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Thursday, March 26, 2020


Dan demikianlah pada setiap negeri Kami jadikan pembesar-pembesar yang jahat agar melakukan tipu daya di negeri itu. Tetapi mereka hanya menipu diri sendiri tanpa menyedarinya. ~ Al An'am (6):123

Tinggalkanlah orang-orang yang menjadikan agama-nya sebagai permainan dan senda-gurau, dan mereka telah tertipu oleh kehidupan dunia...  ~Al An'am(6):70,.      

... orang-orang yang mengingat Allah sambil berdiri, duduk atau dalam keadaan berbaring, dan meraka memikirkan penciptaan langit dan bumi, "Ya Tuhan kami, tidaklah engkau menciptakan semua ini sia-sia, Mahasuci Engkau, lindungilah kami dari azab neraka." ~ Ali 'Imran (3):191 


They had to fake it. Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) was in Iraq Bush said. Now the the mother WMD, Covid-19 has come, invisible, and whacking. It is not man-made missiles or poison gas. It is from God.

China got the first taste of Covid. The  bigger epicentre will be U.S., New York specifically. Perhaps, it's payback time for destruction of countries before and now - Philippines, Panama, Vietnam, Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Palestine.

Many would not realise is that the turning point for China overtaking US as the world economic power. It has successfully overcome Covid in a massive effort while US taking the virus lightly at the beginning is struggling in the quagmire. Once lagging difficult to catch up economically.

China is strategically exporting supplies and technology needed to fight Covid to other affected countries.  It is opening its doors back for business  whereas slowdown in other countries. The US is in greater debt as trillions of (fiat) dollars are pumped in to boost  economy and fight Covid.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


This Anwar fella must be mentally deranged crazy for power. Twice out of jail and does not learn from the sins committed. He  was  out-manoeuvring to push Mahathir to quit premiership. In the end he himself becomes a victim deprived to be the 8th PM. He is as good as dead politically.

Muhy and cohorts secretly worked on stratagem and opportunely took over to be PM the backdoor way. It is not democratically correct many say. Who cares. Muhy is better than Anwar, morally and politically.  

A blessing in disguise for Mahathir. He can have a breather now. Everybody knows that he does not want Anwar to be PM and by the grace of God Malaysia is saved from dajjal.

The UMNO people would gain face in politics and some favours. The corrupts feel a little relief. There may be room to play around the  1MDB and other big time corrupt trial cases. The rakyat is watching and if the culprits are improperly judged that will be the undoing of Muhy.

The backdoor grabbers have dismissed DAP from the political scene to be in opposition again. The fact for honest people is that the country owes DAP for supporting Mahathir to bring Najib and corrupt machinery down. Will they be king-maker in GE15? 

Without Mahathir the country will not be cleansed of corruption. He could be PM for the third time. Inshallah.


Muhy and the backdoor power grabbers thought they could outsmart Mahathir. The hikmah is the latter is saved the headache of fighting Covid-19. God is with Mahathir. But then the Doctor would know better how the country should deal with the virus.

Now the ball is at their very feet. Their balls are shrinking. Call the army to check people mobility. We are not at war yet! Are the police incapable of maintaining public order? What is the motive really?

Do not put further fear into the rakyat. We are all not that stupid to go walking or moving around for no definite purpose and expose ourselves to the virus. 

Who wants to be dead? Common sense will prevail and most will self-isolate at home for these two weeks. At the beginning people tend take it lightly on the virus being new. There may be a few who want to play hero but there is no need for the army to cordon them.

As for handling the pandemic, calling the army is bungling No. 1. Bungling No. 2 is not to have the foresight to cancel the tabligh event at Seri Petaling.  Bungling No. 3 is the health minister's advice to drink warm water to fight the virus. More stupidity to come no doubt.

The worst scenario if the virus becomes epidemic. The power grabbers will be shown the backdoor come GE15. Easy come easy go. 


Come Covid-19 virus, an  invisible enemy striking fear every nook and corner of the world. It is terrorising every aspects of man's life economically especially fallout of lockdown and shutdown. We keep social distance and everyone is suspect of carrier. Paranoia. 

Covid-19 is terrorist numero uno the world has been looking for. The unwritten philosophy is that nations must create enemies, real or imagine to sharpen readiness, power and survival. US versus China, India versus Pakistan, Saudi versus Yemen, Israel versus Palestine, and elsewhere.  

The terrorist as the arrogant West sees it as Muslim. Annihilate them with might, deception, weaponry, and money.  Their millions ("terrorists") are dispensable. The crusade will not end. 

How we are rudely awakened that there is still God who created everything in the universe. He knows best how to take care of it till the end of time. 

For so long man arrogant swaggers around with destruction and injustice along the path in the name of power and development. Oppress the weak and downtrodden. Grab the wealth.

Covid-19 makes the world a more level playing ground at least for a while. Man arrogant has short memory. God is a reminder.