidents do happen. Body cemented. C4 exploded. 

Malaysia has become  a pariah state. A bastardised Bugis desperado in sheep's clothe has no qualms to bring the whole country to chaos to save his neck.

The mother of all kleptocrats is resorting to measures fucking the country all the way. Yet we let it happen! And many self-interest (Me layu) back him. Bastards.

p/s Words mean nothing to MO1. It is sinful to use foul language but greater still to allow a corrupt leader to destroy the country and cause much suffrage. He deserves the noose! 

Friday, December 15, 2017


Life of Annie's blog post on:

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Padi Rescue snowball

SAVE'S comments (3):
  1. Whether Padi Rescue is registered or not is not an issue. Any informal or formal group can voice its concern for the security of our staple food.

    Musonnef's problem with Bernas is his personal matter and so is his bankruptcy. In my opinion, being a concerned party he is at liberty to be with or even lead the Padi Rescue. We are talking about food on the table not only for now but future generations.

    Strange that just because Bernas is established LPN cannot go on functioning. The two organisations can work and complement each other. Bernas' s scope is quite limited whereas that of LPN is extensive though not comprehensive.

    Padi and rice production involves a myriad of activities to include soil and water management, improved seeds, field management, disease and pest problem, harvesting, milling, storage, quality control, marketing to list some.

    When Muhyidin was the Minister of Agriculture then, Sustainable Living Institute submitted a memorandum to establish a Padi Board to include a Rice Research Institute in its ambit. Please refer our earlier posting in this blog on a copy of the memorandum to the Minister.

    Although MARDI is doing rice research but lack the focus and funding because it involves with so many crops.

    Malaysia has been talking towards self-sufficiency for many many years but lack the concrete policies and ideas how to spearhead to the goal. We merely pay lip service and has no political will power to accomplish it.

    Take for example Japan, it is self-sufficient in rice. Their state of research is advanced. At one time they have more than 50 scientists working on the rice genome alone not to mention other aspects of rice research. In MARDI we have less than 20 researchers in rice! Its rice gene bank is under funded.
  2. Ada komen diatas mengatakan Bernas lebih berfungsi ekonomik kurang sosial. Itu betul tetapi itulah yang dipertanggungjawabkan. Sepatutnya LPN terus menjalankan tugas tanpa dimansuhkan. Kalau Bernas membantah adanya LPN nampaklah sikap sempait Bernas tidak mahu bekerjasama seolah anti-sosial.

    Pada hemat saya LPN perlu diberi nafas baru dengan fungsi yang lebih menyeluruh berkenaan padi dan beras termasuk adakan institiut penyelidikan padi didalamnya. Bernas tetap menjalankan import, pemasaran dsb dan seling bekerjasama dengan lembaga khas yang di tubuhkan.

    Ambil contoh, pada awalnay penyelidikan kelapa sawit dijalankan oleh MARDI dan sebelum itu Jabatan Pertanian. Kita lihat berapa pesat pembangunan industri kelapa sawit apabila lembaga khas PORIM ditubuhkan.

    1. If the government is serious towards rice self-sufficiency, a padi and rice (P&R) board need to be established, call it whatever name appropriate. The steps include:

      1. Establish a national steering committee of experts and representatives from various institutions relevant to P&R - MARDI, Jabatan Pertanian, UPM, Bernas, Agrobank, MADA, KADA, Jab Parit dan Saliran.

      2. A consultancy group consisting of international rice experts and institutions such as IRRI, Japan, China, FAO, Thailand plus local experts to study and recommend a comprehensive P&R development.

      3. National steering committee submit to the government a detail and concrete proposal on the scope, functions, structure, budget of the P&R board. The board although a statutory body, semi independent like MPOB is placed under Kementerian Pertanian.

      MADA, KADA, Sekinchan, Sg Manik and all other rice producing areas under the development of the Board. Its scope is A to Z of padi and rice development and production - from pre-planting, field management, post harvest, processing, product and by-product utilisation. Bernas may continue with its functions in marketing and import but not in milling.

      MARDI, Jabatan Pertanian, UPM, Jabatan Parit dan Saliran, Bernas etc to work closely with Board and vice versa.

