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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Che Det on Buses for Rapid KL: comment 3

By al-Din on October 29, 2009 7:17 AM

The Malay dilemma. Governance. Corporate foul-ups of the highest order. Banyak musang berbulu ayam hitam. Many thorns in the flesh to be unpricked.

Who was the megalomaniac responsible putting together Guthrie, Golden Hope and Sime Darby. It flip-plopped from Synergy to Sime Darby. The three agriculture (mainly) based entities were on strong foundation and already giant enough to be efficient and chart their own ways. Put them together makes too bulky for good governance and fast decisions.

Whose idea is it that FELDA, FELCRA, and RISDA be put together. FELDA was (before Synergy-Sime Darby) the largest oil palm conglomerate. The three entities have somewhat different functions and responsibilities. Putting them together will cause confusion in foci and hence less efficient. What they can do is to fine tune for further improvements.

Size does matters but being over-sized? We hear none from the big-shots in the agriculture sector on this mega-mergers. They are just go-along gang, jaga periok nasi, or their voices muddled. Maybe I am wrong.

In-depth and comprehensive studies should be for such changes. There is no need to hurry to avoid costly mistakes. What is the hidden agenda?

Or we can just follow the leader, mumble and jumble our way. And you know who was the greatest mumbler of all!

Che Det on Buses for Rapid KL: comment 2

By al-Din on October 27, 2009 10:47 PM

We cannot be our brother's keeper anymore - Melayu tolong Melayu. Lebih banyak Melayu khianat Melayu. Lahap makan. Balun semua. Kacang lupakan kulit. Harap pagar pagar makan padi.

Baik kita jadi anau dalam belukar. Tetapi setakat mana lagipun ramai tak mampu. We need good governance for our wellbeing.

We have been given centuries of time. Time is no more on our side. We are desperate people indeed. We have been transformed into megalomaniacs. Go for the kill now. Sempat lagi bertaubat.

The masjid is becoming less of Rumah Allah. Members for the Jawatankuasa Masjid are UMNO appointed and usually the wrong people because of personal interests. In my (new) qariah, no general meeting has been conducted for the last 5 years. Friday collections amount to about RM1300 per month. No financial statement is made. People are disgruntled and groupings arise. Is UMNO for Allah!

Forewarned "Zaman beredar, pusaka bergilir" to quote Rais Yatim.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Che Det on Buses for Rapid KL: Comment 1

By al-Din on October 26, 2009 7:06 PM

After Tun this country will go BUST. There are so many things not not right and getting worse. I am not saying that during Tun's time there were no man eat man.

At all levels in the country from the family unit to the governance of community, kampong, district, state, institutions, resources ... and to the highest echelon are in shambles.

Systems are there but simply abused mainly by greed. And greed is exemplified from the top that filters to the bottom.

The grand wastage starts from the district level because the DOs are incompetent or full of personal interests or both.If the districts are mismanaged then the state is bankcrupt. Name me any state in Malaysia which is not one. They can get dole from Federal anyway. Ultimately, the nation is bankcrupt. We get dole from IMF and we blame the Jews.

To cite an example (out of the many thousands I am sure) of sheer waste. Years ago in Cameron Highlands, the DO demolished the beautiful and solid district office building, a leftover of the British, and built a new one on the same spot. What a waste of rakyat's money (they forgot about that). The former building could be used for a library.

This the same in the corporate sector. Among the highest paid CEO is from a GLC bank. The staff may protest but who cares - let the devil take the hindmost.

The miscreants work (knowingly) hand in glove with the powers to be. They can escape punitive actions if ever taken. Still, the people who hold the cards are the government officials. They should be apprehended. Rarely we hear such actions taken.

Rapid KL and Penang Transit debacle. Can MACC or Najib really fathom this out? I doubt. There is too much of I rub yours and you rub mine going on. I know what skeletons you hide and you know mine. Let's shut up.

Only Allah knows what's the plan for the Malays in their own homeland. Only after a century plus of Chinese presence we are still begging for 30% take!

