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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra played the politics of love and caused the downfall of Roman emperor, Mark Anthony.

Presidents, politicians ... are susceptible to vaginal politics!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Only Jenghis Khan could match Alexander in terms courage, decisiveness, and vastness of conquest. The Rubicon? Just do it, Alexander commanded.

Najib is no Alexander, of course. As if inexperienced after 11x3 years in politics he is still clamouring for symbols, chorus, tweets, astrology (Factor11) to cross PRU13.

Stop whining and contribute he said. Well, ordinary folks are already burdened with rising cost of living and to be in high income economy will be virtual.

Leaders have been problematic. Imams got to ride sumberjackass's ferris wheel to heaven! He raised petrol-diesel prices horrendously THREE times in ONE year! The rakyat got the right to whine as to where the money gone.

As to the wheat and chaff, Najib keeps monkeys of the previous era and bring in recycled ones into the cabinet or management. This got the rakyat whining of the many flipflops and hardship(t) that we have to bear eg. new coinage is a farce, and so are APCO, AES, FGVH ...

He wants us to be creative. Yes, he is creative to a degree of 1Finger he is promoting. If there is 1Malaysia there is 2Malaysia, if there is FirstLady there should be SecondLady. His brother is the most creative (wealth) and innovative, turned around and sneered DEB bastardized! Wish him well.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


'Little Boy' atomic bomb (L) destroyed Hiroshima (R) to armageddon.

San Adreas Fault (L), earthquake of 1906 (L). Prepare for the big bang!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


This (Feb. 1930) is the oldest National Geographic issue (L) in keeping. Among the articles published is one on Fort de Kock, Korintji and Danau Toba area, central west Sumatra (R).

Railway station, Fort de Kock, Padang (L); daily famers' market (R).

Unmistakeable Batak house architecture (above L & R).

Boat landing, Lake Toba (L); wicker basket to carry people and produce (R).

Not very many years ago, it was widely believed that the Korintjis have special magical power to become were tigers (harimau jadian). Frank Swettenham in 'Footprints in Malaya' has a story on an elderly Korintji couple, the husband told to be a were tiger at night!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Love your heart love your country. Heart is the engine.

Take good care. Keep hearts in equilibrium.

If not, ballooning, heart transplant, attacks ....

Lock or unlock your heart. Beware, heart in mouth cause of heartaches!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Many politicians are chameleons. Change colour when necessary especially to cover blunders. Cover a lie with another lie. Requiem for them come PRU13.

The mother of all chameleons is Anuwar. The chameleonic effect (L) being contagious has now spread to his daughter. So like father like daughter. He has been gloriously flying skyhigh (R) in fastlane politics including that of vaginal in the past.

Out of habit he got his bearings and groundings waylaid and becomes the devil's incarnate (L) as many percieved. The picnic will soon be over for him (R). In his desperation do or die go for Pekan for anywhere he is already lost.

As for Nurul stop monkeying (L) around advocating wrong ideas on liberalism for many will give her the fingers (R).