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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Unites States: dec 17 2010

By al-Din on December 19, 2010 10:40 PM

The Shi'ah group arrested recently can make minch-meat of Sunnis! Never heard of such teaching in true Shi'ah. Wikileaks (cannot take wholesale though) said (Sunni) Wahabbi Saud urged attacking Shi'ah Iran. So who is the cannibal?

But the most powerful Islamic nation where Muslims could look up to is Iran. So why are we scoffing? The Sunni nations are busy splitting hairs, they cannot agree to work together and be united. Some are already reduced to wimps.

Knowledge comes through understanding and ideas from flexible minds. Ignorance breeds fossilised thoughts, intolerance and fanaticism. Polychotomous thinking and pluralism is dead. Malaysia is dead.

Schisms in Islam is good for the enemies. Let the Sunni-Shi'ah fight among themselves (Iraq, Pakistan), and sell them weapons of overkill. Divide them (Sudan, Palestine, Morocco-Sahara ...) and impoverished them with sanctions. Indeed, satan makes such deeds fair.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rubbish: dec 10 2010

By al-Din on December 12, 2010 3:22 PM

If we are unable to solve KL's rubbish problem then:

i) we have not learn anything from much bigger cities how they go about it but many officials have been sent overseas for study-visits;
ii) KL should not get bigger than it is meaning no 100 storey superstructure and the likes;
iii) no more further pronouncements of cities anywhere else in Malaysia.

We are thankful that scrapyards are everywhere. They recycle solid waste especially metal and plastic and make good money. Ordinary people get paid for disposing their waste.

Adults are showing poor example to their children by throwing wastes by the window while driving. Otherwise our roadways are not littered with rubbish.

I have a dream not for KL but to transform desert into fertile oases in Arabia. The engineering feat is to pool human waste (during haj and umrah), siphon and release it to distant desert areas around Mekah, block by block of 100ha each for a period of time. Soon there will be plenty of arab(le) land!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pos Malaysia gets white knight: dec 9 2010

al-Deen amin said...

Strange that a monopolistic entity can fail miserably. Something is not right somewhere. Is Khazanah itself the killing giant?

To rid off the deadwoods millions need to be spent after their squandering. The culprits are not bothered for bailouts will come. They go scott free! Life is easy for them in this ethereal world.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pertanian dan makanan maha penting: dec 3 2010

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Canned pineapple is one of our export crop. It is a peat crop. Much of it is grown by Lee Pineapple at Pontian. Farms that grow the crop will sell their produce to the Lee factory.

Used to, Lembaga Perindustrian Nenas Malaysia (Pineapple Industry Board Malaysia) carried out their own research on agronomy at its station in Pontian. It had a canning research facility at Skudai. Come MARDI in 1969 took over all their research functions.

Since MARDI researches are very encompassing on crops other than rubber, oil palm, cocoa, and also on animals. It has more than enough to chew. As it is now only several MARDI researchers working on pineaaple but they are also involved with other research responsibilities.

Thus,it was bad planning Mardi got involved directly into pineapple research. Pineapple research lost continuity of manpower, aggressiveness, focus and years.

As it is, the Board's function is more towards product promotion. The people manning it are not scientists. They are from PSD.

There has been talk of establishing pineapple plantation in the peat soil of Sarawak. But without a critical mass of competent crop scientists we remain hesitant.

Pineapple research in Malaysia has been maligned. To forge ahead to meet global demand (now shortage) pineapple research need to be revamped along its original mould.