      It is essential that a P&R research institute functions under the Board. Foreign experts are to complement local researchers. Dry land apart from wet padi research should be included. Biotechnology and mechanisation are areas to be given due emphasis.

      These are some of my thoughts.

      Currently we produce 65% of our rice need. Inertia for self-sufficiency are due to:
      1. Failure to understand that food (rice) security is national security meaning that in times of war, calamity, severe world shortage we cannot feed the population for long.
      2. The world's rice market is thin compared to other grains especially wheat. There is a scramble to get the rice market share, its price will be driven up high.
      3. The prevailing climatic changes of flood, pollution, temperature rise, water level rise will decrease rice production. The worst case scenario of rice devastation in China - it will buy all excess stocks of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. We are we going to import from? China is willing to pay sky high price.
      3. Politicians like the short term approach to make impact and sweep problems under the carpet. Anyway their terms of office are short and they change portfolios often. So they say import, the cost is cheaper. This is quite true. How about in the long term for generations to come.
      4. Rice cultivation is back breaking business in the hot sun. It has cultural aspects. The Minangkabau descendants of NS have lost their culture of 'kerbau', gotong royong, mengocar etc because they have lost their fields due to irrigation mismanagement, silting of rivers, deforestation. Compare to Sabah, they still keep the harvest festival.
      5. There is discontinuity of technology and knowledge transfer to younger generation in rice growing. Small acreage is not self-supporting, a factor causing rural-urban migration.
      6. Rice production has been a disjointed affair - MARDI in research, Bernas in marketing, Jabatan Pertanian extension. There are other aspects and activities not in tandem and poorly taken care of. By establishing a Board will smoothen out and synchronise the flow of efforts.
      7. Notwithstanding its performance Mardi must be ready to relinquish its research on rice and Bernas not feel threatened but in certain avenues strengthened by the Board.
      8. Bernas monopoly if there is could be the result of poor government policy and organisation on rice production. Rice production consists of long and complex processes. We should encourage competitive systems not monopolistic tendencies.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Not enough with the decimation of Marawi with more than 1000 people (Muslims) bloodily killed, Duterte is calling for more blood and suffering by extending martial law in Mindanao for one year. 

He is godless and no Christian in fact a killer beast on the loose. 

This has been the way Filipinos treated their Muslim citizens since their so called independence. And before that the Spaniards and Americans had butchered the Muslims. Do not blame the coming of ISIS. The government is a state terrorist.

Duterte's justice is at the barrel of a gun to quote Mao Tse Tung. You live by the gun and die by the gun Duterte.

I had fasted and prayed for the safety of Marawi. May Allah protect the Muslims and their brother fighters of freedom from injustice in Mindanao and Philippine in general.


Boycott US-Israeli businesses and products.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Najib's visit to the US recently was to strengthen the US economy he said. He was on a buying spree for Boeings for the Malaysian Airline System (MAS). This caused the CEO of MAS to resign

For the helping Trump moves from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (to save his neck). What principle you are talking Najib! The one that needs help desperately is Palestine and not the Great Satan. The dajjals are here. 

What this means:

1) As an egomaniac he wants to play big brother to Uncle Sam! What temerity! What insult! Where does Malaysia, a small developing country stand compared to a superpower? Najib is but a cowboy boot-licker.

2) Is he ignorant of the size of the American economy? What is there spending say $10billion for the planes in terms of the US economy? It is just a drop in the ocean.

3) He goes all out to rub shoulders with Trump hoping for verbal cleansing of his kleptocratic image or to uplift his pariah status in the eyes of the world. 

4) He is the paragon of kepala bapak spending rakyats' money for self-interest sake. 

5) For being stupid (University of Nottingham dropout) his ideas are dead ideas and even deadly (1MDB), dangerous for for Malaysia.

terroristic attacks” unleashed on that country in the wake of the embassy decision by listing a long string of Israeli actions taken in support of ISIS, which led to war an suffering in Syria that would be unimaginable in Israel. (And remember, these Jews have a pretty vivid imagination when it comes to suffering.)

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Trump and Yerushalayim rules ok.