Greed is the driving force of man eat man. Live simply and let others simply live.

Che Det on Lingam Tapes: Comment

By al-Din on October 24, 2009 11:20 PM

Would I shake hands with Lingam? Surely I would for old times sake. I suppose that's the gregarious Lingam I knew during 6th Form in Seremban. He was in the Arts and I was in the Sciences.

Only Tun knows the hurtache of being insinuated over the Lingam tapes. Current events and the Net has vindicated Tun to some extent. Who were the culprits behind the ill-intended Commission? Beware PRU13.

Now that a Commission job 'completed' what about a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into possible abuses of power by the nefarious one*:

i) was public money involved (if so how much?) when he made 33 visits to the Los Angeles cancer clinic?
ii) was cronyism and conflict of interests involved with his overtures as a Premier to Scomi, his son-in-law's business concern?
iii)how much public money spent during his tenure to print and place his signature posters and billboards all over the country?
iv) when he signed the "Oil for Food" deal for the hungry and dying Iraqis, was there ex gratia of any kind in return?
v)what were his interests really during the many years as Minister of Foreign Affairs?

* pardon my language. He started it all with his devious acts to his predecessor PM Dr Mahathir (the country suffered too), and bullshitting such as "Be My Friend", "Anwar got the best lawyers", Tak Nak ....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Che Det on Sound Bites - the US Dollar: Comment 2

By al-Din on October 20, 2009 12:59 PM

The problem of ideas - too many people giving too many dead ideas. Dead ideas bring wastage apart from other detrimentals to the country. The leaders (think) just sock them to the rakyat and they can take it even if bitter. What can they do? Now the opposition is coming strong and the rakyat go to the streets. Fed up.

Examples of dead ideas:

KJ - proposed youth bank; wanted to be the youngest PM (deadly); did he personally sent the international passport to Anwar?; etc

Kalimullah - KJ's promoter, NST's demise etc.

UUM - giving award to the destroyer

Terengganu (MB) - common toilet in schools, holiday for problem couples, collapsed stadium etc

Khir Toyo - broom master, pharonic residence ...

Nazri - proposed Mahathir to resign UMNO, Minister of Parliment (if head count is the responsibility measure than every kampong should have a Minister) ..

Isa - ADUN N31, pelandok=babi

1Najib - 1Malaysia (1suara, 1lagu, 1pemikiran ...), Akuinas, army town, 2nd bridge (got kicked in the arse by the Sultan), approved visit by Mr Bloodied Hands...

Police - watch towers along roadways (even monkeys don't climb them!)...

Pak Lah - too many to list

Dr Mahathir - appointed Lah as PM!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Che Det on Blair the Bloody Hand - comment 1

By al-Din on October 19, 2009 11:19 AM

Our sensitivities have been dulled (by the media, manipulated) by war and human suffrage that we resigned in helplessness and let the world into brinkmanship. The greatest proponent of brinkmanship is US.

The Perdana Global Peace Organisation's tribunal to try war criminals is definitely a step in the right direction.

Candidates to be brought to court, include:
- the bloody joker who approved Blair's visit.
- the Malaysian zionist who signed "Oil for Food".
- the make-peace Arroyo, pretending to offer the olive branch (as a front of do-gooder to Malaysia and others) but shoot the Moros at the back. Allah is Great (in retribution).

Che Det: Sound Bites - the US Dollar: comment 1

By al-Din on October 19, 2009 9:56 AM

The problem of ideas is good, dead or deadly. Fiat money is deadly. Tun's idea of the dinar is good.

Good ideas stand to ridicule in a dead community of thoughts. The incubation period to register and impress the brain and hence acceptance varies according to the state of knowledge and circumstances.

In a falsified world ideas must seem to emit from the few. Anyhow, we like to dance, the dance of the few in power.

The bubble is bursting. The country should be thinking and doing the next thousand steps though somewhat late in many cases. Cut the politicking and rhetoric.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Che Det on Malaysian Industries - comment 1

By al-Din on October 6, 2009 8:52 PM

We remember your "Buy British Last" and "Look East" policies. You put the brave stand and in that way helped propel the country's industries.

