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Sunday, September 29, 2013


At its height the Ottomans ruled not only Saudi Arabia but all of the Middle East and parts of southern Europe. Attacks within and outside the empire added to the weakening of the empire. Perhaps anticipating its downfall they brought to Istanbul relics of our Prophet SAW - hair, swords, shoes, clothing for safe keeping. They can be seen at the Tokapi Museum.

The Wahabi Saudis believe it is bida'ah to keep artefacts and historical sites such as Khadijah's house, masjids built by the Prophet or during his time. What is there left in Saudi Arabia to remind us of the past for all Muslims in the future? What about the Saudi king's palace taking much space in Masjidil Haram, and so is Holiday Inn!

Many historical documents and works of arts on Islam are being kept in museums or libraries of Istanbul, Tehran, Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Leiden where images of the Prophet are found.

Israq mi'raj.

The contention is that the depiction of the Prophet's images was not to show the actual images of him but mere graphical narration of particular events of his life. This is a carryover effect inherited from Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Christian styles glorifying their gods into pictures. This is more so because Arabic scholars translated and learned texts of preceding civilisations.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


What's upstairs? Najib of clueless head.

Najib's egghead advisors talking like aliens - your world is not my world, endless money come from Mars.

The beginning of the end of tanahair!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Ku Li has learned his lesson well with Semangat 46 and much wizened for sure.

After lying low for so long there is no love lost to burnt the hornet's nest which has become a nuisance to all and the country.

Cut off some heads Ku Li

and smoke them.

Petrify the mother of all buayas.

Kill the snakes with swollen bellies.

Cut off rotten fish heads though they are salmons.

The country's future is on your shoulders. It is now or never. Do what you gotta do.

Bring in the cannons.

Don't let the hurricane rest until repentance.

The possibilities are endless to borrow Najib the pretender.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


As one go up Cameron Highlands via Spg Pulai there are 3 popular water holes where tourists and locals get mountain mineral water for drinking purportedly of healing value. The nearest one partly hidden and off the road is about 12km from Spg. Pulai, the second about about 10km further up and the third about  12km before the junction to Kg. Raja.

People bring water bottles and larger plastic containers sometimes by the dozens to fill in with water flowing out from plastic pipings inserted about a metre high into the base of hillsides. I used to do that before getting a good water filter installed at home. Its taste is different that from that of filtered water.

Some years ago I have read a report by a German scientist that have studied Air Zamzam having unique properties including arrangement of the molecules H-O-H. There are other studies by different scientists that I have not come across.

A world reknown Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto has studied the crystal structure of different types water.

It is as if water has a soul and alive!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


The animal farm belongs to the flip-flopping Najib who must be put to pasture at UGM. UMNO is already at its bottom pit. Under his governance Malaysia is on mongrous spending and irreversible  downtrend.

Small-headed meeky pretending to show big.

Looking for collapsed balls.

Pet animal ashamed.

First lady wannabe.

Of the many lapdogs.

Monster riders and little napoleons.

Monkeys monkeying around.

Slow as a pair of armadillos on the highway.

Hungry buayas abound.

Vultures and carrions.

Rumours of intertwining coupling.

Longhorns in paddocks (and condos!).

Feed DAPigs.

Eventually all animals fossilised like the mammoth's largesse fail to adapt with climatic change.

Anyone for Ku Li? He has learned his lesson with Semangat 46. After being quite for so long there is no love lost to burnt the hornet's nest which has become a nuisance to all and the country. Bravo Ku Li do the needful.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Nationalism has completely erased the sense of brotherhood and belonging among the Malays of Nusantara, people of the same stock thousands of years ago. Along the way divisiveness got more entrenched along belief and religous lines. It is only in the Philippine archipelago we found the majority of Christian Malays.

The upshot is that we loose sensitivities of happenings towards Malay brotheren elsewhere in the Nusantara. It was a rude reminder when a Filipino scientist I met more than a decade ago said that we are of the same stock.

The Malays of the Philippines  met savage massacres inflicted by the Spaniards and then by the Americans  when they conquer and rule their land. They fought bravely against odds of superiorly armed enemies on land and water in honour of motherland.

After their civil war, the Americans thought of world power and thirst for expansionism of the white race and christianity.

Evil eyes on the Philippines as their centre of territorial expansion under the guise of so called benevolence.

Faked naval defeat of the Spaniards at Manila by the Yankees.

Then followed by deceit, hunger, torture, and massacre of local populace, the Malays - killing fields.

As a strategy they decimated the buffalo population by 90% that brought hunger to the Malays.

Torture of Malays by waterboarding.

The revolt at Samar where a number of American marines were killed resulted in retaliatory massacre of Malays 10 years and older on that island. Thousands upon thousands were massacred.

Even after the dust and lava from the eruption Mt Pinatubo almost buried their naval base many years ago, their evil ways are still ongoing pitting Christian Malays against Muslim Malays.

There must be payback time for the all the blood they spilt the world over (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Korea, Vietnam, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan ...) including in their homeland against  Red Indians and bisons, and African slaves.

Source: James Bradley, 2009. The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War. Back Bay Books, New York 387pp