I think I have written so much on Zionism, Israel and Palestine on this Blog that anymore would turn out to be a boring re-hash of old lecture notes.

But I feel the action of the 45th President of the United States in recognizing Jerusalem - Yerushalayim - Ursalim  (al-Quds)  as Israel's capital needs a new take.
The Holy City for Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
 I am thinking here of my father's grandchildren (who are caught up with earning their living and rearing their children) and great-grandchildren (presently tied up with schooling, ranging from pre-school to university).  I feel I have a duty  to inform and educate them on some very critical issues that will affect them as Muslim-Malays for the rest of the 21st century.  I owe it to my father, to give them what my he gave to me.

To understand the present we have to dig deep into the past.  "Who controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls controls the past" wrote George Orwell.  The plight and the future of ALL Muslims depend on them taking control of the agenda of their past.

After all, the rise of the omnipotent state of Judaic-Zionist Israel began with the Balfour Treaty of 1917 when Christian Zionists in Great Britain decided to supplant the remnants of the Ottoman Muslim Empire and fulfil their Biblical prophecy.

However the battle for overlordship over Jerusalem can be recorded from even further back in history -  from the early confrontation between Christianity and Islam which resulted in the Crusades.

Here are extracts from The Crusades by R.R. Selman, Methuen's Outlines, 1955 to highlight some important aspects of the Crusades.

The Christian world before Islam

The spread of Islam - mainly in The Middle East and North Africa and Spain in Europe.

Note the column under Conquest which annotates how Jerusalem was bounced back and forth between the Muslims and the Christians from the First to the Seventh Crusade.

However, it was not until the defeat of the Ottoman Empire - at the end of the First World War, when British forces entered Jerusalem in 1917 - that Jerusalem became Christian territory again. General Allenby became the first Christian to control Jerusalem after nearly 700 years!

The "creation" of Zionist Israel was not simply a result of the Holocaust - as a sort of compensation to the Jews by Christian Europe for the centuries of discrimination and pogroms they have endured for being the 'killers of Christ'.

The rationale behind the British initiated Balfour Treaty had much to do with  the Biblical prophecy upheld by fervent British Christian Zionists (and American evangelical Christian Zionists too).  They believe that the creation of Israel with Jerusalem as the capital marks the "End Times", a period of history which will end with the second coming of Christ.

In modern times the celebration of this coalition between Christianity and Zionism  is best illustrated by the "36th annual Feast of the Tabernacles conference and celebration hosted by the international Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) from Sept 27 - Oct 1."

But first let's scrutinise the maps that illustrate the series of events that took place between the Balfour Treaty and the baptism of Yerushalayim by the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Palestine before the creation of Israel

Note Jerusalem as an International Zone

This is not the beginning of the Palestinian diaspora, but their Holocaust

When the British set up their Empire and ravaged the countries they occupied, it was done in the name of civilizing the natives with their language, their entrepreneurship and their Christian religion.

What about the Zionists-Israelis?  Here are some quotes. There are 11 samples here -maybe too many but it will help my Abah's grandchildren to focus on the Ways and Purpose of Israel.












What about the function and culpability of the United States of America?

Then there's Mark Twain.    Referring to the Palestinians,he said.;

As for the ruling elite of the USA, whether they are Republican or Democrat, antipathy to Islam and by association, the Palestinians (which includes Christians) and Gazans held them together.  But behind this scenario there are other players holding up the stage.

WHO PAYS THE PIPER in the world's wealthiest and most powerful nation?

In March 2016, Trump promised the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that he would "move" the American Embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem"  (From Four Things That Could Explain Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Decision by James Reine, 6 December 2017)

Democracy in America.

Now here's another sponsor that chooses Trump's tune.  

They are the Christian Zionists from American Christianity, especially the fundamentalist Protestants who subscribe to the Biblical prophecy on the creation of Israel.

"The Christian Zionist  community will not forget the president's bold actions.
President Trump will be honored and memorialized by Jews and Christians for all time."

Closer to home - there was this attempt by the Calvary Life Assembly Chinese Church in Melaka.

For the restoration of the "Christian Caliphate"????