Yes, we heard comments in the past by none other than the simpleton that Proton cars not up to standard. We hear Proton begging for partners. We know who is not up to standard!

We hear about liberalisation and globalisation. If the government is not supportive of marketing local industries then they cannot be competitive. What can we offer at cheaper price then?

The global arena is not a level playing field. Might is right. By that itself we cannot take the onslaught. Being weak, surely we will be enslaved in our minds and loose our freedom. That is the face of 21st century colonialism.

Our leaders are embedded in city life and have forgotten the living conditions in the rurals. The already developed urbanites benefit most from the Iskandar Regional Project. Those poor souls in the kampongs are only taken care of when elections come. Imagine, the road whic leads to my kampong house (which is just half kilometer away from the Tampin-Gemas trunk road) is still lateritic!!

As you said before the politicians know nothing. For some reasons of their own making, their hands are tied at the back. If the government that we elect cannot give support to the business of its citizens then they are in no business to be the government. Time for change!

Che Det on Open Houses - comment 2

By al-Din on September 29, 2009 9:59 PM

If having celebrations is the pathway to bangsa Malaysia by all means we should party Tun! Well, we all know it is a complex, never ending road to achieve a moving target.

Obama says "We are one", Najib says "1Malaysia". What are the ramifications of such slogans? The former implies among others:
i) Reinforces unity and support as in a bundle of sticks tied together;
ii) Number one in the world;
iii)Differences do not make any difference.

For the latter if I could interpret correctly:
i)Is Najib trying to imitate Obama? If so it is a whimper;
ii)There are 2 or more Malaysias. In fact there are - W Malaysia and E Malaysia. I spent 7 years in Sarawak and could see the vast differences between the two. There is no road to reach the upland interior, until quite recently the road leading from Mukah to Selangau was in terrible conditions, and we heard the plight of the Penans. It is as if E Malaysia di anak tirikan.
iii) Unity seems to be the chief aim but doesn't having 1lagu, 1budaya, 1pemikiran? If everybody think the same then no one is thinking. We must nurture diversity of ways of life and harvest its potential.

If celebrations lead to greater interactions and more mix-matrimonials then it is good for heterotic effect. My genes are of Minangkabau, Peranakan and other wild descendents. The Chinese often speak to me (in their tongue) but I can't understand. What a pity I said to myself. As an excuse jokingly I would say "Saya Cina sudah lama masuk Melayu!

Peranakan patun( by Si Melata. 1894. Pantun penganten)

Hal nikah tepok rebana,
Perkara baik bukannya hina.
Karangan burok tiada guna,
Buat ramai tambah warna.

Bilik cantek berbagei bagei,
Dalam kelambu berbau stanggi.
Malam berchakap sampai pagi,
Chuchi muka kiasai pergi.

Che Det on Open House - comment 1

By al-Din on September 30, 2009 3:35 PM

If our "open house" is strictly for local festivities there is no danger.

The danger is "open house" at the global level especially when Najib is jettisoning the country towards that direction. If he is making unpopular statements and actions on national matters then we fear his capability internationally.

Singapore is having an open house at the tail end of the Peninsular - dirt cheap water, plenty of sand (to narrow the Straits), housing and land for its citizens. I first commented on this while Muhyiddin was still the MB.

Yet, this neighbour tells you what and want not to do. This bridge no that bridge yes. To relate this to a layman situation, when I want to entent my kitchen ( to have more space for open house) within the compound, I don't have to ask approval from the neighbour.

The Defense Minister nonchalantly said Indonesia had illegally entered our airspace 13 times. What should he think he should do when someone broke into his house in Bagan Datoh or elsewhere even once?

Enough of the open houses held here by the foreigners in the past - Portuguese, Dutch and British. The next one meng-antu-ya is Uncle Sam who is Jewish now.

Our ignorance, state of technology, incapable leadership is an open house for plunder under the pretext of globalisation.